Mozan’s Racing Numerology Review

Mozan’s Racing Numerology is a horse racing betting system provided by Steve Davidson of Winningmore. It is a self selection system that uses numerology to find selections.

What does the product offer?

The second that I saw the term numerology attached to Mozan’s Racing Numerology, I was interested. Not because I believe in numerology (very far from it), but because Steve Davison generally puts out pretty decent products. With that in mind, I was curious as to what the link was that he had find that would encourage a big name in internet marketing to attach themselves to Mozan’s Racing Numerology and the methods that it employs.

There are two different aspects to Mozan’s Racing Numerology which are a piece of software and a PDF which contains the system itself. The software is rather basic and is designed to mostly allow you to input data in to the relevant fields and ultimately, do the hard work. The construction of the software is simplistic almost to the point of fault and the design is a long way from user friendly. About the best thing I can say about it is that it works.

Having addressed the software I can no look to move onto the bulk of Mozan’s Racing Numerology which is the system itself. Whilst supposedly by Steve Davidson, the downloadable PDF that Mozan’s Racing Numerology comes with seems to be a rather shoddy scan of a book. This is evidenced by the layout which simply isn’t formatted properly (Chapters start half way down a page and there are also random blank pages included too.

The system is broken down over 80 pages which are broken down into a rather substantial number of small chapters. These cover a variety of different topics ranging from things like what numerology is to how numerology fits in with horse racing and obviously, how to use the Mozan’s Racing Numerology method to find profitable selections.

It is worth pointing out that whilst I have been referring to Mozan’s Racing Numerology as a system, there are actually 3 different approaches included in the document however these are all fundamentally based on the same principles.

How does the product work?

In order to explain how Mozan’s Racing Numerology works, I have to look at numerology a little bit. Essentially, numerology is the belief that the outcome of things can be dictated by applying numerical values to things like letters (for example A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.) as well as looking at other ideas like the alignment of the planets.

These numerical values can then be applied to situations in order to divine the best way to proceed. Mozan’s Racing Numerology uses these principles to find winning horses.

I find it interesting that Steve Davidson repeatedly refers to Mozan’s Racing Numerology as being a scientific method because from everything that I have seen, there is nothing scientific whatsoever about it. Essentially you calculate values based off the name and number of your horse and use this to identify your potential winners.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Mozan’s Racing Numerology is being given away for free however this is a very limited time offer Steve Davidson normally asks a rather eyewatering £79 for Mozan’s Racing Numerology. It is worth pointing out that there is no money back guarantee should you purchase the product. According to Steve Davidson, this is because there is no tangible product being exchanged.

What is the rate of return?

Interestingly enough, there are only two sets of results which are published for Mozan’s Racing Numerology. These are for methods one and two. Method one supposedly made a profit of 161 points in just 12 days. This allegedly makes for an ROI of 93%. Steve Davidson then goes on to say that the second method of Mozan’s Racing Numerology made a profit of 157 points, an 86% ROI. Once again, this was supposedly made in just 12 days.

I have to point out at this point that whilst these results may sound well and good, there isn’t really any proofing to back Steve Davidson up about Mozan’s Racing Numerology. This is ultimately rather disappointing as I can’t see any reason why 12 days of proofing couldn’t be published.


I honestly have no idea how to approach Mozan’s Racing Numerology. Numerology is blatantly rubbish and has been disproven many times. What makes Mozan’s Racing Numerology even more insulting to any potential bettors is that both the sales material and throughout the book that explains the system, numerology is referred to as “scientific”.

I have to be honest and say that whilst I have seen some crap in my time, numerology is amongst some of the worst. What is really worrying is that Mozan’s Racing Numerology isn’t the first product that I have looked at that claims that it is a scientific method that can predict the future. Whilst I know that some people believe in this method (and that is their prerogative) I can’t believe that somebody is selling it as a valid method of finding winning horses.

When it comes to Winningmore and Steve Davidson, I have always said that there is a massive gulf from one product to the next, however Mozan’s Racing Numerology is definitely the lowest I have ever seen. I cannot stress enough that I don’t believe for one minute that anybody will enjoy any long term betting success following this strategy.

Even having downloaded a copy for free, I feel like my time was wasted reading the manual and researching the method. Had I paid good money for it, especially with no money back guarantee in place, I would not be a happy customer.



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