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Mindmap for Marketers Review

Mindmap for Marketers is a product by Paul Myers that teaches you about mind mapping and how to implement this into marketing projects.

What does the product offer?

Mindmap for Marketers is fundamentally several pieces of literature authored by Paul Myers. Each of these books covers various aspects of mind mapping as well as exploring the best ways to use them to improve your business. Mindmap for Marketers offers a number of pre-created mind maps as well covering topics such as a content planner (to help you generate content) to a mind map for launching a social media campaign.

How does the product work?

Mind Mapping is traditionally used as a method of information retention although it is rather easy to see how using a mind map can help you plan as well. Mindmap for Marketers helps by providing you not just with the information you need, but also access to free software that Paul Myers says will assist with the creation of your own mind maps.

What is the initial investment?

Mindmap for Marketers is available for a one off payment of $27. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place but this is provided by the vendor directly as purchases are made through paypal.

What is the rate of return?

Mindmap for Marketers isn’t the kind of thing that makes you money directly so it is rather difficult to say. I would consider the success of Mindmap for Marketers to be qualitative rather than quantitative as there is no real way of gauging the financial impact of Paul Myers product.


I am left feeling somewhat conflicted about Mindmap for Marketers. I can definitely see the potential for certain types of people who perhaps lack focus or drive but this is a pretty tight niche. Furthermore targeting marketers with something like this seems pretty pointless as the effort and time involved in getting a website up and running successfully already requires tenacity.

That having been said I am sure that there are some people who will make use of Mindmap for Marketers, I am just not one of them.



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From: Simon Roberts