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MLS Tipster is a new to market tipster service that is being offered through the Best System Bets stable of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of tipster Des Simmons who claims some strong profits.

Introduction to MLS Tipster

One of the biggest downsides when it comes to football betting is undoubtedly the fact that there simply isn’t a huge amount of value to be had. It doesn’t matter where you look, football is just a very difficult sport to squeeze out value from. Unless of course you start to place ridiculous bets like 8 fold accas or backing Harry Maguire to score in the first 20 minutes (and not an own goal…). Ultimately, I feel like this is simply a part and parcel of football betting. But what about if there was a different way?

Today’s review subject, MLS Tipster, doesn’t directly state that there is drastically better value to be had in betting on the MLS. What Des Simmons does say in the sales material though is that bookies often get the odds wrong. Combine that with a level of knowledge that Best System Bets suggest is really quite significant and I think that you start to get a very good idea of how betting on MLS football can be an exciting and profitable venture.

Of course, there is one major consideration within all of that, and that is ultimately whether or not MLS Tipster can deliver. Here’s the bottom line. I’ve seen plenty of tipster services in my time that talk the talk. And that makes perfect sense. Best System Bets ultimately have a job to market Des Simmons in a certain light. But the fact of the matter is this, none of that matters if you can’t deliver on the results, and that is something that is a little more challenging. The question here is whether or not this an actually deliver.  

What Does MLS Tipster Offer?

Whenever it comes to more niche betting, I am always keen to see what approach a tipster will take. After all, it stands to reason that if you’re betting on something that has a narrow market, betting every single day, come rain or shine… well, it’s always interesting to see how exactly that comes about.

As it happens, MLS Tipster is a service with a very strong structure to it. Both in terms of the bets that you are placing and how Des Simmons and Best System Bets manage the service. This is all rather interesting. Especially because ultimately, as well as being structured, it is also really rather simple.

This starts with how selections are issued and that general management side of things. As is typical for pretty much any modern tipster service, selections are issued directly via email. Something that I like about MLS Tipster (whilst also being something of a point of contention that I will explore later) is that Des Simmons gives at least 24 hours notice on tips.

Because you are betting on an American sport, this gives you a very generous window to actually get bets on. It also means that you will have plenty of time to shop around and ensure that you are going to be getting the best possible odds. That is something that is going to ultimately be key if you’re going to make MLS Tipster work.

This boils down to the bet type that Des Simmons uses. But before I start getting into that too much, let’s talk about that structure of MLS Tipster. Every week, there are 5 selections that are advised. These are a more basic type of bet that you will be placing. You then also get a larger bet that involves longer odds.

Now, the 5 main bets that are advised are match odds. Effectively, you’re just betting on the winner of a game. These are much lower odds (rarely higher than evens) and as such, it is definitely worth using an odds comparison site to ensure that you’re maximising your returns. Particularly because it seems like there can be significantly better odds available doing so.

The other type of bet is a smaller accumulator. This is usually just a double or treble, but it does allow for some somewhat more modest profits. Typically speaking, you can get odds going potentially as high as 5/1. These add quite significantly to the profit potential of MLS Tipster.

In theory, all of this is very manageable. That’s only 6 bets per week, right? But something that is worth keeping in mind here is that as is the case with a lot of European football, there tends to be more football over the weekend. It isn’t a massive ask, but some people don’t necessarily like staking that much at a given time.

For my money, I don’t think this is a bad thing. What it means is that you’re only ever staking 24 points a month. As such, a 50 point bank is a very viable bank size. This is a very modest amount to get started and allows you to potentially bet more per bet. Something that definitely helps to offset those lower odds.

All of this creates quite an interesting situation wherein for MLS Tipster to really be successful, it is imperative that you are winning regularly. This would seem to be the case with Des Simmons and Best System Bets claiming that in historic years, the strike rate has ranged from 47.6%, all the way up to 61.7%. These are strong numbers, however, they are without any real evidence.

How Does MLS Tipster Work?

It is quite interesting to me that Des Simmons talks about how the bookies are so off with the odds when it comes to MLS. I can appreciate that in theory, it makes sense that they might be a bit off pace. After all, the more niche you tend to get (and let’s be honest, MLS isn’t a massive betting market in the UK), the more likely that bookies will get it wrong. But the odds that MLS Tipster bets on don’t really suggest that this is happening.

