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Master Your Betting Course Review, Michael Carr

Master Your Betting is a training course which is being offered by Michael Carr. The course will supposedly show you everything that you need to know in order to become a successful horse racing bettor.  

Introduction Master Your Betting Course – Michael Carr

When Master Your Betting was first introduced to me, the name Michael Carr didn’t necessarily stand out to me very much. I’ll be honest, I’m terrible with names of people. But the name of systems and services that I have looked at before, I have a very good memory for (go figure). What jumped out at me was the mention of BackLucrative.

This is a tipster service that is operated by the same Michael Carr who has compiled Master Your Betting. Now, what I strongly remember about BackLucrative is an oft repeated claim that members have made over £2.8 million.

I also remember it being a reasonable enough tipster service. All of this brings me to Master Your Betting, which is apparently a straight up, no experience necessary, works for anybody betting system. That sounds reasonable enough, as do a lot of elements when it comes to the claims made. Can Michael Carr deliver though? Let’s see.

What Does Master Your Betting Offer?

In a lot of respects, I don’t think that there is much on the market that is quite like Master Your Betting. I have seen some products which aren’t necessarily dissimilar, but they are usually less than reputable and end up providing no real insight or information, all whilst padding out their content with a lot of BS.

What Michael Carr appears to have put together however is an informative and comprehensive guide that covers everything that you would expect from a beginners training course, and arguably a lot of things that you perhaps wouldn’t expect either. In this respect, Master Your Betting does a very good job, especially in terms of the kind of “hand holding” that is needed when somebody is new to betting.

The course is broken up into 8 different modules, each of which you follow for a week. This kind of approach can be viewed as controversial, but I think that Michael Carr has made the right choice in doing this with Master Your Betting.

The fact of the matter is that (as you will see when I break down the modules) there are elements here which should be considered. Especially for those who aren’t experienced when it comes to betting for a consistent profit. In focusing on fundamentals and giving you a week to look over things, Master Your Betting should be able to create strong foundations for users.

So, what are the different modules for Master Your Betting and what do they cover? Without going into too much detail, they look like the following:

  • Module 1 (Plan to Succeed) looks at what Michael Carr refers to as essential foundations. I think that this is actually a very good description, and it covers things like integrating betting with your lifestyle (not something I’d have ever thought of covering), realistic staking and investing, and off the back of that, setting goals that are actually obtainable.
  • Module 2 (Finding Your “In”) covers a number of different resources that Michael Carr uses in order to gather information. As well as sharing this information, you are also shown some different strategies you can use “for finding your way “IN” to a given sports event”.
  • Module 3 (Angles vs Systems) is arguably one of the more important and practical elements in so much as it actually starts to explore different systems and approaches to betting. These are then used to explore the wider context of finding bets.
  • Module 4 (Value Hacking) deals with value and how to find this.
  • Module 5 (Consider the Competition) is another one of those aspects that I think are often overlooked. This element (as the name suggests) predominantly deals with looking at how your picks look compared to rivals, as well as what you should consider in making a comparison.
  • Module 6 (Rate Your Selections) is another self explanatory one. This shows you how to apply ratings to your selections.
  • Module 7 (Place Your Bets) deals with the betting process. This isn’t just where to place bets and how though. Master Your Betting actually deals with topics like how to record your bets (something a lot of people overlook), as well as the various traps that you should avoid.
  • Module 8 (Master Your Betting) shows you how to maintain everything once you have started betting successfully, as well as how to grow your betting portfolio for the future. Again, this is one of those elements that Michael Carr has picked up on that is often overlooked.

As well as the core course, it is worth noting the fact that Master Your Betting comes with a comprehensive list of bonus products. These include 11 additional video tutorials, as well as access to other downloadable resources that Michael Carr says that he uses.  

How Does Master Your Betting Course Work?

