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Mini Course Formula Review

Mini Course Formula is a guide by Patric Chan that shows users how to gain subscribers to an email list by using “mini courses”.

What does the product offer?

Mini Course Formula is marketed as a blueprint guide to setting up a mini course that is designed to drive subscribers to your mailing list. The course is spread over 159 pages which are broken down into 4 different modules. These cover a host of topics, each of which Patric Chan says will help you to use Mini Course Formula successfully. Topics range from getting opt ins to actually making your mini course. There are also a number of bonuses provided, each of which fits in with Mini Course Formula. These include things like Opt in templates and pre done “plug and play” mini courses as well as further rather substantial training.

How does the product work?

Much of the information contained in Mini Course Formula is based on the knowledge of Patric Chan, a reasonably well know internet marketer. He claims that by following Mini Course Formula you can expect to exponentially increase your email list and as a result, conversion on sales.

What is the initial investment?

Patric Chan sells Mini Course Formula for a cost of $47. This is covered under a 60 day money back guarantee as the course is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

There are no real claims made about income potential for Mini Course Formula however Patric Chan claims that on average, every additional subscriber will make you $1 off the service.


It is debatable how much of Mini Course Formula is actually worth buying. The fact is that if you look at what the course entails in any detail there is very little that really warrants a purchase. The core aspect of the product is so simple and the fact is that anybody can implement the basics of this without too much trouble. This is a shame as what is being taught is actually a good idea. The problem lies in the fact that really, this is not a 160 page ebook topic and much of the content seems to be made up of bonus materials and even these aren’t really fantastic.

What Mini Course Formula really looks like is bunch of leftover products that have been bundled together to try and form something that is somehow appealing at a relatively high price. This is a shame as a shorter version for less would be much better value as a customer than this current iteration.


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From: Simon Roberts