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MJ Racing is a relatively new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Tipsters Empire stable of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of Mark and Jay (hence the name) and so far, it has proven a good looking option.

Introduction to MJ Racing

I’ve been doing this for a fair old time, and if I’m honest, there isn’t a lot that necessarily excites me these days. The truth is that when you are looking at tipsters and betting systems of a questionable quality as much as I am… Well, it makes you a little bit cynical, to say the least. And generally speaking, that isn’t a bad thing. If I took every tipster that claimed to be able to make me a millionaire at face value, I can tell you for sure that I’d be tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket. Not a great place to be in.

What all of this mean sis that when I do see a tipster service that appears to be decent, two things happen. Firstly, I am very excited. Secondly, I pore over it looking for flaws and faults. If I’m honest though, with today’s subject, MJ Racing… There just aren’t that many of them. The fact is that what Tipsters Empire are doing here is a fantastic looking tipster service that (dare I say it…) ticks pretty much all of the boxes in terms of what I look for. And helping this along is the driving force of Mark and Jay.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a flawless service, and a cursory glance already highlights some points for consideration, but the fundamentals all look good. This means that if Mark and Jay can keep their form, Tipsters Empire can maintain decent management (which I don’t doubt that they can do), and MJ Racing continues to produce profits at this level… It’s a bloody good option. So, let’s get right into it.

What Does MJ Racing Offer?

Given the praise that I have heaped on MJ Racing so far, you might be wondering if it does anything that is exceptionally different to other tipster services on the market. And the answer to that is, generally speaking, no. In actual fact, what Tipsters Empire are doing with Mark and Jay is pretty typical. Something that I feel has negative implications, but that really isn’t the case here.

First things first, let’s talk about the management side of things. This is one area where Tipsters Empire manage to tweak things compared to most tipster services, and it is definitely for the better. You see, when selections are made available for MJ Racing, they are sent out to you directly via an SMS message (as well as an email, but that isn’t the focus) This includes all of the details that you’d need to place the bets, including information on odds, as well as a link (this is a very important part of it all).

For my money, a text message is much preferred compared to an email as there is less chance of you missing it. I receive a lot of emails, and on occasion, important things have slipped through the cracks. With a text message, it pops up on my phone when I receive it, and honestly, there is little chance of missing it.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about something that I consider to be a bit of a crown jewel of MJ Racing. The link in the text messages take you to a member’s area. Here you see the same details, but you also get a comprehensive write up on selections from Mark and Jay. This talks about exactly why they have advised a selection. This is something that I really don’t feel you see often enough.

Now, let’s talk about the bets. Honestly, there just isn’t anything that you can say here that is particularly special. The most stand out element is the fact that Mark and Jay are involved with MJ Racing in the way that they are. Effectively, we are told that Mark has a “natural preference for the jumps with Jay leaning towards the flat”. This means that both disciplines are covered by experts in their field rather than one tipster trying to cover everything.

The actual bets advised through MJ Racing are a sensible combination of win and each way. Where there are longer shots involved, a horse is generally advised to be backed on that each way basis. As simple as this may seem, it is a refreshing approach from Mark and Jay and one that Tipsters Empire’s proofing shows ultimately pays off.

Whilst we’re talking about those longer shots, let’s talk odds. There is a massive range that you can expect to see here. These range from around 3/1 going all the way up to 40/1 and 50/1 bets (that have actually won on a fair few occasions). These can potentially be improved on through an odds comparison site and taking advantage of BOG, but Tipsters Empire seem to show that MJ Racing is generally pretty on the ball here.

Finally, it is worth noting that whilst this is generally a pretty low volume service, there are days where Mark and Jay may advise five or six selections. I feel that this is still pretty manageable, but for some people, that can be a lot to bet. Even with the rather modest stakes that are involved with MJ Racing.

Which of course brings me to the staking plan. Effectively, you will be advised to bet anywhere from 1 point to 2 points on a given bet. This can be a straight win bet, or 0.5 – 1 point each way. Either way, you aren’t really looking at stakes that will put too much pressure on the recommended betting bank of 150 points. For context on this, the biggest draw-down in Tipsters Empire’s proofing is about 15 points.

A big part of keeping this draw-down relatively low is a strike rate that at the time of writing stands at 25.88%. That isn’t going to put MJ Racing at the top of anybody’s list of frequent winning services, but it’s really not a bad amount at all. Especially when you look at some of the odds that are involved.

How Does MJ Racing Work?

It probably goes without saying that one of the beautiful things about MJ Racing is that you are being told exactly why a horse has been selected. This means that you can make a fully informed decision on backing a horse. More importantly, it also demonstrates that Mark and Jay actually know what they are talking about. Something that a lot of tipsters don’t necessarily do. Ultimately, this is the single most important element of how everything works.

