Multi Bets Software Review

Multi Bets Software is a new piece of software which is being offered through Steve Davidson of Winningmore. The software is however based on a staking formula which was originally developed by John Pringle.

Introduction to Multi Bets Software

Steve Davidson is an interesting character in so much as his products are arguably amongst the most varied in terms of the entire betting niche. This doesn’t just refer to a man who puts out services across multiple sports.

Frankly, this would be straight forward for Winningmore. It doesn’t even refer to the sometimes incredibly eclectic types of products that are released.

For Steve Davidson, it is somewhere in the middle and honestly, I have to respect the guys tenacity. Working with partners from across the world, I have seen products that show you how to find football bets, how to predict the top horse racing trades on an exchange and software that appears to be little more than a staking plan.

Multi Bets Software is somewhere slap bang in the middle of all of this which makes it a curiosity in and of itself. What really stands out for me however, is the claim that John Pringle’s system can outperform Dutching.

What Does Multi Bets Software Offer?

As is often the case with products from Winningmore and Steve Davidson, Multi Bets Software has something of a multi pronged approach.

This means that you are actually getting a product which is ultimately made up of a number of different aspects.

Sometimes these tie in with one another more clearly than others and in the case of Multi Bets Software, there is a strong link between products. Naturally the focus will be on Multi Bets Software, however I do feel that it is only fair to discuss the other elements that make the product a complete package.

Multi Bets ReviewFirst things first there is of course Multi Bets Software. Now at its core, this is a staking plan, albeit a pretty complex one. I will talk about the ins and outs of the approach below, but essentially, it allows you bet in such a way that you are minimising your risk whilst maximising your returns.

This is undoubtedly the main appeal of Multi Bets Software and it is also where that claim about outperforming dutching comes into play.

Multi Bets Software comes in the form of a piece of online software, something that Steve Davidson is keen to point out means you can use it anywhere. The user interface is rather clunky and sometimes a tad confusing as is often the way with products from Winningmore.

Once you have it all down however, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using Multi Bets Software day to day.

It probably goes without saying that when you have a new staking plan that you wish to implement, you need training to go with it. Steve Davidson provides this in spades for Multi Bets Software and as you would expect from Winningmore, this is all pretty well put together (although you may want to go through everything a few times here).

The final thing that I want to talk about that comes with Multi Bets Software is referred to as the Dominator Plan. This is a selection plan which John Pringle says that he personally uses and has enjoyed success with.

It is designed for horse racing and will allow you to identify multiple bets on the same race. This approach is key to Multi Bets Software as I will explore.

How Does Multi Bets Software Work?

In order to understand Multi Bets Software, you have to understand John Pringle a little. He says that he has been betting for a long time with his dad and he both owning race horses over the years.

This is implied to be down to the Multi Bets Software method which is in turn based on the idea that the winning horse is usually in the top five horses. Using this as a founding principle, John Pringle says that he set out to profit by backing 2 or 3 horses per race.

Here is what the author states on the product:


In order to make this profitable, your initial betting bank is split into 3 betting banks. Your first bets are taken from your first betting bank. If you start to encounter losses, after a certain number, you bet from your second betting bank in order to make up for losses.

This continues until you eventually end up dipping into your third betting bank. If I am honest, this is a bit of a gross oversimplification of things and I would recommend looking at the Multi Bets Software website. Steve Davidson has a video there in which he provides an example that better demonstrates this.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options if you wish to get access to Multi Bets Software (as well as receive the Dominator Plan so that you can find relevant bets). The first of these is to sign up for a lifetime access. This is currently priced at £29.95 which is a 50% saving on the full retail price of £59.95.

In my experience with Steve Davidson, these are usually very genuine limited access so if you are interested it is best to get in now. Alternatively, you can pay £19.97 for 12 months of access to Multi Bets Software. This can then be renewed again once a year has elapsed.

It is worth noting that Steve Davidson doesn’t typically offer refunds on his products and whilst it isn’t explicitly stated, I would expect Multi Bets Software to be the same.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a few examples provided of the income potential of Multi Bets Software. These are somewhat varied, but the main one that Steve Davidson highlights reads as follows:

“Just take 120 pounds, euros or dollars and see what you can achieve! Starting with a bank of only 120 you can double it in 5 days! Then [when] you [sic] bank is 750 you can deliver a profit of over 100 a day..everyday!

This is a hell of a claim, however I am not entirely convinced that these results are necessarily going to be attainable for most users. As is often the case with products from Winningmore, a lot of what you can achieve is based on theoretical numbers.

Conclusion on Multi Bets Software

I don’t think that Multi Bets Software is bad, as far as these things go. It appears to be a genuinely quite well put together staking plan and all credit has to go to John Pringle in this regard.

Of course as John talks about in an interview with Steve Davidson, he does say that ultimately the quality of the staking plan depends on your ability to identify the right horses, however this can be applied to any type of betting.

I also want to address the claim made about Multi Bets Software being better than dutching. I don’t think that it is, although truth be told, there is a lot of difference between the two betting strategies which make a direct comparison difficult.

Dutching is about guaranteeing profits on a race, whereas Multi Bets Software, if followed properly, guarantees a profit over a day or a week.

I feel like it is worth reiterating the point that Multi Bets Software is a good staking system. The Dominator Plan is a decent complement to the main service, and put them together. I can see you making some money.

Ultimately, I feel that Multi Bets Software isn’t let down by the content or the quality, but the marketing. Steve Davidson and Winningmore have often had a format that promises a lot of potential and products that don’t deliver on that.

If you come into Multi Bets Software with downplayed expectations, I think that you will be pleasantly surprised here.

If you are looking for £100 per day, every day, I don’t believe that this system is for you.


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