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Master Football Tipster is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is being offered through the Betting Gods stable of tipsters with selections coming courtesy of tipster, Tony. As the name suggests, it involves betting on football.

Introduction to Master Football Tipster

With the new football season, it feels like every man and his dog has come out of the woodwork and claiming to be able to find top football tips. I don’t really buy into many of those services, funnily enough. But every now and then something comes along that… Well, it just looks very bloody good. Consistent results, low risk, strong returns. That ticks about every box that I could hope for from a football service.

So, let’s talk about Master Football Tipster. This is a service that is very much in its relative infancy, but I’ll be honest with you, it really does look bloody good. I don’t think I’ve seen a tipster service for some time that has so much potential. And when you factor in that Tony is ultimately letting Betting Gods handle the management side of things, it just takes it all to a new level. Honestly, this is all pretty exciting stuff.

With that said, I do also want to temper my enthusiasm with some strong doses of reality. Whilst I think that Master Football Tipster is a very strong showing, there are still some considerations to be made. Now, I’m quite sure that Betting Gods would dismiss these statements, and to some degree, I am almost inclined to myself, but they are still important. Because they pertain to the bottom line. And that is arguably the single most important thing of all.  

What Does Master Football Tipster Offer?

First things first, it is good to see that Master Football Tipster is a Betting Gods product, because that means that there are certain expectations that you can talk about, confident that you are getting a well managed service. And the obvious place for me to start here is with the logistical and management elements.

Now, as is the case with pretty much every modern tipster service, you can expect to receive Tony’s selections directly via email. Betting Gods also make them available online in a member’s area. But that isn’t the best way to receive your tips here.

You see, Betting Gods also have their own app. This is available on iOS and Android, and it utilises push notifications to let you know when tips are available. This means that as soon as those bets are online, you’ll know. And that can help you to get the best possible odds and resultantly, extract the most value from Master Football Tipster.

In terms of the content of these, you get all of the information that you might need. This doesn’t just mean the details of the selection though. Betting Gods tend to go above and beyond, and Tony seems to very much be in line with this. On the days that there aren’t bets available you can expect to receive some notification of this as well.

What is a really strong positive for me though is the timing of the bets being sent out. Tony will typically release his selections to Master Football Tipster subscribers between 6pm and 8pm. As well as giving you plenty of time to get your bets placed, it also works well for those who work more typical hours.

Now in terms of the bets, they are a very varied bunch. Something that I personally don’t see as being a negative. To start, let’s talk about the kinds of leagues that Tony bets on. There is a strong focus on the niche covering Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. What is interesting about this is that I believe it does allow Master Football Tipster to squeeze out some value where others might struggle.

The actual bets that you will be placing are also a key part of getting the most value out of the service. Betting Gods’s proofing for Master Football Tipster shows predominantly goal based markets. These are mostly BTTS bets, but there are also a number of Over/Under bets, as well as the occasional bet on a game to end as a draw.

What is really impressive about all of this though is the value that is available. The average odds for Master Football Tipster are 2.01 according to Betting Gods. That might not sound impressive to those who aren’t familiar with football betting, but I can tell you, that’s a pretty bloody good result. Especially to have been maintained since May.

If there is one final note about the betting element of Master Football Tipster, it pertains to the volume of bets. That isn’t particularly high if I’m honest. On average, Betting Gods say that Tony produces 37 bets. But these are well spaced out typically working out at 2 bets on a given day, with a few none bet days in the week.

With all of that said, we can come to the numbers side of things, and this is arguably an area of weakness for Master Football Tipster. You seen one of the extra bits of information that Tony provides are stakes. And these can go as high as 3 points on a given game. Now this latter doesn’t come up that often. In fact, there have been just twelve 3 point bets advised to date. However, the most common stakes are 2 point bets with 96 of them advised since launch.

Given that Betting Gods and Tony recommend a 75 point betting bank in order to get started, I can’t help but feel like this has the potential to be… Well, a bit frail, if I’m honest. Really, the only thing that stops this being the case is a very respectable strike rate.

Talking of which. Betting Gods show that Master Football Tipster has a strike rate of 62.2%. That’s a pretty solid looking number for any tipster service. What is important in the case of Master Football Tipster though is that it is higher than the 50% strike rate that would be needed in order to keep the service “afloat” at the average odds of 2.01.  

How Does Master Football Tipster Work?

In terms of how Master Football Tipster works, there is unfortunately somewhat limited information made available. However, this is usually pretty typical when it comes to services from within the Betting Gods group. As such, I don’t think that it is ultimately reasonable to make this kind of thing a “deal breaker” here.

Especially in light of the fact that Tony does provide us with some information. He says that his aims are to keep things as simple as possible, and “focus very much on value bets”. An approach that he claims he has personally been betting with for several years. Now just talking about value is usually a bit vague and low hanging in my opinion, but a look at the proofing demonstrates that this seems to be the case.

