My Weekly Winners Review

My Weekly Winners is a new horse racing tipster service that is operated by Chris Mason and the Back Place Win Team. It is a service that according to the sales material is able to generate a consistent and continual profit for subscribers.

What does the product offer?

What is interesting about My Weekly Winners in my opinion is that the number of emails that I have received for the service seems to be somewhat at odds with the product as a whole. This seems to be at least in part down to the fact that My Weekly Winners appears to be the current affiliate marketing carousel darling. This means that everywhere I look in my inbox, I am being told about the service. In turn, this leads me to investigate it, no matter how much (or as the case realistically is, how little) there is.

So what can you expect from My Weekly Winners? It is actually a relatively straight forward tipster service which offers subscribers a number of daily horse racing tips. These bets are sent out on a daily basis, typically before 9am on the morning. The bets themselves are all straight forward win bets (despite the fact that My Weekly Winners is offered by Back Place Win).

One of the ways in which My Weekly Winners does open up is the breadth of odds that you will be backing, from 1.2 on a given day to 14.5 later that same afternoon (odds to BSP). In terms of the volume of these bets, My Weekly Winners definitely falls at the lower end of the scale and rarely exceeds around 6 bets in a day. Despite this occasionally somewhat high number, My Weekly Winners averages just 55 bets per month.

In terms of the numbers, it is recommended that subscribers of My Weekly Winners use a level staking plan with 1 point per bet recommended. In terms of the strike rate, Chris Mason and the Back Place Win Team claim that on average this is 38.11% (250 winners out of 656 bets) which sounds reasonable (proofing is provided however it is a very dense spreadsheet.

How does the product work?

Very disappointingly, Chris Mason and the Back Place Win Team provide no information whatsoever about what the selection process for My Weekly Winners entails. Despite my best efforts, I have been unbale to even glean any information from the proofing that is provided. There is seemingly very little rhyme or reason to My Weekly Winners  unfortunately.

Given that My Weekly Winners has supposedly been proofed for a year and the website has been registered since mid 2016, I would expect Chris Mason to have found some way to offer insight. I would never expect any tipster to give away exactly how they find bets, however I do feel that My Weekly Winners would benefit from at least some explanation as to how horses are found.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, My Weekly Winners is being offered on a 14 day free trial. This doesn’t involve giving any card details and only requires an email address. Once this has elapsed, Chris Mason is asking for £7 per week. Payment for this is handled via Clickbank which means that whilst it isn’t mentioned, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

In a 12 month period, Chris Mason says that My Weekly Winners generated a profit of £1,433.38 (this is following a 5% deduction which would be the costs of your commission to Betfair) to £10 bets. This represent 143.34 points of profit. Given that Chris Mason and the My Weekly Winners team base this number on Betfair however, it seems conceivable that you could easily increase this number by taking advantage of best odds guaranteed.


On the face of things, My Weekly Winners looks like a sure fire thing. Chris Mason says that the service has produced a consistent profit for 2016 with no losing months at all This is definitely an impressive feat, however for a number of reasons I feel like there is some evidence to suggest that these results may not be entirely accurate.

First of all, whilst Chris Mason keeps proofing for My Weekly Winners, and this certainly isn’t a bad thing, this is entirely independent and not proofed to an external source. With a simple downloadable spreadsheet, it is entirely feasible that the results have been based on back testing of a system. I feel like this is a particularly valid point given that whilst the Black Place Win website was registered all the way back in May of 2016 (anonymously, naturally).

This is all interesting to me as I am certain that I have actually looked at products with the exact same template as My Weekly Winners and these have historically failed to deliver on their promises. There are a few things that are in keeping with this ranging from a service that is presented as low risk and with full proofing, however there are never details of how the service really finds winning selections, all things that are in common with some of the questionable services I have seen before now.

All things considered however, I think that if you approach My Weekly Winners with the right kind of attitude then it might be worth a punt. Considering that you get a 14 day trial to see if it is worth your time and effort (I am not certain it would be) and the costs are only £7 per week, with a 60 day money back guarantee, I can see how My Weekly Winners might be worth a gamble to some people. It just isn’t one that is worthwhile to me if I’m honest.



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From: Simon Roberts