MemberHub Review

MemberHub is a new internet marketing tool from Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani that the creators say will allow you to make premium quality membership areas on your WordPress site.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales material that Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani have put out, MemberHub is the latest and seemingly the last word in online membership sites. In fact, they spend a lot of time on the video marketing disparaging “other” membership area products as being worthless, so does MemberHub really do anything that they don’t? To start with, MemberHub comes with a custom editor which allows you to set up you members area how you want.

This allows you to stay in line with your branding etc. In terms of the membership packages that you can offer, Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani have created MemberHub in such a way that you can easily create multiple levels and group products appropriately within them.

To ensure that your audience are kept engaged, MemberHub has a built in points system so that you can reward people for carrying out certain tasks within your website. The software has been designed to be compatible with a variety of online payment providers and auto responders.

On top of all of this, everything is cloud based so you can technically use MemberHub from anywhere. There are also a host of features in place (honestly, more than I am willing to list and not all entirely relevant).

How does the product work?

MemberHub is a tool for creating a members area. This is about all there is to it with the main draw (according to Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani) being that when people are signed into a members area, they are more likely to remain engaged and spend more money on your products. Unfortunately, there isn’t what I would call a lot of evidence really backing this up.

What is the initial investment?

Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani are asking a rather monumental fee for MemberHub. The cheapest option in terms of initial outlay is the monthly option at a cost of $67 per month. This version of MemberHub however does come with a number of restrictions.

The second option is to buy the software as a one off which comes with almost no restrictions however this is $297 (allegedly down from $997). The third option sits in the middle and will set you back $247 for the year, again with restrictions. All of these options come with a 30 day money back guarantee however as MemberHub is sold via JVZoo, you will need to deal with the vendors to claim this.

What is the rate of return?        

Unfortunately, there is very little information available in terms of how much you can expect to earn by using MemberHub.


It is rather difficult to ignore that MemberHub is a decent looking product. I can certainly see where some the benefits lie, I am just not certain that there is almost $300 of software here.

The problem is that as with any WordPress plugin that allows you to incorporate features into your website, there is often something that does the same thing for less.

Personally, I don’t feel that MemberHub is something that would work for me, however if you do have a particularly large membership site (and a frankly even bigger budget) then it may be something that is worth a look at.



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From: Simon Roberts