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MB Greyhounds is a greyhound racing tipster service that is being offered through the Telegram Tips stable of tipsters. The service is sold off the back of some very impressive initial results.

Introduction to MB Greyhounds

I like to think of myself as being a realist. My thought process is generally pretty data driven, especially when I am presented with something new and there is sufficient information available. Why is this important? Well, because there are also a lot of people that would call me cynical. Rarely will you see me jump the gun and say that a service a because it’s had a couple of good months. If I did that, half of my readership would probably have lost a lot of money. Instead, I tend to exercise caution.

MB Greyhounds is a very good example of why that is. I don’t want to go too much into the results here, but this is a service that had an initially great performance and has now lost that form. It simply isn’t performing all that well. And yet, when I received an email about this from one of the myriad of usual sorts that I get emails from… well, the picture painted was an impressive one! Good results, solid performance. These were all the kinds of things that were advertised.     

Original Link: https://mbgreyhounds.gr8.com/ 

It is important to note that I don’t necessarily want to put this on Telegram Tips. In my experience, they are pretty upfront about their services and I’ve not seen or heard anything negative in terms of people interacting with them. At the time they launched this, all of the stuff that was talked about was true. MB Greyhounds was performing well. Of course, had I seen this when it launched, I’d have exercised caution, and that would have bene with good reason. But having looked at this now, there is still that sparkle of potential. So, let’s have a look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

What Does MB Greyhounds Offer?

As far as tipster services go, MB Greyhounds is fundamentally a very straightforward thing. Something that, if I’m really honest, you tend to see quite a lot when it comes to greyhound racing. I’ll often talk about the short fallings of horse racing betting markets, but at least there is still value to be found on the odds on horses, if not the bets. This is a different kettle of fish though.

And frankly, Telegram Tips are clearly very aware of this. They talk quite eloquently about how easily bookies will manipulate odds, about how they are incredibly well informed. MB Greyhounds aims to circumvent this using a few approaches that do rather complicate things. I don’t see these as being huge issues or deal breakers, but they are worth keeping in mind.

You see, one of the key elements of MB Greyhounds is getting early pricing on. As is the case for most modern tipster services, selections are sent out directly via email. They are also sent out quite early in the morning. Importantly, you have to be in a position to act on these tips almost immediately. Without doing that, any edge that you gain is lost.

Which brings me to one of those points that you’ve probably already figured out (and how it impacts things). Even if you’re following MB Greyhounds and taking advantage of those early odds, you aren’t exactly facing down huge winners. To the most (only?) profitable way of betting according to Telegram Tips, BOG, the average odds come in at just 4.22. If you’re leaving it late, they drop. Especially on the winners.

This leads to an inevitable and perhaps obvious point. An odds comparison site can make a world of difference if you are getting on it early enough. Honestly, you will often find that the differences seem negligible. What’s the difference between 6/4 and 18/11 really? In real world terms, not a lot. Bit actually, it’s an extra 0.14 points of profit. That’s almost 10% extra.

Where this starts to add up is in the simple fact that the margins on MB Greyhounds are generally pretty thin (at least compared to other sports). A 9 point winner sure looks good, but the staking plan means that you can also eradicate 8 points of bets in the next day. All of a sudden, that 10% extra looks a little bit better doesn’t it?

Just jumping off from this, it is quite important to acknowledge that MB Greyhounds can be quite a high volume service. Something which does, I feel, compound on the problems that it faces. At the time of writing this, the last week has seen 16 bets. Some days have no bets, some days may have as many as 5. These numbers really do start to add up and lead to some quite significant drawdown during bad runs.

Of course, this is somewhat compounded by the 2 point per bet staking plan that MB Greyhounds involves. This to me is one of the more questionable moves, and I’ll happily say that if I were to follow this, just to keep my balance more sustainable, I’d probably look at 1 point stakes per bet. Sure, the rewards aren’t as significant as those Telegram Tips claim, but that also doesn’t have to be the worst things for reasons that I want to explore a little later.

 Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate and losing streaks. In theory, an average strike rate of almost 24% with average odds of 4.22 looks like it is pretty sustainable. The problem with betting is that despite numbers being a huge part of it, they aren’t everything. The fact of the matter is that Telegram Tips’s proofing for MB Greyhounds shows a strike rate that is a bit all over the place ranging from 20% up to 32%.

All of this is worsened by long losing streaks and significant drawdown. There have been at least 3 runs of losses of 15 bets or more. At the 2 point per bet, that means a loss of 30 points. And when you have bets that are generally pulling in between 3 and 7 points, that kind of losing streak isn’t sustainable. Something that is evidenced by the fact Telegram Tips have now had 2 straight losing months with MB Greyhounds (and significant ones at that).

How Does MB Greyhounds Work?

