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Multiple Magic is a new tipster service which has been launched by the Betfan group. It claims to be able to produce a strong profit for subscribers by taking advantage of multiple bets.

Introduction to Multiple Magic

I have said many times before now that simply a decent headline can really draw me into a tipster service. Sometimes, it is almost as though Betfan live to make my dreams come true, because according to them, magic is in the air with Multiple Magic.

About as cheesy a headline as you could get for a service named Multiple Magic. And yet, beneath this magnificence is a tipster service that has pulled in some quite astonishing results since proofing began earlier in the year.

Now, I will say here and now that Multiple Magic is one of those tipster services that is definitely polarising. It won’t suit everybody by any stretch of the imagination, and yet, it has made more in less than a year, than some tipsters would make in three. With this in mind, I want to dive deep into Multiple Magic and see whether it is really magic or a risky business.

What Does Multiple Magic Offer?

Multiple Magic is offered through the Betfan group and this means that it comes with certain standards, particularly in terms of operations. This is a very good thing. As such, it means that subscribers can expect to receive selections on a near daily basis (with the odd exceptions). These are sent out via email as you would expect, and they are also uploaded to a special Multiple Magic member’s area on the Betfan website. The quality of these emails is also of a professional standard.

Moving on to the bets themselves is like moving on to the main event, because Multiple Magic dos it all. Whilst there are more standard win and each way bets, Multiple Magic really comes into its own based around the multiple bet markets (hence the name). Most days will see one variant or another of an Trixie bet, a Patent bet, or a Yankee bet.

Whilst this does mean that Multiple Magic is technically a low volume tipster service, you are placing multiple bets per day. Naturally, this does spread out the risk somewhat, although this is a topic that I want to return to later.

In terms of the staking plan that is in place, Multiple Magic is actually pretty sensible. By and large, you will never be staking more than 5.5 points on a given bet and that is on a Yankee. Given that a Yankee is effectively made up of  11 bets, this means placing half a point on each. This is all pretty sensible and by and will by and large protect your betting bank from too much in the way of exposure.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for the service. I will hold my hands up and say that having looked at the structure of Multiple Magic, I was expecting this to be particularly low. The proofing from Betfan puts this at 17.22%. Now I will hold my hands up and say that this is pretty far from brilliant, however given the wider nature of Multiple Magic, I don’t think that it is a bad result at all.

How Does Multiple Magic Work?

The fundamental idea behind Multiple Magic is one that I have seen many times before now. You don’t have to win often, because when you do, you will win very big. This applies not just to some of the multiple bet types, but even the straight win and each way bets favour horses with longer odds. Now, this is all well and good, however there is one element missing from Multiple Magic which I find to be frustrating.

Essentially, at no point is the selection process really discussed. In the sales material for Multiple Magic, Betfan say that the tipster behind the service has many years of professional betting experience.

They also say that they are extremely confident of “regular handsome profits” form their preferred betting style. The problem that I have here is that it doesn’t really offer insight into why certain selections are made. This becomes problematic during those long spells where “regular handsome profits” aren’t happening, as you bank spends a lot of time stagnating and dwindling.

What is the Initial Investment?

Betfan offer just two options for those who want to subscribe to Multiple Magic. The first of these is a 28 day subscription. This is priced at £45 plus VAT. I feel that it is important to highlight the difference here between a 28 day and a monthly subscription. Essentially, the 28 day subscription is paid 13 times over the courses of a year. Representing significantly better value, you can sign up to Multiple Magic for £60 for 90 days, however this is referred to as a limited time offer.

What is the Rate of Return?

The main draw for Multiple Magic is undoubtedly the profitability of the service. Since launching, there has been a points profit of 759.40 points. This is a monumental amount of profit for less than 12 months, however I don’t believe that it paints a full picture. Nor does the equally as impressive ROI of 76.94%. Almost the entirety of the profits demonstrated by Multiple Magic have come from 2 winning multiples. The first of these was in February where a profit 403.54 points was made on a Trixie. More recently, a Yankee in October r made 466.5 points of profit.

Conclusion on Multiple Magic

I have looked at a lot of services in a similar vein to Multiple Magic before now and they are a very mixed proposition. It goes without saying that there is plenty of profit that can be made. This has happened twice here, albeit with quite a large gap between them. This isn’t going to be something that will work for everybody and for those who don’t like the setup, it is a more than justified position.

This brings me to talking a little about Multiple Magic as a wider product. More than half of the months have been losing months. These aren’t necessarily huge losses individually, but as I will explore it can add up. Furthermore, I think that it is fair to say that a loss is a loss, and when you factor in subscription costs, they are only enhanced.  At this point, it becomes a question of how willing you are to take on board these losses for the big wins.

Now I do want to credit Multiple Magic to some degree and say that the staking plan and the approach that is in place is definitely better than some examples that I have seen. There is a clear effort to mitigate loss and the fact that you are betting on multiple bets means that there is always a chance that you will still get moderate wins coming in, however this does seem to be quite a small chance.

One of the big things that does need to be addressed is the value for money side of things. Multiple Magic is quite pricey, and as always with products from the Betfan group, you will potentially be paying this quite often. If you are able to get the limited time offer that is available, then it will put you in a much stronger position, however even then, I am not convinced. The fact of the matter is that the longer term results just don’t really lend themselves to this.

As is often the case with products like Multiple Magic, the problem that I have is that you can spend a hell of a lot of money waiting for a profitable win.

This is clearly demonstrated in the proofing that Betfan provide for Multiple Magic. Between the big win in mid February and a big win in mid October, the service ultimately lost 150 points. Since October, there has been yet another consistent losing period to Multiple Magic. For me, this just isn’t a financially stable opportunity. If you can afford to fund losing bets, then there might be something here.

But I believe that most people reading this will be looking for a much more consistent tipster service.


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