Mobile Car Valet Franchise Review

Mobile Car Valet or MCV are a company with over 25 years of experience in the car valeting industry. Franchises are currently in the UK only but there are plans to offer internationally.

The Company

Mobile Car Valet was founded in 1986 by Terry Smith who also continues to serve as the Managing Director. Mobile Car Valet is more than just a valeting service for cars claiming that they will wash anything that stays still for long enough, from ATVs to farm machinery to planes. Mobile Car Valet are a growing company with a strong franchisee retention rate. The services that Mobile Car Valet offer are targeted at both business and individuals alike in order to maximise your potential client base. Mobile Car Valet offer large areas for your to sell your services in to allow franchisees to expand their business within their region.

A Little Background

As a Mobile Car Valet franchisee you will receive a comprehensive 2 week training course during which you will be taught the ins and outs of the business. On top of this franchisees are given a helping hand in setting up their new Mobile Car Valet franchise as well as being provided with support on all manner of the business including tax accounts.


Mobile Car Valet are offering a limited reduced franchise fee of £11,995 +VAT. This represents reasonable value for money although there is no mention of what the franchise fee buys you other than the branding so I would be wary of this cost going up.

Earning Potential

Mobile Car Valet claim that it is not unreasonable for somebody to see profits of £30,000 within the first year and as much as £70,000 in the second.


Mobile Car Valet are a relatively small company although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this case. The web presence is reasonable which is where I believe that most of the potential bookings etc. would come from, as well as relying on your own marketing in your area. Most of the opportunities seem to be in the East, Wales and the South West, all of which are rural which suggests to me that the best locations have been snapped up. Given the low start up costs however and the fact that this is a franchise operation open to anybody, Mobile Car Valet may still represent a decent opportunity to some people.



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