One of the biggest problems that I have with MB Greyhounds is that there is absolutely no insight into how selections are being found. Whilst it is easy (to at least some degree) to talk about how the service works, as I will explore, it lacks insight that really gives you insight. This is a problem for me because, and I want to be clear about this, I respect what Telegram Tips are doing. The approach makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t count for anything if you’re picking out dogs that aren’t really winning. This is one of the bigger problems with MB Greyhounds in my opinion. It is hard to have a lot of faith following a negative run of results because we don’t know what the plan here is. This lack of a selection process is really quite a problem for me simply because it makes it very difficult to see the bigger picture.

The thing is, this is something that I think is particularly important when a tipster is looking at longer odds betting. At the end of the day, whilst odds of 4.22 aren’t huge, they are pretty significant outliers by greyhound racing standards. As such, I would like to know at least a little bit about why Telegram Tips are picking certain dogs and certain races for MB Greyhounds. Because to me, simply saying that there is “value” is a bit too vague.

All of this makes it quite difficult to make an informed decision about whether or not a service is for you. One of the mitigating factors here though, to be really fair to Telegram Tips, is that they do provide very comprehensive proofing for MB Greyhounds. This is updated regularly and makes it very clear what sort of thing you can expect from the results in the long term. At least, that is the theory. Sometimes though, results can just be a bit all over the place…

What is the Initial Investment?

If you wanted to sign up to MB Greyhounds there are a good few options available. These of course vary wildly in terms of outlay and value. The cheapest option by cost is a weekly subscription which is priced at £10 per week. This is however the worst value by a significant margin.

For slightly better value, there is a monthly subscription that is priced at £35 per month. Alternatively, the best value comes with the largest outlay and it is a quarterly one. This is priced at £75 every 3 months.

Of note is the fact that Telegram Tips don’t offer money back guarantees on their products and MB Greyhounds is no different. However, at the time of writing, if you sign up on a monthly basis, your first month will cost you just £17.50. If you sign up on a quarterly subscription, your first quarter will cost you just £37.50, both of which I think give you ample time to see if this is a fit for you.  

What is the Rate of Return?

At this point, there is no choice but to be blunt about MB Greyhounds. The results to date are… a bit naff. And that is being generous. Were you betting to either SP or BSP, you would currently be facing a loss of 128.5 points and 15.02 points respectively. The thing is though, to some extent, I feel like this is to be expected. Telegram Tips’ goal here is to take advantage of early prices after all.

The problem comes when you look at the fact that even to BOG, MB Greyhounds is currently sitting at a profit of 33.3 points over 6 months. That’s not great. More concerningly though is that it closed out July at almost 102 points. That means a loss of close to 70 points in just 2 months. That is hugely significant, however you want to dress it up.

Conclusion for MB Greyhounds

At the start of this review, I said that there is still some potential to MB Greyhounds. And then of course, I completely throw the whole thing under the bus and pretty much pick it apart. That is with good reason. Make no mistake about it, losing 70 points in a few months is a shocking result. Using my usual metrics of £10 per point, depending on when you joined, that’s a £700 loss.

On top of this, there is the fact that without that explanation as to how winners are being picked, it’s very difficult to ascertain how much faith you put in the process. You see, I’ve seen plenty of services that involve backing longer odds betting that invariably struggle for a bit. When there is a measurable process, you can wait it out because you know it should turn around.

With MB Greyhounds though… well, it’s a bit more difficult. Is it simply that a system has hit a snag, or has somebody’s luck simply run out? That’s a very difficult question to answer without that information. And that kind of thing is ultimately incredibly important. And on that ground, I will say that this definitely isn’t something I could recommend. That probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

On top of that, it isn’t even like you’re dealing with something that is particularly inexpensive. Telegram Tips aren’t asking a huge amount for MB Greyhounds. But for a service that is losing as much money as this is, it’s bloody difficult to look at t his and see any immediate merit.

But here’s the thing. It’s quite hard to simply completely ignore the fact that MB Greyhounds made a very consistent 25 (ish) points per month. That is genuinely impressive and the kinds of results that are undoubtedly worth paying attention to. Even if they are inflated a little by the two point stakes. And that is why I say there is still some potential here.

Now, even if the results do start to turn around, this still won’t be a service that is for everybody. The fact that you have to get onto bets so early is undoubtedly going to be a problem. Seeking out the best possible odds only really adds to this. But there is no denying that if there is a return to form this may be worth some consideration. Especially if you’re looking to build up a bit of a portfolio.

So, of course I can’t recommend MB Greyhounds. It would be ludicrous to look at something that has lost so much money, so quickly, and say that you should sink £10 a week into it. However, I will say that this is one that is probably worth keeping an eye on. I don’t think September is recovering. But I don’t see why Telegram Tips can’t get those early results back again, and if they do… well, it might be worth a look then.  


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