All of this implied value supposedly comes courtesy of Des Simmons having some very strong knowledge of the league. Best System Bets say in the sales material that he has lived in the US off and on for about 6 years, and that he is a “sports analyst and part-time commentator for NISA Soccer Lower League”. From there, there is a bit of waffle about how different MLS is to football in Europe and that this is what bookies don’t understand.

It makes a certain amount of sense on paper. After all, we’ve all seen what America is like. The thing is, there isn’t actually much demonstration of how this works. When you really look at what Des Simmons and Best System Bets have to say about MLS Tipster, there is very little insight into what the selection process entails and why the bets are being chosen. Honestly, based off the odds and the limited insight I have into MLS, this may as well just be betting on favourites.

Adding to this frustration is the fact that there is a really quite considerable lack of evidence or proofing. Best System Bets provide a breakdown of sorts about how MLS Tipster has performed over the last 6 years. But that’s also just really providing a list saying “this was the strike rate, this is how much profit was made”. It doesn’t count for much of anything in my mind, and it is a long way from evidence. What evidence we do get shows a week of Des Simmons’ selections and that is about it.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to MLS Tipster there are just two options available. The first of the is the option to sign up for the full season. This is priced at £32.95 (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up to the service on a lifetime subscription. This ultimately represents significantly better value at £64.95 (again, plus VAT).

As is the case with all services that Best System Bets offer, there is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place with MLS Tipster. This means that in both cases, whilst they are theoretically good value, you have to be willing to really see these through long term for that value to be applied.

What is the Rate of Return?

The main selling point for MLS Tipster is that you can expect to see in excess of £700 per month following Des Simmons’ advice. In the meantime, previous years have supposedly seen profits of between £7,600 and £11,055. All of these numbers are seemingly to £50 stakes which are what Best System Bets show in the “evidence”.

What this means in real terms are actually quite substantial. £700 to £50 stakes is some 14 points. It also puts MLS Tipster at between 152 and 221 points per season. These are really quite significant income claims given that the MLS season only actually lasts about 9 months.  

Conclusion for MLS Tipster

MLS Tipster is a very interesting service in my eyes. Put simply, I’m just not entirely sure how it all comes together. The fact is that the margins involved with the service are razor sharp. If you’re typically betting at less than evens, you really have to be on top of… well, just winning often enough to be profitable.

Now, I’ll concede the fact that the inclusion of those smaller accumulators do add something. Given the odds that are involved, you can still have losing bets and see at least some profits. But there is no denying that there remains a very fine line. Of course, all of that is fine if you’re dealing with something with a demonstrable history of achieving this.

That brings me to the incredibly apparent lack of evidence that surrounds MLS Tipster. There is very little in the way of evidence or… well, anything. There is a single week of betting that is shown. Even if you accept those results as gospel, it’s just a week. That is hardly indicative of future results. But even that involves you really buying into certain claims.

In the meantime, we’re given a series of past results that aren’t backed up by anything. It’s just somebody telling you that this is how much they’ve earned. And adding to all of this concern is the fact that you’re also only really taking Des Simmons’ word that he is knowledgeable about MLS. Sure, he seems to have the credentials. But what backs any of that up?

All of these are points that I really want to hammer home, but there are also some elements of MLS Tipster that aren’t bad. Honestly, the way that Des Simmons and Best System Bets manage this is one of the better examples I’ve seen from a tipster service that covers a US based sport. That is an unequivocal positive.

On top of that, I think that the pricing is really quite reasonable. Something that I often use as a measure of value for a service is how long it will take you to cover your subs. Honestly, at £10 stakes, I think that it’s entirely viable to make back the costs of MLS Tipster in a single week (presuming that Des Simmons delivers as claimed that is).

Despite all that, I don’t think that I would necessarily look to recommend MLS Tipster. To be clear, I don’t necessarily think that this is the worst service. There is theoretically some potential here. But if I’m honest, Best System Bets have some very mixed past results with their services. I somewhat anticipate the same thing from MLS Tipster as well.

What I think this is probably best described as is a bit of a risky punt.  There isn’t a huge amount of outlay to potentially make this work compared to some tipster services. And the outlay to get started really isn’t that significant. As such, if you are happy to take on the risk and are looking for a more niche service, this might be worth a punt. But I don’t think this will work for most people.


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