It should go without saying that what Master Your Betting will ultimately do is show you everything that you need to do in order to become a disciplined bettor. The course seems to be very well put together and from what I have seen, you genuinely shouldn’t have any trouble following Michael Carr’s advice. Even if you are completely new to betting. This is a particular strength of Master Your Betting and really makes it stand out from the competition.

Obviously, I wouldn’t go into the details of what Master Your Betting actually entails and the systems that Michael Carr employs. What I will say is that the approach really looks like it has the potential for long term sustainability.

Ultimately, this is what most people will be looking for if they are going to start betting for themselves. Given that these are based off the same methods that Michael Carr says that he has used for his BackLucrative service, there is an argument to be made that there is historic precedent for success.

What is the Initial Investment?

Michael Carr claims that the real value of Master Your Betting is an eye watering £997. At the time of writing this however, there is a substantial discount offered of 60% meaning that the overall price comes down to just £394.

This is spread over 2 monthly payments of £197 each, with payment being offered through Michael Carr’s own website. It is worth noting that there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place, however this is conditional on your having watched through Modules 1 and 2.

This is quite high I think, especially compared to some of the best selling, and highly rated courses out there, like Betfair Scalper, which is now seen by many as the best trading course out there.

What is the Rate of Return?

As is often the case with training courses, there is no real way of knowing what you can expect to earn through Master Your Betting. Ultimately, this will depend on the amount of time, effort, and money that you are willing to invest. With that having been said, in the sales material for Master Your Betting, Michael Carr claims that you can realistically expect to make between £5,000 and £15,000 per year by following his advice.  

Conclusion on Michael Carr’s Master Your Betting Course 

As a training course, it has to be said that Michael Carr has put together a very decent package here. It isn’t very often that I look at a betting system and can say with any kind of conviction that it delivers what it promises.

Now, there are a number of caveats related to this and things that you really need to consider if you are going to commit to Master Your Betting, which is in no small part, my first point. This is a service that really requires not just commitment, but a long term approach. That isn’t something that will suit everybody.

Moving on from that, I want to talk a little bit about some of the modules involved. Whilst I won’t deny that the quality is there across all of them, I do feel that there are arguably questions about the worth.

Whilst some of the more basic stuff is very well detailed and a welcome addition to Master Your Betting as a course, this is information that you can get elsewhere. I can appreciate the value of having everything in one place, and also how some aspects of Michael Carr’s approach tie in with later modules, but I do want to look at the pros and cons.

Now on to the elephant in the room. Master Your Betting is incredibly expensive. Even at the reduced rate, Michael Carr is asking a lot for his advice. I am quite sure that he would disagree, so much so that he actually details why the cost is justified in the sales material.

This is mostly based around the fact that he has spent time and money working out how to bet successfully and you are paying to avoid the same mistakes that he has made. Whilst I can buy this to a degree, I am simply not certain that a value of £1,000 or even £400 here is really justified.

That raises one big question which is whether or not there is value for money to be had with Master Your Betting. Honestly, I’m not entirely convinced that there is. What Michael Carr has put together is a solid product, and there is definitely potential to make money from Master Your Betting.

But honestly, if you are just getting started (and that seems to be a decent amount of the targeted audience here), how long will it be before you are starting to make the £5,000 per year that Michael Carr claims?

With a potential outlay of £1,000, plus the fact that you will likely lose money in the short term whilst you figure things out, then top that off with the fact that most people starting have a modest betting bank. You are potentially looking at a long time before you start to get into profit.

Keeping all of that in mind, I want to finish by saying that whilst Master Your Betting is a decent product, I think that it is simply priced a little too high.

The betting system market is a competitive one and there are plenty of other systems on the market that can still make you a decent amount of money. They may be a little more niche and aren’t necessarily as in depth as Master Your Betting.

But with that they may also be some 20 times less expensive and equally as profitable, if not more so. And if you are looking to make a second income through betting, that bottom line will be everything. And that is the part where I think Master Your Betting really falls down.  


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