Moving aside from this, what kind of general “broader stroke” approaches are in play? Well, in the case of Mark, he doesn’t say too much. He talks about having an interesting in horse racing that goes back to childhood and that he has taken racing and betting seriously for 9 years with a focus on higher-class racing. Honestly, I don’t find myself questioning this too much.

Then you have Jay. He is much more open about his approach to betting. We are told that he has an open mind to new ideas and a willingness to adapt to the time. He also talks about a strong work ethic, all things that MJ Racing appears to show. He talks about his involvement with Tipsters Empire in a previous juncture and the fact that he now owns his own racehorse. Once again, I see no reason to doubt any of this.

One of the things that I really like about MJ Racing is the fact that Mark and Jay are upfront about the fact that they do it to keep sharp. Effectively, having an audience following their bets and holding them accountable stops them from being complacent. Hand on heart, I have no quibble with that. Honestly, I like that what you have here are two professionals with contrasting approaches to horse racing coming together to make something bigger.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to MJ Racing, there are a host of options that Tipsters Empire have available. Each with drastically differing value and outlay. First things first, let’s talk about the “full options”. This starts with a monthly subscription which is priced at £34.99 per month. Next, there is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £87.50 every 3 months.

If you want the best value, you do have to sign up to longer subscriptions. This means a 6 month subscription at £157.50 (£26.25 per month) or a 12 month subscription which has an outlay at £279.99 (£23.33 per month).

As a final note, whilst Tipsters Empire do not offer a money back guarantee on their services, it is noteworthy that new customers can try MJ Racing out for 28 days for a one time cost of £2.99. This is a pretty generous offering and in my opinion gives you more than enough time to decide if the service is something that will work for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since proofing began for MJ Racing on the 15th of June, Tipsters Empire have recorded a profit of 199.34 points. Honestly, for some 5 months of bets, that is a bloody strong result. As, if I’m honest, is the ROI which sits at some 27.7%. It is worth considering that there has been one losing month (September) however, this this is ultimately pretty minimal reflecting a loss of some 10 points.

What is really interesting to me though is that Tipsters Empire also log the BOG on winning bets. And it is very clear to me that you could have seen substantially better returns. For example, one day in September saw a horse advised at 16/1 with 1 point each way win with BOG of 40/1. That would be a massive jump from a 19.2 points profit to 48 points. A move that incidentally, would have put September well into profit.  

Conclusion for MJ Racing

Honestly, I find it quite difficult to really explain just how much promise MJ Racing shows as a tipster service. It really is quite extraordinary how good it has been so far. And in fact, that probably best explains what arguably the biggest complaint here can be, and that is the term so far. Because in the grand scheme of things, Mark and Jay are have somewhat limited results.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt for a second their claimed experience. Because everything else demonstrates that this is likely genuine. But that doesn’t necessarily make it a done thing either. The truth is that there has been a losing month already. Now there is a lot of mitigation for this, namely that it ultimately isn’t a particularly big loss, and maintaining a long term view on betting, there will always be losing months.

Building on this point as well, the nature of MJ Racing does mean losing streaks. These aren’t necessarily substantial, but the stakes can make it seem bigger than it is. With that said, it is noteworthy that according to Tipsters Empire’s proofing the longest losing streak to date is 21 bets. This does appear to be anomalous, but it highlights that there is some risk involved.

And erm… Well, that’s about as far as I can get in terms of criticisms really. The fact is that whilst there has been that losing month, it could have easily been turned around. Elsewhere, the profit is pretty exemplary really. The ROI isn’t necessarily the highest I’ve seen, but it’s a solid number. The points profit is very impressive given the time it has been running. There is potentially an argument to be made that this has been inflated with stakes of up to 2 points per bet, but I don’t really believe that.

Where this all really starts to stand out for me though is the value that is available. Because what Tipsters Empire are asking for MJ Racing is a very reasonable amount indeed. I always consider the “average cost” of a tipster service to be between £40 and £50 per month. Any more than that and there has to be some bloody good justification for it. But here, you are being asked to pay less than that. And obviously the longer your subscription, the better the value.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t believe that Mark and Jay or Tipsters Empire have really put a foot wrong here. And probably not surprisingly, that really does make MJ Racing a very good looking proposition. Presuming you are able to, I would definitely want to take advantage of that generous trial period here. In theory, a betting bank of a few hundred quid would take you to the cost of a quarterly subscription.

Like I said earlier, the biggest criticism that I have regarding MJ Racing as it is here and now is the fact that it is still a service in its infancy. As such, if you are particularly prudent and would like to see if Mark and Jay maintain their previous results, then you might want to hang back and give it a few months. But even then, this should probably remain on your back burner.  


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