Member Site Creator Review

Member Site Creator is a piece of software designed by Alex Albert that he claims can help you make a members site in less than 15 minutes.

What does the product offer?

Alex Albert says that Member Site Creator is an easy to use piece of software no matter your skill level. He also says that Member Site Creator is designed to add instant value to any product, allow you to easily add upsells or special offers and that it also builds a buyers list from your sales through Member Site Creator. It also comes with a number of ebooks as bonus content, all of which pertain to membership sites.

How does the product work?

There isn’t any information available in terms of the workings of Member Site Creator. This is a shame as I was very interested as to how Alex Albert is able to make websites through Member Site Creator with a single click of a button.

What is the initial investment?

Member Site Creator is available complete with all the bonuses including for just $9.97 which represents a saving of 90% according to Alex Albert. There is also a 45 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

As Member Site Creator is a piece of web page creation software it is difficult to put a value on it or its creations. This is because the results will vary for each user with no real core experience for every user to draw upon.


The biggest point of contention I have with Member Site Creator is the lack of information in terms of how it creates websites. Even something as simple as explaining that it is a proprietary system but is built upon certain templates or even just that it is built on the back of Alex Albert’s own hard design work, would be acceptable.

Instead we are left with the statement that it just works and that it is a push button system, which brings me to my second point, creating a website should not be as simple as pushing a button, especially if you want something half way to decent and even more so because of the complex nature of web design and creation. Personally, I think I’d rather look elsewhere were it me who were looking for a product like this.



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From: Simon Roberts