Nap Checker Review

Nap Checker is a rather unique but long standing betting tool that can help bettors to leverage free tips in newspapers to generate a profit. The service is offered by Sporting Sites Worldwide.

Introduction to Nap Checker

Rather unusually, I am very excited for today’s review. Now there are several reasons for this. First things first, I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen anything quite like the service that is on offer here. That isn’t something that happens very often at all. But more importantly than this, I believe that what you are getting access to here is a tool that really opens up betting to a lot of people. And it’s free (sort of).

That is a rather glowing start to a review, I know. But Nap Checker may well be the first service I’ve seen for some time that warrants it. Sure, there have been profitable betting systems and services, there have been interesting approaches, but never anything that is quite like this. And the icing on the cake is the fact that it is operated by Sporting Sites Worldwide. They may not necessarily be a name that you recognise, but the nature of what they do means most punters won’t know them.

Napchecker-review-imageWith all of that said, I will say that this isn’t necessarily a flawless user experience. There are some elements that aren’t necessarily ideal. But they are things that can be overcome and forgiven I believe. So, with all of that said, let’s look at what exactly Sporting Sites Worldwide are doing with Nap Checker, and see if it is worth the investment of your time.

What Does Nap Checker Offer?

There is a hell of a lot that is on offer with Nap Checker. And that makes it rather difficult to know where to start. As such, I am going to start by repeating myself a little and talking about Nap Checker in its most simplistic terms. Because I feel like once you establish the framework of what Sporting Sites Worldwide are doing here, it starts to come together.

So, what they effectively do is compile information on tips that newspapers offer. Now, I know that’s seemingly a bit old school. If I’m honest, most of the younger bettors that I know aren’t nipping down to their local shop to get The Racing Post or even buying newspapers full stop. But those of you who are of the old school will be all too familiar with these tips.

Now you’d expect that newspapers would be employing the best of the best, right? After all, they have the resources and the clout. But often times, the results are a very mixed bag. So, how do you know which advice is worth following? Well, this is where Nap Checker comes into it all. And honestly, it is an invaluable tool in filtering this information.

One of the key features that Sporting Sites Worldwide have built into their service is a simple overview of today’s racing. You simply pick a race and a time, and you can see which horses have been tipped and by whom. For my money, this is one of the simplest ways that you can utilise Nap Checker, and if you are just getting started, it’s an attractive option. Because it’s not an unreasonable deduction that the more a horse is tipped, the more likely it is to win.

As well as showing who has tipped which horse, Nap Checker also includes some basic information on odds. Now, Sporting Sites Worldwide aren’t running Oddschecker. This insight is a long way from comprehensive, but it covers a few different bookies and quickly allows you to see where you can get the best odds for that bet, as well as which bookies cover BOG.

In and of itself, that is a decent little service that is being provided there. And I think that it carries the potential to help you gain that little bit of extra insight. Will this element of Nap Checker make you rich? Probably not. But if you’re clueless about horse racing and are looking for a starting point that doesn’t cost you, you could do much worse.

But Sporting Sites Worldwide have built so much more into this. For example, you can view results of these newspaper tipsters over the last 30 days, 90 days, and 360 days. So you can then start to apply additional weight to those tipsters when you’re looking at who has tipped what. You can view their profit and loss through Nap Checker to 9am prices, SP, and BSP. This means you can see which tipsters have prices that shorten the most. It’s all fascinating stuff.

All of that is of course provided for free, but Nap Checker does come with some paid options. These allow you to have much greater insight into the data of these newspaper tipsters. This ranges from a “black book” that allows you to add horses that you want to follow, to graphs showcasing results in an easy visual format, and a comprehensive database of past results. Honestly, Sporting Sites Worldwide cover pretty much everything that you could want here.

On top of all of that, there are also regular blog posts and updates. These offer additional insight into the results, from the perspective of a professional. This doesn’t seem like a big deal as a part of Nap Checker, but viewed through the lens of somebody who may not be too familiar with betting, I believe that it’s of great importance.

How Does Nap Checker Work?

Talking about how something like Nap Checker works is a bit of a difficult thing. Because there isn’t necessarily a right or a wrong way to use it. It is very much a tool, and as such, it’s only really as useful as the person who is wielding it. But even there, it has its limits. To a seasoned bettor with their own systems… Well, this isn’t necessarily going to offer them much value.

napchecker-resultsUltimately, the biggest success that Nap Checker brings in my opinion is ease of use. They cover tips from 18 different tipsters. These cover major UK newspapers, the Irish papers, and even cover the Racing Post. That is a lot of different searches that you have to make on Google. Even worse, it’s a lot of newspapers that you have to buy.

