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My Lucky 15 is a sports betting tipster service that specialises in providing various sport selections. It is operated by Martin and provided through the Betfan Group.

What does Lucky 15 offer?

My Lucky 15 is rather different to most sports betting services as the creator Martin puts the focus firmly on long shot bets that pay big when they come in. This is down to the volume of bets that are placed and also the types of bets (something that I shall look at below). Whilst the majority of bets that My Lucky 15 covers will be a combination of obscure and more well known football leagues and cups (which are mostly around Europe however there will be the occasional global game), Martin does say that they can be for any sport. It is worth noting at this point that because of the nature of My Lucky 15, Martin says that bets will not be available daily however they typically are. Unfortunately there is no strike rate provided for My Lucky 15 however it is worth noting that 50% of months have seen a profit.

How does the product work?

My Lucky 15 is named for the types of bets that you will be placing. Each day Martin sends out 4 bets which are to be backed as a Lucky 15 which involves 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold. This means that whilst staking is pretty high, when My Lucky 15 picks a winner it can be truly exceptional (one result earned a profit of almost 230 points from a single Lucky 15).

What is the initial investment?

Because of the nature of My Lucky 15 (and the fact that it is a longer running Betfan tipster service), it is relatively cheap. A monthly subscription costs you £19.99 whilst a full quarter is a still reasonable £39.99. There is no money back guarantee as such with My Lucky 15 being a Betfan product however their usual statement that they will review requests applies.

What is the rate of return on Lucky 15?

Over the last 4 years My Lucky 15 has produced an overall profit of 444.16 points with the number peaking at 722 points. So far for 2015 Martin’s selections have made 47.23 points of profit.


My Lucky 15 is long running and this helps in so much as it is possible to get a much broader view of how the service has performed. Ultimately, it is in profit but the fact is that My Lucky 15 is an expensive hobby to maintain as you will lose a lot before the wins boost your bank balance. For example, this month alone (April 2015), My Lucky 15 has lost 51.57 points which at a tenner a go is not an inconsiderable sum. That having been said, March saw bets come in that made almost 66 points and nearly 89 points which are massive wins. This means that you really have to be in My Lucky 15 for the long haul and you do need a big betting bank. The fact is that My Lucky 15 isn’t suited for steady income but if you love the buzz of big bets coming in then it is worth a look.


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My Lucky 15 Review Betfan
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