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Money Formula Review

Money Formula is a web application developed by Bruce Walker that uses marketing on mobile phones.

What does the product offer?

Bruce Walker claims that Money Formula can generate money through mobile phone marketing. The system is claimed to be built as “100% automated and hands free”. Bruce Walker claims that you can generate massive amounts of profit using his Money Formula.

How does the product work?

There is very little information about how Money Formula actually works. In fact much of the video discussing the product is based around Bruce’s alleged life story. He claims that the system comes from a mysterious benefactor, one Peter Gramache, who gave him Money Formula on a USB flash drive. It seems that the system uses affiliate marketing through mobile phones as Bruce Walker states at one point that you can “get paid whenever someone buys using their cell phone from money campaigns” and also says that Money Formula exploits a back door so that any sales on mobile devices will generate you income.

What is the initial investment?

Bruce Walker says that his system is completely free but does require a small amount of $49 for upkeep of the servers. He also says that if you wish to claim your money back for Money Formula you can do so for a 60 day period.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is where Money Formula really starts to become interesting. The claims start at $10,526 per day then move up to between $56-71,000 per week. Shortly after this the amounts go up to $30,000 plus and finally end by saying you can earn $45,000 per day.


Money Formula is a product that seems to promise a lot but provides nothing in terms of how it plans to deliver. Bruce Walker claims that the software is “hacked” into 6 billion mobile phones and also talks constantly about how “The old internet” is dead and there is something new that is replacing it. This could make some sense if there were even basic elaboration but without it I can only conclude that it is just obtuse marketing spiel with no real substance.

The simple fact is that there isn’t anything about Money Formula that really seems to have anything tangible about it. The claims of income are borderline absurd and I have no reason at all to believe them. Money Formula is something of a rarity these days in so much as it openly makes ludicrous offers that you can’t do without. In fact, during the promotional video Bruce Walker My final thoughts are that I don’t like anything about Money Formula. I think the sales pitch is patronising and lacks substance and the claimed income seems so ludicrous as to be borderline insulting.



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From: Simon Roberts