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Momentis Review MLM

Momentis are a large and well known multi level marketing company that have previously operated in the US and Canada but are now also bringing their operations to the UK.

The Company

Momentis was founded by Andy Williams, a man with a background in multi level marketing that stretches back allegedly, for the majority of his life. Momentis was started in 2010 in Texas where it has quickly grown into a considerable multi level marketing force. Momentis provide a whole host of services in the US ranging from satellite TV to home security to water heaters. Momentis was built on the back of the deregulation of energy in the US with the UK model appearing to follow a similar structure.

The Product

The main product that Momentis push is an energy company, Green Star Energy who are actually a part of Just Energy, a US and Canada based firm that seems to have strong ties to Momentis. Green Star Energy specialise in offering fixed rate tariffs for both gas and electricity. As well as this, Momentis also provide a mobile phone service in the form of M-Mobile and an online gaming service under the M-Games brand although information is actually rather scarce about both these.

How to Apply

At present it appears that Momentis is an invite only scheme, or at least I can find no way of registering through the website. This is pretty typical for multi level marketing programs as it is in the company’s interests to ensure that they monitor who is joining and how.

Earning Potential

Facts and figures are rarely discussed by Momentis. That aside they do illustrate the multiple income streams that their system can generate from immediate bonuses for enrolling new customers to bonuses based on your teams results (upon promotion) with the standard multi level marketing style of more people making you more money.


When compared with some multi level marketing products, Momentis looks pretty reasonable. The focus seems to lie on the energy side of the business, presumably because of the strong links to Just Energy with my research indicating that Momentis may even be a marketing arm of theirs. This is reassuring as really it is a focus on the product that differentiates multi level marketing from pyramid schemes.

In the case of Momentis, there is a relatively attractive proposition but I also believe that Utility Warehouse offer a similar service with a more recognised brand.



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From: Simon Roberts