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Merlin Results Radar is a football betting system which is provided by one Donald Hunting. He claims that his “app” will allow you to identify guaranteed winning treble bets.

Introduction to Merlin Results Radar

In something of a rarity for me, I can say that I am looking at something that isn’t quite like anything that I’ve ever seen before. I am genuinely quite excited about this fact. It just doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore. And yet, there is a bit of an irony to this as the product that I am looking at today is not really a particularly new one.

Donald Hunting has been offering his betting tool…? App…? Calculator…? There are a lot of different words you could use to describe Merlin Results Radar really. Personally, I think calculator is probably the best description for what is on offer here. But whatever you want to call it, it has been marketed for a number of years.

Truthfully, there is a lot to be said for products that have longevity (a statement tinged with irony, that I will pick up later on). With so much I look at being products which simply disappear after 90 days of losing people money, I am quite keen to look at something that has been around for over a decade. The question is, does Merlin Results Radar still hold up?

What Does Merlin Results Radar Offer?

I wasn’t really sure where to start with describing what Merlin Results Radar is. And even as I’m writing this, I’m not certain that I’m taking the correct approach. You see, at its core, you can sum up what Donald Hunting is offering the way I did earlier as simply being a betting calculator. Or tool. But that doesn’t really do justice to what you get.

Effectively, this is just a spreadsheet. And, to be fair to him, Donald Hunting doesn’t really go out of his way to sell this as anything more. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because ultimately, if it works, why would you want to go out of your way to make it more complicated? Especially when you are dealing with something that is as complicated as Merlin Results Radar actually is.

Which allows me to lead pretty naturally into some of the details that surround Merlin Results Radar. Because there is quite a lot of this to cover (not surprisingly). So, first things first, a few of the technical things to consider. Spreadsheets based calculators often come with an immense amount of information going on in the background.

This does mean that if you want to take advantage of Donald Hunting’s offering, you will require a downloaded copy of Microsoft Excel 2007 (at least). This isn’t something that will work (at least to my knowledge) online or through something like OpenOffice. As such, if you don’t already have this, it is something that you will have to add on to the costs.

In terms of actually using the spreadsheet for your calculations, this isn’t a difficult thing. If you use Excel in your day to day life, you will be absolutely fine in terms of using Merlin Results Radar. Donald Hunting has done a decent job of putting everything together and (so long as you don’t start messing with things you shouldn’t) this is reflected in user interface (I can’t think of a better work for it really).

But, on the off chance that you do find yourself struggling with Merlin Results Radar, there is also a written 8 page guide for using the calculator. This talks a little bit about what kinds of things that you need to do, what you need to input, and where.  

Now, there is a final element that I want to talk about in terms of what Merlin Results Radar entails, before I start to explore what is ultimately involved in it, and that is the volume of bets that you will place. You see, whilst Donald Hunting sells his product off the back of always being able to pick the correct winning accumulator, this will ultimately be one of many.

As such, even using his own example, you are placing 6 different trebles out of a potential 16. Elsewhere, I have seen people who have placed more than 15 bets in order to identify that one winning treble.

Naturally, this does mean that there is a massive balancing act in terms of the odds that you can bet at. The fact of the matter is that the more “likely” outcomes that have to be covered to ensure that a winner is in there. And the more of this that you have to do, the more expensive it is covering all the bets in order to secure that “guaranteed win”. 

How Does Merlin Results Radar Work?

I’m not going to go into too much detail here about how exactly Merlin Results Radar works, but I do think that it is fair to provide enough of an overview for you to really understand what is involved. Effectively, you pick the three games that you want to use for your treble.

You then predict whether or not you think that each game will be a win, loss, or a draw. This is where having some knowledge of football is a necessity. You see, even though the Merlin Results Radar calculator is based around the idea of part-correct data, there still has to be that correct element. Now, that can just be getting one of the games right, but that does still require that knowledge.

From here, it is important to highlight that you can actually input multiple sets of data. This means that you can cover multiple likely outcomes. For example, your initial selection may look like 112 (where 1 is a home win, 2 is an away win, and x is a draw). But actually, that middle game is a bit close, so you might also want to consider 1X2 as a potential outcome as well. And so, on and so forth.

