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Mr Smith Review Betfan

Mr Smith is a horse racing tipster service that is funnily enough provided by “Mr Smith”. The service is provided in conjunction with the Betfan group.

What does the product offer?

Mr Smith is a brand new horse racing tipster service that has literally just been launched by Betfan following a 3 month proofing period. Unlike a lot of their latest wave of tipsters, Mr Smith (both the tipster and the service) don’t seem to be graduates of the Tipster Planet scheme. Mr Smith as a service is a generally daily tipster service with just the occasional day missed off, presumably when the tipster cannot find any decent bets. The bets themselves are mostly single bets however there are also each way and the occasional double thrown in too. Turning an eye to the numbers, Mr Smith isn’t overly selective putting out as many as seven bets each day. When combined with a staking system that maxes out at 5 points per bet, this can quickly become an expensive affair. Since its launch, Mr Smith has achieved an average strike rate of 29.4% which isn’t too shabby.

How does the product work?

According to Mr Smith, the selection process behind his selections is a “laborious and gruelling one”. He says that it can take many hours or even days to find the right bets which are in turn based on his passion, time, experience and knowledge. He is quick to distance himself from the types of claims that most tipsters put out about top secret systems or high ranking insiders which is refreshing, but unfortunately I don’t find his existing description of the selection process satisfactory.

What is the initial investment?

Mr Smith is sold on a monthly and quarterly subscription basis which come in at a cost of £49 and £98 respectively. There is no real money back guarantee in place unfortunately as Betfan do state that they do not generally offer refunds however they will review requests.

What is the rate of return?

Since it launched in April, Mr Smith has achieved a very respectable income of 554.72 points of profit however this is based around the high staking plan. To level stakes, it has produced a much more modest 146.72 (although over the 3 month proofing period this would have still meant 46.12 points per month on average.


Mr Smith is a new service and as such, one has to approach it with a small degree of cynicism. The fact is though that the initial proofing has been exceptional and whilst July isn’t currently meeting the lofty heights set by earlier months, it is still in the black. For my money, Mr Smith is a little expensive and this is what would ultimately put me off (almost £60 per month when VAT is applied) which if you are being conservative is a lot to cover. Even if money isn’t the objection, I would be inclined to put Mr Smith down on my watch list rather than jumping straight in as a proofing period is not always indicative of future performance.



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