Mike Batty’s Big Winners Review

Mike Batty’s Big Winners is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered by the eponymous Mike Batty. He claims to have made some huge profits through horse racing betting.

Introduction to Mike Batty’s Big Winners

With so many horse racing tipster services on the market, what do you actually look for when you are considering what service to subscribe to? There are a lot of different answers to this, however the fact of the matter is that there also isn’t really a right or wrong answer either. But for a lot of people, they are looking very much for profit.

Now, Mike Batty effectively claims that his tipster service, Mike Batty’s Big Winners, will provide you this. And frankly, there is supposedly a hell of a lot of this to be generated. However, as well as a lot of profit, you are seemingly getting a chance to bet in a way that can also provide a lot of excitement and thrills.

This might not suit everybody, I will admit, but if you believe the sales material for the service, it doesn’t come with any additional risk. So, you are making money with Mike Batty’s Big Winners (which is of course the most important of things). You are making betting interesting too. And importantly, Mike Batty isn’t asking a lot in many respects. So, is it worth it?  

What Does Mike Batty’s Big Winners Offer?

In terms of what you are actually getting from Mike Batty’s Big Winners, it is a very typical betting service with some very hard and fast rules. In the hands of a decent tipster, this is no bad thing. I also think that it helps for subscribers are you are put in a position where you know exactly what you need to do each day.

Mike Batty’s management is based around a few principles. The first one is that this is not a daily horse racing tipster service. Selections are only made available Monday through Friday with no bets at all on weekends. We are also told that there may be no bet days as well, however Mike Batty’s Big Winners subscribers are notified of this in advance.

As is very typical for tipster services, selections are sent out to subscribers directly via email to an email address that you supply when you sign up for Mike Batty’s Big Winners. These selections are typically sent out before 10pm the night before racing which allows you to get the best possible odds.

This is an important thing to note as Mike Batty says that he backs all of his bets with Betfair (although this seems to be the sportsbook rather than the exchange). As such, by shopping around for better odds there is the potential to make substantially more money through Mike Batty’s Big Winners than that which is claimed. At least, in theory, but I will come to this.

Moving on to the bets themselves, this is all incredibly simple. Every bet that is advised is a straight win bet. As I have touched upon, these are all typically at longer odds with Mike Batty clearly favouring potential value. This typically means backing a horse at longer than 10/1 with only a smaller handful of bets dropping below double digit odds.

Coming full circle a little bit to the way that Mike Batty manages Mike Batty’s Big Winners, the number of bets per day is another element that is very strictly controlled. Each day Monday through Friday, you can expect to see 5 bets per day. This does make for something of a high volume service, however lower stakes mean that this is relatively manageable.

On the subject of those stakes, there isn’t really any specific staking plan that is in place. Mike Batty talks a lot about staking £10 in order to achieve the same profits that he as supposedly generated. This suggests that level 1 point stakes should be utilised which can of course be scaled up and down for Mike Batty’s Big Winners.

Unfortunately, there is no information provided about what kind of betting bank you would need for this. In theory, 100 points should be more than enough as this would require Mike Batty’s Big Winners to not win any bets for a whole month in order to deplete it. Something that the sales material suggests shouldn’t happen.

This brings me rather nicely to the strike rate, or more specifically, the lack thereof. Mike Batty provides no real proofing for Mike Batty’s Big Winners instead leaning on a sample month which shows a number of betting slips. The implication here seems to be that this is a rather typical month. Given that he has supposedly been betting for some time this is disappointing.

In terms of the numbers, we are seeing 23 wins in a month (which had 3 non runners), this suggests that a strike rate of some 24%. This seems like a pretty believable number at a glance. After all, longer odds, lower strike rate, right? Personally, I think given the odds involved this is extraordinarily high and I am not really convinced by this at all. 

How Does Mike Batty’s Big Winners Work?

Now, one of the things that really jumps out at me about Mike Batty’s Big Winners isn’t something that is said, but what is not said. More specifically, this pertains to Mike Batty’s selection process. Because honestly, we aren’t really told anything about what you can expect here.

