My Post Magic Review

My Post Magic is a WordPress plugin from Jeff Long that allows you to create customised adverts over YouTube videos on Facebook.

What does the product offer?

My Post Magic comes with the product itself which as mentioned is a WordPress plugin. It is relatively simple to use and integrates nicely Facebook without any problem. Jeff Long also provides training on using the plugin in video form. These instructions are again, simple and easy to follow. You can create your own video content for My Post Magic or use any video that is currently hosted on YouTube.

How does the product work?

By using My Post Magic, you can set a timer as to when your “advert” will pop up during the YouTube video. When it does appear you can prompt for information such as an email address. Although it works with anything you would ideally use My Post Magic as a method of capturing email addresses there and then for your own product or affiliate product. This would work well as people are being prompted whilst viewing the product itself which means that their interest in it remains consistent throughout.

What is the initial investment?

There is a free version of My Post Magic although at the time of writing this there does seem to be some issues in signing up. If you do sign up there is an up-sell to a premium version that costs $97 per month or $497 for a lifetime membership. Unfortunately there were no details about what you get for your money.

What is the rate of return?

As My Post Magic is a marketing tool and not a direct money making product it is difficult to say how much you can expect to earn.


My Post Magic is a great idea in theory. Unfortunately the execution is a little questionable and it doesn’t always seem to do what it is meant to. There are other issues that I have as well such as the pop up ad that prompts for emails being rather jarring and not organic to either the Facebook or YouTube interface, something that I would expect really. It is also worth noting that to get My Post Magic to work for you have to have an existing traffic source.

This won’t work for you if you are just starting out. All in all, My Post Magic isn’t terrible, but it does have some teething problems that need to be addressed before it is really worthwhile using.



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