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Master Racing is a very long standing horse racing tipster service which is being provided through the Tipping Gurus platform.

Introduction to Master Racing

I’ve looked at tipster services that have been around for a while before now. But there isn’t a service that springs to mind that has been kicking around since 2014. At least, not one that has verifiable records of the results since then. That kind of provenance just isn’t the standard in the tipster market. Instead, there is always this incredibly prevalent focus on a period of about 3 months. Usually because any tipster can have a solid 3 months. But seeing everything laid bare, warts and all, that is a very brave approach.

This brings me to Master Racing. A tipster service that, honestly, isn’t quite like anything that I’ve ever seen before. That isn’t to say that Tipping Gurus are doing something overly interesting and unique. If I’m completely blunt (and as I will explore), they categorically are not. The thing is though, the wider tipster industry tends to be shrouded in secrecy. Sometimes out of necessity, admittedly, but often because there are just so many questionable services out there that find it easier to operate in the shadows.

There is no way for Tipping Gurus to do that here. Master Racing is exactly what it is, and it has been that for almost 7 years. 7 years of betting that is laid out in the light and demonstrates some, ultimately, quite profitable bets. Does that mean that it’s necessarily a great tipster service? Of course it doesn’t. Longevity is not the only factor when weighing up a service. Honestly, this is a complex thing, and with that said, I want to get straight to it.

What Does Master Racing Offer?

As I mentioned in my introduction there, Master Racing is not necessarily a tipster service that does anything particularly interesting or unique. In fact, as far as tipster services go (and I have seen a hell of a lot of them to say this), what Tipping Gurus are offering is an incredibly simple and straight forward service. Something I say with no malice at all.

The fact of the matter is that simplicity isn’t necessarily duplicitous with negativity. In fact, if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that the simplicity of Master Racing is a massive part of the longevity of the service. Honestly, in my experience, those services that are reliant on gimmicks and operating at extremes rarely stick around, simply because they’re not really built for it.

And just to really hammer home the fact that Tipping Gurus aren’t keen in adding complications, you simply have to look at how they manage the service. Selections are issued to subscribers directly via email. You can typically expect to see these landing the morning of racing, somewhere between 9.30am and 10.30am. This isn’t necessarily ideal for some people, but it is a reasonable window of time to find value.

This is something that I would definitely look to recommend here. Whilst Master Racing does have some decent odds (I will come to this a little later on), I do believe that there is more profit potential if you were to use an odds comparison site. Especially because the prices can move quite quickly.

I suspect that this might have something to do with why Tipping Gurus now use BSP when proofing for Master Racing. It generally ensures that you are best positioned to report on odds that everybody can get. It also means that the odds may be underrepresented compared to what you can get. Because, whilst you can get better odds at BSP, in my experience, there are generally better odds available if you are willing to shop around with bookies.  

At this point, I think it’s only reasonable to talk about those odds. Over 7 years, Tipping Gurus show average odds of 5.71. Personally, I think feel like this is at the higher end of what you can expect from Master Racing. There are undoubtedly a few outliers that are at much higher odds that boost this up as an average. But it isn’t completely unrealistic either.  

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the bets and what is involved with Master Racing. As you may well have figured from the set up here, the service concerns itself almost exclusively with backing horses to win. Something that I really don’t think is a problem. It certainly makes for a (say it with me again) simple service to follow along with. On the occasions where you aren’t straight backing a horse, it is an equally simple each way bet.

And it isn’t even like you’re betting all that much either. Most days will produce just 1 to 3 selections with the odd day off in between. That makes Master Racing a pretty manageable service. It is certainly a far cry from the kind of service that is high volume with the intention of seeing what sticks. I think that it’s pretty fair to say that selectivity is a bit part of this.

This isn’t necessarily the worst thing though. Because the stakes for Master Racing can get a little bit high. Whilst you are, generally speaking, backing horses to level stakes of 1 point per bet. This number does jump up to as many as 3 points on some bets. This is something that can really add up when you hit a losing streak. Something that isn’t too uncommon. For some context on this, only in December there was a 24 bet losing streak that lost 31 points.

As such, whilst the strike rate of 26.37% may look impressive (and in some respects, to have been maintained as long as it has, it is), it is not necessarily reflective of the historic results in their entirety. With that said, Tipping Gurus’s proofing does show that Master Racing has been somewhere around this since June 2020.  

