Money Magnet Review

 Money Magnet is a piece of free to access binary options by Vince Hunt. In order to get access to the software you must make a deposit with Global Trader 365.

What does the product offer?

Money Magnet is a piece of binary options trading software created by Vince Hunt. He claims that his proprietary software is able to automatically trade binary options profitably. In order to get a copy of Money Magnet you need to make a deposit through Vince Hunt’s chosen broker, in this case Global Trader 365.

How does the product work?

How Money Magnet works isn’t really explored in any detail. Vince Hunt claims that he started out by making money by figuring out ways to guarantee wins in Las Vegas casinos before ultimately being banned from them. He says that he then turned this alleged skill of exploiting systems to binary options. The resulting software is Money Magnet.

What is the initial investment?

Technically, Money Magnet is a free piece of software. In order to gain access though you do have to make a deposit through Vince Hunt’s chosen broker Global Trader 365. This will typically have a minimum deposit amount of $250.

What is the rate of return?

Vince Hunt says that by using Money Magnet users can expect profits of over $5000 in the first week with this figure rising to 6 figures within a month. He also shows a somewhat questionable bank account screenshot showing almost $16 million in the account.


If Money Magnet seems too good to be true, it is because it most likely is. It is part of an ongoing trend that pushes free binary options software that requires users to deposit with a chosen broker. The marketer will generally earn a commission from these referrals and the software provided is often unproven or there is very little evidence that it works. Money Magnet is a classic examples of this offering big time profits for little investment.

Personally I would avoid these kinds of products entirely and recommend anybody do the same.



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From: Simon Roberts