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MC Racing Review

MC Racing is an email based horse racing tipster service from Mick McCormack offered under the Betfan umbrella.

What does the product offer?

MC Racing offers users choice selections for horse races up and down the UK. All bets are win bets and are typically sent out the night before. Because of the selective nature MC Racing doesn’t present selections every day however as a result of this Mick McCormack has been able to set himself a target of an average strike rate of 37% per month. This has been surpassed rather successfully with MC Racing having an average strike rate of 40.03% with no losing months since the start of the year.

How does the product work?

Mick McCormack says that his selections come from combining two different systems. One of these allows him to see how a horse is progressing and how to read a race. The other is a set of ratings. These systems combined with Mick McCormack’s knowledge of the sport allow him to find MC Racing’s selections.

What is the initial investment?

MC Racing sells on a monthly or quarterly subscription. These sell for £58 and £116 respectively. Because Winning Information Network is a Betfan company there isn’t really a money back guarantee offered however requests will be reviewed.

What is the rate of return?

Since January MC Racing has produced a profit of 1580.36 points. This is however I feel a slightly misleading figure as bets for MC Racing uses a 3 point staking system. This means that if you were to bet 1 point instead of 3 you would have a profit of 526.78 points which remains a very respectable profit.


MC Racing is rather expensive but I feel that there is probably cause for it. The fact is that MC Racing has consistently profited and hasn’t lost in 9 months. This makes it a stronger contender than most of the tipster services that I see. There are a few issues however that I do find worrying. When looking over the proofing for MC Racing there are a number of examples where the results aren’t available which makes me wonder whether or not these have been optimised so to speak. This could be an innocent thing but it is hard to overlook.

The other thing is the inflation of the winnings. Whilst they do reflect the staking system this could easily be overlooked. Personally I view MC Racing as potentially being a little bit of a risk, but with a decent strike rate and profits that can be overlooked.



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Comments (1)

I Have been a member since 1st October, and I think that is when they went live too.
They have showed really good results before that (9 month), but this month has been quite awful.
It has gone up and down almost all the time and now after my first month I’m down -12 % from my original betting bank. Sorry I do not count these as points, I like to count everything as a percent.

I have gone through their September results with my own results too, and if I had have been betting during that month I would have made a profit of 130 %. Starting bank would gone from 500 € to 1151 €.
Which is really good actually. Why is it always that when somebody goes live their results will change immediately??

They do still show a profit from this October 3.67 points, and I’m -12% in loss. I have used the same stake as they recommend which is 3 point per bet. But their results are from BOG, which they recommend as well, but unfortunately I like to use just one bookie, or an exchange, and maybe that is the reason for my results.

But anyway, not too good start for my first month.

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From: Simon Roberts