How Does Master Racing Work?

Rather unfortunately, one area of Master Racing where you are left in the dark is in terms of how the service works. Tipping Gurus provide almost no information or insight into what the selection process entails. If I’m really frank, all of this is pretty far from ideal. Especially from a consumer point of view.

The fact of the matter is that I really don’t think that it’s an unreasonable request at all to have this insight. I don’t believe that Tipping Gurus should be forcing any tipster to go into great detail. I would never expect a multi page dossier detailing everything in a step by step fashion. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to want there to be something.

I am a strong believer that you should be well positioned to make an informed decision about what you are getting into. And with betting, there are some very strong pros and cons to different methods. Pros and cons that mean that some services just aren’t likely going to work for everyone. As such, I would have liked to have seen something from Tipping Gurus about Master Racing.

Of course, there is some mitigation. Namely, that in unbelievable amount of proofing. That gives you a very good idea of what you can expect. And make no mistake, that proofing is incredibly detailed. I don’t believe that I have ever looked at a service that provides such comprehensive records as Tipping Gurus do with Master Racing. This means that whilst there isn’t a huge amount information supplied, you can still get a good idea of the ebb and flow of things.  

What is the Initial Investment?

By far and away one of the most appealing elements of Master Racing in my eyes is the pricing. Tipping Gurus have two options available, neither of which is particularly expensive. The first subscription is a monthly one. This is priced at just £25 per month (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly basis at a cost of £60 (plus VAT) per quarter.

Something that is very noteworthy is that both options come with a 14 day trial period which is priced at £5 plus VAT. On top of this, whilst it isn’t mentioned, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee. This is offered through Clickbank who handle payment for Master Racing. They are typically pretty good at dealing with this sort of thing too. 

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing, Master Racing stands at a profit of 843.77 points. That might sound like a lot, but you should keep in mind that this number is since 2014. For some context on what this means, the average monthly profit sits at 10.37 points, whilst the ROI is actually the most impressive figure sitting at 20%.

What I really want to highlight though is the results since September. You see, Tipping Gurus started recording results to BSP once racing started up again. And within 5 months (September) the month closed at 96.85 points of profit. At the time of writing, since then, the profit stands at 96.21 points. This means that for almost 6 months, you’ve had very stagnated results. Something that can be problematic.  

Conclusion for Master Racing

I find myself rather conflicted about Master Racing. On the one hand, there is a lot to be said for long term results. I also don’t like being dismissive of more recent form as well. And that is wherein the conflict here lies. Because I have my own thoughts on this, which I will absolutely share. But by the same token, there should also be some objectivity, so… Here we go.

Before I come to the bottom line, I want to talk about some of the things that I think are good and bad about Master Racing that don’t relate to profit and loss. The first one of these is that simplicity that I have mentioned so many times. The way Tipping Gurus are running this, it would be an excellent first time tipster service for somebody.

The fact is that Master Racing is relatively low volume. And there isn’t really a lot of complication. All of which are things that I would generally look for if I were starting out. And on top of that, the pricing is really incredibly moderate. I cannot think of many tipster services that are priced in line with what Tipping Gurus are asking here.

There is however one small problem with this, and that is the fact that Master Racing hasn’t really made money for 6 months. There have been ups and downs, admittedly. Tipping Gurus’s proofing shows that it has been up a bit here and there, but never consistently. Something that can be very challenging for those who aren’t used to that rollercoaster.

If you are more comfortable with that longer term approach, well, there is potentially a lot here to get excited about. The results just look pretty damn good. Honestly, a 20% ROI over 7 years is incredible really. But even if you do tick all of these boxes, I still feel like questions remain. Namely, how long do you wait for equilibrium to be restored?

So, here are my thoughts on Master Racing as it currently is. This isn’t something that I would recommend here and now. The fact of the matter is that some tipsters really do just have their ups and downs. In my opinion, the smart thing to do is avoid signing up for anything until there is a turn around in form. And that is what I would probably look to do here.

The fact is that if there is an uptick in results, Master Racing represents some potentially fantastic value for money. But all of that is very much reliant on the if. As it stands though, this is something that despite some strong positives, probably isn’t worth much of a go.  


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