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Maximum Bet Advisor is a horse racing tipster service operated by Vince Class in conjunction with the Betfan group. It claims to be able to provide maximum racing profits through sensible betting.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Maximum Bet Advisor has all of the usual Betfan gloss written all over it and as such, you could very easily be forgiven for thinking that you are onto a guaranteed winner. In fact, a quick look at their claims about income back this up (256.51 points in “a good four months”). Combine this with talk of sensible betting and Vince Class appears to have put together a decent tipster service that apparently goes some way to minimise the risk. I will address these points a little further in.

In terms of the service, Maximum Bet Advisor is something of a sporadic beast with several days on the bounce of selections, only for there to be a 3 day window where there is nothing. In terms of the volume, there are rarely more than 3 selections sent out on a given day. This is very much a blessing based off “recent” results. One of the things that can be taken as a positive is that Maximum Bet Advisor is straightforward with all bets being win bets on a variety of different odds.

In terms of the numbers, there is a lot to be concerned about with Maximum Bet Advisor. I find it interesting that Vince Class talks about sensible betting, and yet his service instantly endorses the Betfan staple of staking 5 points per bet, something that becomes expensive. As Maximum Bet Advisor is a Betfan product there is full proofing supplied which allows one to calculate an average strike rate of 19.13%. This is far from ideal, however I have seen worse before now. The problem with Maximum Bet Advisor is when you calculate the strike rate over the last 4 months which works out at 13.41% if you don’t include January’s current strike rate of 0%.

How does the product work?

Fortunately, Betfan and Vince Class provide plenty of information about what the selection process for Maximum Bet Advisor actually entails. There is plenty of the usual talk about how much experience Vince Class has in horse racing with a supposed 8 years having revolved around horse racing betting.

Seemingly at the core of Maximum Bet Advisor is the approach that Vince Class takes to betting and in this regard, he appears to know his game. There is a focus with Maximum Bet Advisor on Class 3 and above races with anywhere from 4 hours all the way up to 10 hours per day spent looking into the days races.

There is also a strong suggestion that Maximum Bet Advisor uses a number of different industry contacts when making selections. There are several mentions made of these with the tipster behind the service even going as far to admit that Vince Class is a pen name, however he is a recognisable figure in horse racing. This means that were his true identity be revealed, people would not share with him their “powerful betting information”.

What is the initial investment?

There are two subscription options available for those who wish to subscriber to Maximum Bet Advisor which are a monthly (actually 28 days) and a quarterly membership (actually 90 days). These are priced at £48 and £96 respectively. It is worth noting however that at the time of writing there is also a limited time offer allowing you to trial Maximum Bet Advisor for 28 days for half price which means paying just £24.

As Maximum Bet Advisor is sold through the Betfan group, this means that the usual money back guarantee, or lack thereof, is in place. Essentially, Betfan say that it is not their policy to offer refunds on their products however they will review any requests. Refunds may then be offered discretionally.

What is the rate of return?

It is very interesting to me that Betfan and Vince Class have chosen to place such a strong focus on how much the service has made and how this was done in such a short time. At its peak in September 2016, Maximum Bet Advisor had made a profit of 222.01 points which isn’t too bad for 5 months. Since then however, there has been a slow and steady downturn in the profitability of Maximum Bet Advisor down to just 96.41 points. This means a 123.5 point loss in 5 months.


There is a lot that one could talk about in terms of Maximum Bet Advisor, and I will address the elephant in the room, however I want to focus on a few other details first. The first thing that I wish to address is the set up of the service, as it were. Vince Class says that he aims to focus on the quality of bet , something which ultimately leads to a very sporadic service as I have mentioned.

What is interesting is that the sporadic nature of Maximum Bet Advisor has somewhat diminished as results have declined. Now there are generally a rather large number of bets, and they are almost daily. This is a far cry from the initial mission statement of selective bets that Vince Class considers to be likely to win.

This increased number of bets appears to come off the back of a very significant number of losses which suggest that Vince Class may well be clutching at straws at this point. Whilst I wouldn’t like to say that this is definitely the case, it is somewhat difficult not to marriage the two things.

Having skirted round it, I feel that I should address the key problem with Maximum Bet Advisor which is the losing streak that the service is currently undergoing. It has been 5 months since Maximum Bet Advisor generated a profit and there is very little doubt in my mind that there are people who will have joined at the wrong time and blasted through their betting bank in no time. This alone is, for me, more than enough to make me recommend avoiding Maximum Bet Advisor. Combine this with quite a high purchase price and it becomes a very straight forward decision in my mind.



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