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Multi Attack (seemingly stylised as Multi A++ack) is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Punthub stable of tipsters. It claims to provide big wins, whilst maintaining the bank between them.

Introduction to Multi Attack

As is the way with services from the Punthub tipster group, there is both plenty of information, and very little information surrounding Multi Attack. Wat is available is factual and numbes based and I very much like this. As a punter, it means that I can look at this data and extrapolate from it in such a fashion that I can manage expectations.

This is a good thing and an area where many tipster services let themselves down. On the other side, we are told almost nothing about the service and how things operate in the background. As I will explore, this is not such a good thing. What is important however is the fact that Multi Attack has produced a profit, and if you look at the whole picture, there is potentially some value to be had here.

With this in mind, let’s look at Multi Attack and see whether it has a place in your portfolio or not.

What Does Multi Attack Offer?

Multi Attack is a near daily horse racing tipster service and as such, the logistical approach is very much in line with what you would expect from this. What this means is that every day that selections are available, Punthub will notify subscribers via email.

These are typically sent out on the morning of racing and contain all of the information that is required to place the bets. This is particularly important with Multi Attack because as I will cover, whilst the approach is straightforward, the betting does include a lot of variety.

Multi Attack is based entirely around betting on accumulators, albeit smaller examples.

For example, the  proofing from Punthub shows 2 horses being recommended on a given day. These are backed as each way (or win bets) individually, as well as an each way (or win) double. When there are three horses, these are advised as Trixies. By and large, the days with just two bets will focus on longer individual odds whilst the Trixies advised through Multi Attack tend to involve horses with much shorter odds.

In terms of a staking plan for Multi Attack, it is recommended that all bets are backed to 1 point stakes . Rather interestingly and somewhat uniquesly, this seemingly applies across the board. What this effectively means (and Punthub’s proofing highlights this) is that you will typically stake 3 points on win bets, 4 points on Trixies (1 point on each double and one on the treble) and 6 points on each way bets.

Effectively this means that you are staking 1 point each way with Multi Attack. This is very different to most staking plans I have looked at before now.

Finally I want to talk about the strike rate, because this is a surprisingly high number. Of 166 bets that were advised through Multi Attack, Punthub’s proofing shows that 54 of them won. This means that in theory, the strike rate stands at a massively impressive 32.5%. Don’t forget, this is a service that is based around accumulators. What is important to keep in mind however that because of the stakes, a win for Multi Attack may mean just 0.2 points of profit for that day.

How Does Multi Attack Work?

There are two things that need to be addressed when talking about how Multi Attack works. The first one that I want to talk about is the core premise. This is the idea behind the service and fundamentally, I have already summed this up.

It is the idea that by betting on smaller accumulators, you are able to keep your betting bank topped up with smaller wins (which is where the strike rate comes in). Whilst this all happens, you are ultimately waiting for the big wins which happen when a full Trixie or a high odds double comes in. This approach to betting is well documented not just in Multi Attack, but other services.

The other thing that I want to address is the lack of information that surrounds the selection process. Whilst I can understand the theory behind Multi Attack as a service, I would have liked to have some understanding that the tipster behind everything does have some idea of what they are doing. Now, there are some mitigating factors here, namely Punthub’s comprehensive proofing over 5 months and a decent strike rate. But honestly, I would still like to buy a service knowing that there is method to everything and being able to understand what that is.

What is the Initial Investment?

In terms of the costs, Punthub have two options which are available for Multi Attack. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £20 per month. Alternatively, there is slightly better value in signing up for Multi Attack on a quarterly basis at a cost of £50 per quarter. It is important to note that whichever option you decide on, payment is handled directly via Paypal and there is no money back guarantee in place. There is however a trial available with your first month costing just £10.

What is the Rate of Return?

By the time proofing ends for Multi Attack, the service shows a profit of 144.95 points. Given that this is over 7 months of betting, you can argue that this isn’t a bad result. It is however just a small piece of the overall picture with the proofing from Punthub showing some quite substantial losing periods. This is reflected in an overall ROI of 23.25% according to the sales material for Multi Attack.

Conclusion on the Multi Attack Service

The approach to betting that Multi Attack has isn’t going to be something that is well suited to everybody. This is a tipster service that will feature quite long periods of sitting around and waiting for wins to come in. Whilst I can accept that the tipster behind the service has opted for multiple bets in order to try and keep things ticking over (rather than purely relying on the bigger accumulators), you can still lose a fair amount of money.

This is something that is evidenced when you look at a breakdown of the results which show losing months of 12.32 points and 19.57 points respectively. Furthermore, there are months when the profit has been just 0.2 points and 2.05 points.

To £10 stakes, that would mean that 4 months, you would have covered your subscription fee and one of those only just scrapes by. Whilst it sounds like I am being negative, Multi Attack has also had winning months of 96.32 points and 43.73 points.

Multi Attack is a service that requires a disciplined betting approach and a willingness to lose money until those big wins come in. When they do, you are inevitably rewarded, but that “when” always has to be at the back of your mind.

One of the standout things for me a bout Multi Attack is the value for money. I know tipsters with a similar premise are on the market. These may make more money that Punthub’s offering, however they are more than twice the price. This presents for a very decent package that I can really see the value of. Especially if you sing up for the quarter.

I know that I opened my conclusion by saying that Multi Attack wouldn’t be for everybody, and I stand by that. Disciplined betting is a must have for this service. But I can see it being well suited as a starting tipster service for those who want to test themselves. It has all the hallmarks of what following a tipster service entails.

The managing a betting bank, keeping your cool through choppy waters, and of course the thrill of massive pay days. It does all this as well for a very small amount of money.

If you are a more serious bettor, then I think that there are probably better suited services for you. But if you are starting out and are looking for a service that can really ease you in to what to expect, I don’t see the point in paying more for it than you have to, and that is where Punthub shines.


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