There is a rather weak narrative in which we are told about all of the tipster services that Mike Batty has tried before deciding to go independent. And he talks a little about reverse engineering those that worked for him. The method that he came up with is… Well, I would like to quote directly from the sales material here actually.

“I looked hard at all the system that had made me some money and when they were winning then had a few things the same. The main thing was the races didn’t had lots of high odds selections ready for the taking!”

Now, if you can figure out what this means, you’re smarter than I am. But the suggestion seems to be that tipsters win when there weren’t many high odds selections there. This seems counter intuitive to me, but of course because of we are actually told about Mike Batty’s Big Winners is a long way from clear, I could also be well off in my interpretation.

The important thing to take away from all of this is that realistically, you aren’t actually getting any insight into what the selection process entails. This is a problem for me as this is something of a questionable tipster service.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options that are available if you want to subscribe to Mike Batty’s Big Winners. The first of these is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £60 (plus VAT). Alternatively, Mike Batty offers you the opportunity to sign up for a whole year at a cost of £120 (again, plus VAT). Both of these options are supposedly limited time offers.

It is worth noting that both of these options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee in place as the service is sold through Clickbank. This is technically published on the website, however I will say that it isn’t particularly well advertised.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come in to the part of Mike Batty’s Big Winners that really matters, and that is the profit potential. I want to start by returning to that month that we are given as evidence of what you can expect from the service. This makes the claim that in just one month, Mike Batty has made £3,110 which is to those £10 stakes mentioned before.

We are also told that every month, he has made a profit, as well as having the potential to increase your betting bank over 1000%. There is of course no evidence to back up either of these claims, and as such, I am massively sceptical of them.

The only other thing that we really get any evidence for is a claim that in a single week in September, Mike Batty’s Big Winners made a profit of £290. This is backed up with the same questionable set of screenshots that Mike Batty provided for the month of August.

Conclusion for Mike Batty’s Big Winners

If you are only giving Mike Batty’s Big Winners a cursory glance, then you are presented with a relatively professional looking tipster service. There is no denying the fact that the sales material appears to be well put together. Those results are substantial enough that I can see how you would get very excited, but they aren’t enough as to seem unbelievable.

All of that is, until you actually start to try and put everything together. Then it all looks substantially less impressive for a number of reasons. For example, that total that seems to be relatively believable actually represents a profit of 311 points. This is more than a lot of good tipsters will make in a year.

At a glance, this may look like an entirely substantiated amount as well, what with the extensive screenshots of winning bets. But I am not particularly sold on these if I’m honest. Every genuine tipster service that I have looked at before now has provided extensive historic proofing. Not just one particularly good month.

The fact that this is lacking doesn’t really bode well in my opinion. Especially when you take the time to consider that Mike Batty does say that he has been profiting every month. If this is actually the case, why wouldn’t you want to provide proofing for this?

On top of this, it greatly concerns me that there isn’t really any context for how selections are made. I was joking around a bit when I said that if you could figure out what Mike Batty’s description of how Mike Batty’s Big Winners works, then you’re smarter than me. But go back and read that again and think about it for a second.

Does that sound like something that is actually tangible? An actual approach that somebody might use for horse racing that has simply been badly described? Or does it sound like somebody who doesn’t really have any real idea of what they are doing trying to sound like they do know? For me, I can only see the latter.

Finally, I don’t even think that Mike Batty’s Big Winners is really that cheap. For £20 per month, I can think of a number of tipsters that actually do provide a genuine and modestly profitable service. This is of course compared to the risk that comes with an unknown factor like Mike Batty’s Big Winners.

All of this is pretty damning and solely off the back of this, I can say that I wouldn’t really recommend Mike Batty’s Big Winners. There just isn’t really any evidence that I can look at and feel confident about.

MiBut there are even more elements than this, namely that I am familiar with the vendor who is selling the service. This isn’t the first tipster service that they have put out and I am sure that it won’t be their last. The fact that these previous services aren’t around any more should really tell you everything that you need to know.


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