Of course, there isn’t a lot of information about the selection process itself. That is always slightly disappointing. But I have followed the growth of Betting Gods and I know that their CEO, Darren, doesn’t tend to let tipsters go through on the back of… Well, guesswork. This leads me to believe there is likely to be a reasonable system behind Master Football Tipster, even if this is just conjecture.

As a final note, I do think that it’s worth keeping in mind that the fact that there is comprehensive proofing counts for a lot as well. Because even if you’re not quite sure, you can get a very reasonable idea of what to expect. Even if it is only a few months worth of proofing at the time of writing.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing there is just one option available if you want to sign up to Master Football Tipster. This is a monthly subscription which is priced at £17 per month (plus VAT) with your first 15 days offered on a trial basis. It is worth noting however that this £17 per month is a limited time offer. Once it has elapsed, the price will then rise to £27 per month which honestly, isn’t exactly prohibitive.

Also of note is that Betting Gods offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all off their products, including Master Football Tipster. This isn’t something that you should encounter any  problems attaining either. The company generally operate with a lot of integrity, but if that isn’t enough, it is also backed up by Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

The results for Master Football Tipster are a bit of a strange thing. Because depending on how you look at them, they can be viewed as reasonable, going all the way to quite impressive. Now first things first, let’s talk about the points profit. Because Tony has seen 64.22 points since May. This amounts to some 12.8 points per month as an average. That isn’t necessarily amazing.

With that said, in 4 months he has increased his betting bank by 85.63% and seen an ROI of 21.19%. But what is genuinely impressive is the consistency with which these results have been attained. Of course, it is also very important to keep in mind that it is still early days here with just a few months of actual proofing, even if it is very detailed.

Conclusion for Master Football Tipster

 It’s quite difficult to really know what to make of Master Football Tipster. Because fundamentally, I believe that this is a tipster service that shows a lot of promise. However, there are areas where it could easily be argued that it all falls down a bit. And unfortunately, the most prominent of these areas is probably the single most important, and that is the profit.

Now, before I start talking about the reasons that Master Football Tipster is actually worth some consideration (because I do believe that it is) I do think it’s very important to acknowledge the fact that, if I’m being generous, that performance is probably… A bit modest. Now, in and of itself, that isn’t a huge problem because to date, the results have also been remarkably consistent.

And the operative words there are to date. Because one of the key considerations for Master Football Tipster is that it is still a tipster service that is very much in its infancy. At the time of writing this, it has been around since the 8th of May. It’s only been 5 months. That isn’t a lot of time in terms of judging results.

With all of that said, there are some other quite significant considerations to make that fall in favour of Master Football Tipster. First things first, I want to talk about where the bets are placed. I actually rather like the fact that thew tipster involved in this focuses on niche football. It means that this can easily be a part of a wider portfolio and still bring in a little bit of extra profit.

As is often the case when it comes to anything pertaining to Betting Gods, I also find that I don’t really doubt the credibility of Master Football Tipster. This is something that you can’t generally say for a lot of tipsters. But things like having odds that always available with 2 bookies, comprehensive proofing, and a very reasonable trial offer go a long way.

And whilst I know that I spent a bit of time talking about concerns surrounding the profits, let’s look at one of the biggest positives. Namely that in many ways, the claimed profits are, realistically, a minimum. I genuinely believe that you could probably get better results from this than the ones Betting Gods has proofed to. How much more? That is a bit debatable. But I can see a few more points per month being attainable without too much work.

One of the most standout things about Master Football Tipster though is that in terms of the cost to performance potential, it really doesn’t look too bad. The fact that Betting Gods are asking just £27 per month makes this very reasonably priced. If you’re able to snag it whilst the limited time offer is on and it is £17, it’s a real bargain. Of course, that does mean taking a little bit of a gamble.

Which I think is a very good point to start wrapping up Master Football Tipster. This is a little bit of a gamble, but it is one that really has the potential to pay off. My gut feeling here is that this will potentially continue along a similar thread. I mean, it seems to me that what the tipster behind the service is doing in terms of the bets that he places are almost too esoteric to be guesswork.

As such, if you are comfortable with an ROI in the 15-20% wheelhouse then this might be something that is worthwhile for you. The fact is that I don’t believe that Master Football Tipster is going to be the kind of service that will set the world alight. But I do believe that it is the kind of service that will sit nicely in a portfolio, without costing the earth. If you are looking for a higher points profit (which is quite reasonable), then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.


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I dont think this tipster will make a strong consistent ROI if 10percent which can be very good. Currently it is about 12percent and it is new. Give it next 2 months will be in Red. He falsely says he uses 1 point each but if you look at staking it is 1.6 point average yielding 12 per month average…that is misleading from the tipster and Betting gods

Selections may well be niche, but so far in my admittedly short memberships they have been poor odds and not too successful

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