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Money Makers Code Review

Money Makers Code is a piece of binary options trading software by Anthony Gillen. It is currently free as it is in beta although you do have to use a recommended broker.

What does the product offer?

Money Makers Code is a piece of software that allows users to trade binary options with a claimed degree of success. The software is currently in beta and according to Anthony Gillen will be updated at a later date. In order to gain access you have to use an approved broker, in this case Empire Option.

How does the product work?

This is something that Anthony Gillen doesn’t touch upon at all really. In terms of how the software works, all you can really tell is that it is binary options trading and even this is only as a result of following the link to make a deposit through Empire Option.

What is the initial investment?

Anthony Gillen has made Money Makers Code available for free although this is allegedly only for 85 people whilst the product is in beta. There is also likely to be a minimum deposit with Empire Option which is likely to be between $250 and $500.

What is the rate of return?

During the sales video for Money Makers Code, Anthony Gillen constantly pushes that you should aim to make no less than $1250 per day.


Although a lack of information on the ongoing wave of free binary options products is standard fair Money Makers Code really takes it to a new level. There is literally nothing said about what the product is which I find to be a massive cause for concern and if there were any belief in the product it is shattered by this. I do not like these kinds of products as many of them show no conclusive evidence of success and generally only serve to allow the marketer to earn commission from their brokers.

I would personally be inclined to give Money Makers Code a wider berth than normal.



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From: Simon Roberts