But even if you are willing to put that effort in, some of the papers tipsters are just… They’re a slog. They generally offer valuable insight if you want to take the time to read through the articles, but not everybody has that time. As such, I think that Sporting Sites Worldwide simply providing the barest information is a real boon. The fact is that using Nap Checker, you can choose a race, see the tips, and take the best odds. It’s really that simple.

If you want to get more advanced with your approach, there is also scope to do this too. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say that Nap Checker provides the most advanced tools on the market, they also operate in a niche. What I think is a fair statement is that what Sporting Sites Worldwide have put together here is a service that is very much fit for purpose.  

What is the Initial Investment?

The biggest appeal when it comes to Nap Checker in my opinion is the fact that it is free. That’s right, you can sign up to this now with absolutely no outlay. You may not have full access to all of the tools, but that doesn’t really matter too much when you aren’t paying anything for it.

But if you do want to unlock all of the features that are included with Nap Checker, Sporting Sites Worldwide only ask a very modest amount. On a monthly basis, the cost is just £4.49 which can be a one off payment, or it can be billed monthly. Alternatively, you can sign up for 6 months at a cost of £15.99, or 12 months for just £24.99. Both of these latter options can also be a one time thing, or a subscription.

Payment for all options is handled via PayPal or a card payment. But notably, there is no money back guarantee or refund policy in place for any of the options. But if I’m completely honest, given the costs involved, I don’t really think that this is a deal breaker.  

What is the Rate of Return?

How much can you hope to make with Nap Checker? Well, this is an interesting question indeed. Because Sporting Sites Worldwide don’t make any real claims, and that is more than fair. I know that I’ve said this a few times now, but I really see this as being a tool rather than a direct money making service. How much you can make will all depend on what you’re willing to put into it.

With that said, for some context, had you backed all of the tips to BOG, at £10 stakes, you’d have made a very impressive £14,191. Of course, that isn’t really a viable thing and you’d be placing multiple bets on the same horse, and ultimately, you’d have placed 13,950 bets. But it does demonstrate that there is profit to be made using Nap Checker.  

Conclusion for Nap Checker

If you are a seasoned bettor, I don’t think that Nap Checker is something that will necessarily be for you. If I’m completely honest, by the time you’re looking at paid for tipsters, you’re probably already past the point of considering newspaper tipsters as a source. And that isn’t an unreasonable position to take for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, there is the opportunities for value. Almost any long term bettor will tell you that the best way to make a profit long term is to take advantage of bookies mispricing a horse. They will also tell you that market prices are heavily driven by consumer demand. What I mean by this is that the more people bet on a horse, the lower the price goes.

Now consider the fact that the Daily Mail has a daily readership of 2.2 million people. Sure, they aren’t all reading tips and placing bets, but it demonstrates the potential reach there. The Sun has 30 million readers every month. Again, they aren’t all placing bets, but that is a lot of people. Furthermore, bookies will actively be looking to see who is tipped in order to get ahead of this potential rush of bets.

But all of that overlooks what I personally consider to be the key point of Nap Checker. It is great if you are getting started out. And a key part of this is that it is ultimately flexible. I’ve said it so many times already, but Sporting Sites Worldwide are providing a tool, and that tool is a versatile one. The other key part is that it is free.

Now, let’s create a hypothetical. I’m just starting to get into horse racing. I don’t want to spend £50 a month on tips because I don’t have a huge bank and I only want to stake a few quid on the horses. I also don’t want to invest my time at this point learning how to read form, understand the going, exploring past results.

So, I can see that The Mail has made the most profit, followed by The Racing Post (Spotlight) and then The Mirror. I start by simply backing horses that they’ve tipped. And because of the layout that Sporting Sites Worldwide use, I can see where the best odds are. It really is that simple, and all of a sudden, I’m involved in betting.

Then I want to start going a bit deeper and more selective, so I look for races where those tipsters overlap. At this point, whilst it’s still basic, I’m analysing data. And then I look at value, and all the while, I’m potentially making a bit of money. And if I’m not, I’m only losing a few quid on each bet. Then I want to go deeper, so I pay Sporting Sites Worldwide just £25 to unlock all of Nap Checker for the year.

And that for me sums up what Nap Checker is all about. This isn’t something that most people reading this will want to get involved with. It really is entry level stuff, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a place. The fact is that I actually really like what Sporting Sites Worldwide have done here, because it really is a pretty decent free option for understanding how tipster services work.

So yes, Nap Checker really is worth looking at. Like I say, you might find that if you’re already betting seriously, this will all be a step back. But if you don’t have a lot of money to invest and you want to get used to serious betting, analysis, and what all that entails. Well, Sporting Sites Worldwide’s option is probably one of the better examples that is on the market.  

Napchecker is also highly recommend by the owners of BFScalper (the highly acclaimed Betfair Scalping Course), to their members to use as a tool for analysing where the bulk of the money will go in a race, so you know it is worthwhile!


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