So long as you are realistic about it, more outcomes will produce more accurate bets. That seemingly goes without saying. However, you will also find that this exponentially increases the number of bets that you will have to place in order to identify that winning treble.

As well as inputting this information, you will also want to input data on what odds are available as well. A part of what the calculator does is identify what your returns will be if that bet comes in. This is something that is incredibly important when it comes to balancing out whether or not Merlin Results Radar is worthwhile, as I will explore below.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, there is just one option for those who wish to sign up for Merlin Results Radar. This is a one time cost of $69.99 (which at the time of writing is some £53). Payment is handled entirely through PayPal.

It is worth noting that Donald Hunting does say that he offers a full 30 day money back guarantee on the product. As I have noted before with this kind of thing though, you are very much in the hands of the vendor when it comes to this.

What is the Rate of Return?

How much you can potentially earn by following Merlin Results Radar is a very interesting question. Because Donald Hunting doesn’t actually make any specific claims, and honestly, I can’t say that I blame him. There are too many variables at hand, many of which are difficult to quantify. As such, I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that there aren’t hard and fast rules.

With that said, I do think that there is very real potential to make money here. The idea that you can “guarantee” profits does hold some truth, but I am not entirely convinced that this is something that you will be able to do every time, for every treble that you pull out of the air.

In fact, in some respects, I feel like Merlin Results Radar can be compared to dutching or arbitrage betting. After all, you’re backing multiple outcomes for events and looking to take advantage of different available odds. And from that, I think we all know that the opportunities there can ultimately be few and far between. 

Conclusion for Merlin Results Radar

Summing up Merlin Results Radar is a bit of a difficult task for me. Because frankly, there is loads of potential on offer here. I can look at what Donald Hunting has put together, look at what his product is doing, and I can really see how it works. In fact, let’s start there, because for a lot of people that will be the bottom line.

Merlin Results Radar really can work. The principles that it is based around are sound enough and with the right kind of input, and the right available odds, you will make money. And in theory, you would hope that that would be that, but it isn’t. Because honestly, this skips over a lot of different factors which will ultimately affect your usage of the tool.

So, first of all, something I have touched upon a number of times before now. And I cannot stress this enough. You have to know a fair amount about football. This is an important point for me to make because Donald Hunting makes quite a big thing in his sales material about the fact that you don’t need to know about things like form and tables.

But you do need to have at least some interest in what you are doing. As I’ve said before (and the sales material hints at but sort of skips over), you’ve got to know enough to get one result correct in your treble. Without that, Merlin Results Radar has no real hope of working as advertised.

And that ties in to my second point which definitely requires consideration, and that is the fine balancing act that I’ve mentioned before. It seems like such an easy thing to simply back all of the bets that the tool generates, but stretch yourself too thinly and the profit disappears. The fact of the matter is that certain trebles are going to have lower odds than others.

If you get best odds for one of those trebles of 4/1, and you have more than a few potential outcomes (which honestly, you should have) then there is no money in it if that bet comes in. So, it isn’t even like this is something that you can simply use “as and when” you feel like it. Because there are no guarantees that there is an opportunity available.

And the final point that I want to come back to is ironically tinged statement about longevity. You see, if you are backing multiple trebles for the same games with a bookmaker (which it is likely you will be doing) and they start to come in, then you can all but guarantee that your accounts will be closed and restricted.

There are of course ways around this, but it is a lot of hassle and exists in areas that could perhaps best be described as “grey”. As such, whilst Merlin Results Radar is a long living product in the broadest sense of the word, your actual mileage will vary a lot here, and unfortunately, it is unlikely to really be in your favour.

With all of this in mind, would I recommend Merlin Results Radar? Personally, no. Don’t get me wrong, what Donald Hunting has set out to do works. It definitely does that. And I think that you can make some money off the back of this as well. And for some people, that will be more than enough for them to be happy with.

But I like to look for things that have some real legs. I don’t want to find something that works for me, only to have account restrictions cripple my income potential. And that is all that I can really see when I look at Merlin Results Radar.

So, I honestly don’t see this as a bad product. For some people, it would probably serve them pretty well. For my money though, it just doesn’t fit what I look for in a betting product.


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