MyiBets Review

MyiBets is a new horse racing product created by Jack Sherwood that is supposedly able to consistently pick winning bets for users. At the time of writing, the service is operating solely as a tipster service.

What does the product offer?

Every now and then, something comes along that catches my eye, whether that is for positive reasons or (much more frequently) negative. Ideally speaking, MyiBets should fall into this former category with Jack Sherwood making claims that aren’t just bold, but are almost revolutionary in terms of what a tipster service offers. Unfortunately, I have a significant number of doubts about just how genuine the service is.

In terms of what you are actually getting, MyiBets is a tipster service that should be providing selections on a daily basis (based off what Jack Sherwood says). Selections are sent out on the day of the racing, via email, typically between 11am and 12pm. Almost all bets that are advised through MyiBets are to be backed as straight win bets, however there will also be some each way bets t place as well.

As a service, Jack Sherwood says that users can typically expect to receive around 4 selections per day. There will however be days where MyiBets finds no selections at all, likewise, there are days when you can expect to have to back as many as 8 bets. One thing that is interesting to note is that Jack Sherwood says that when you subscribe to MyiBets, you may only end up receiving his selections for 120 days.

In terms of the numbers, there is a disappointing lack of information available for MyiBets. There is a staking plan in place which involves staking between 1-3 points per bet (however you are simply told what to stake on the selections email). In terms of any strike rate, there are no claims made which is rather disappointing. More disappointing about MyiBets is that Jack Sherwood doesn’t provide any proofing at all for the service which means that you can’t even calculate this figure.

Because the selections that MyiBets identifies come from a piece of software, users will also eventually get the chance to claim their own version. This is something that I have a number of doubts about however as I will explore below.

How does the product work?

In terms of how MyiBets supposedly works, there is quite a lot to process (something that I suspect Jack Sherwood has done in order to obfuscate and confuse rather than as a result of any genuine mistake). Essentially, selections come courtesy of a computer programme which has been developed by Jack Sherwood in conjunction with an unnamed computer programme. This software is referred to as a “Data Crunching Race Analysis Machine” and supposedly takes the approach that Jack Sherwood has always used for horse racing and simply automates it.

Once again, there isn’t really any information on quite what this entails however there is a claim that over 100 different pieces of information are analysed before a race. This supposedly includes some very obvious thing such as whether a horse or jockey have won at a course/distance before.

As I have briefly touched upon, the tips side of MyiBets is just one piece of the puJack Sherwoodle. Ultimately, you will be able to make money as a backer of MyiBets (supposedly). Jack Sherwood says that when you purchase access to selections, you actually become something of a venture capitalist. This means that when he starts selling MyiBets as a piece of software, you can supposedly expect to see returns on this profit too.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, MyiBets is being offered for a one time cost of £50 which buys you not just selections, but also the longer term investment rewards that I have mentioned before now. This is currently the only option however there is a suggestion that later on when just the software is available, you will have to pay a rather heavy premium for access. It is also advised that you have a 50 point betting bank by Jack Sherwood in order to follow his selections.

There is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place for MyiBets however this is something that is only mentioned in passing. Fortunately this is backed up by Clickbank as payment for the service is handled by them.

What is the rate of return?

Jack Sherwood claims that MyiBets made a profit of £2,147.80 in just a 90 day period, all using £10 stakes. This means a claimed points profit of 214.78 or around 70 points per month. Without any proofing however I am not particularly inclined to believe these results. This is something that is compounded by the fact that Jack Sherwood provides no evidence at all to back the income claims for MyiBets.

This isn’t however the final word in terms of your rate of return. If you buy into the spiel about the long term goals of MyiBets, this is a product that will continue to pay out in the future irrespective of whether or not you are betting. Jack Sherwood says that once the software behind MyiBets is fully established, he will sell it on for an undisclosed monthly amount. Any profit that comes from this, you will be entitled to 1% of as you are an early investor. Once again, I am doubtful that MyiBets will be around long enough for this to happen.


There are two main claims surrounding MyiBets that I think need to be addressed, and as they are so far from one another, I will look to address them separately before looking at MyiBets as a whole.

The first thing is the tipster service. This comes with a large number of claims, many of which I find to be not nearly adequately substantiated, if at all. In fact most of the marketing techniques that Jack Sherwood utilises for MyiBets are very familiar to me (unfortunately from looking at a number of questionable tipster services before). These include a massively unsubstantiated narrative which is very impressive sounding but seemingly has no real foundation.

For example, in the sales material for MyiBets, Jack Sherwood says that he has “multiple computers running on a linked network” with three screens displaying data. Whilst I am far from a computer engineer, I do have a firm understanding of what technology is capable of. Given the description that he gives of MyiBets, the setup described is very far removed from a piece of software that any reasonable spec computer should be able to run.

Even if you take all of this as gospel however, it is difficult to ignore the fact that there is simply nothing that suggests that the results that are claimed are real. Given that Jack Sherwood has been running the software behind MyiBets for 3 months and he plans to market it as a product in its own rights, results should be kept. If the results are as positive as claimed, I see no reason why he would fail to include these.

The next thing that I wish to address is the longer term investment and the suggestion that you can get a return on later sales profits. It is interesting to note that at one point, Jack Sherwood says that MyiBets is guaranteed to be operational for at least 120 days. This to me strongly implies that the tipster service will go down, and based off historic evidence of services that “pop up” in the way that MyiBets has (that is to say heavily marketed by affiliates).

I could talk at length about the reasons that I am suspect of these claims however they are rather dreary and could well take up another thousand words. To summarise, there is no contractually offering, I have strong reason that suspect that within 6 months MyiBets will no longer be operational (with Jack Sherwood long gone) and finally there isn’t even a product at this time that is marketable per se.

There is a hell of a lot wrong with MyiBets. More than I have seen from a product for a considerable amount of time (although in what little fairness one can give to Jack Sherwood, this is mostly down to the volume of claims that he makes). The fact is that I can see how the marketing for MyiBets really can bring in those who are perhaps looking for a quick and easy cash inlet. There is a promise of short term gains and long term financial stability and there is no denying that these are attractive traits.

With nothing to back them up however, I see only empty promises. It is interesting and worth some consideration how much effort Jack Sherwood puts into the long term prospects of MyiBets as this kind of approach is sometimes used to stop people taking advantage of their money back guarantee. Obviously, I am not saying that this is the case, however it is something to bear in mind and that I have seen before.

Taking all of this into account, I can’t really see anything about MyiBets that warrants the investment. I would personally be very cautious about spending anything as I have a feeling that you are unlikely to see any of the returns claimed, both short and long term. It is often said that you get what you pay for and nowhere is this more immediately apparent than MyiBets.




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I bought it, he broke the suggested 50 pt bank within 10 days(I asked him whether it’s a laying software, got no reply) Interestingly though, after hitting the rock bottom of -77 points it quickly recovered to -28 pts where it is today. He obviously changed the selection process because there are no longer odds on favs or 3pt bets. Now I don’t know if I should ask for a refund, because it would be pretty good if it kept going like this.

Hi John

I bought it too, and all I shall say is, its a rip off, if you are within your 60 day guarantee I would definitely get your money back, as it is too late for me now.
I wouldn’t want any one else to get ripped off by this guy because after a certain point which probably would be the 120 day point he stops sending out the tips, and when you email him which I have a number of times, you get no reply.

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From: Simon Roberts