National Hunt Specialist Review

National Hunt Specialist is an email based horse racing tipster service provided under the Sports World Publishing stable of tipsters.

What does the product offer?

National Hunt Specialist is a near daily horse racing tipster service that as the name implies, is based around national hunt horse races across the UK. All selections are emailed to subscribers, usually before 10am with bets recorded at BSP. Sports World Publishing say that National Hunt Specialist will typically release between 1 and 3 selections weekdays with this number going potentially as high as 5 on a Saturday. National Hunt Specialist follows a simple staking system of 2 point win or 1 point win and 1 point each way (which essentially makes for a level 2 point staking system). It is worth noting that the case for most of the bets that Sports World Publishing make available through National Hunt Specialist are generally going to be the latter option. Whilst there is no strike rate listed for National Hunt Specialist, it is worth considering that the longest streak that Sports World Publishing have recorded is 9.

How does the product work?

The team behind National Hunt Specialist are very clear that all of their selections are based purely on statistics, although these are claimed to be the “finest set of figures that are available”. All of this allegedly makes the National Hunt Specialist team “extremely confident of future success. As a mildly interesting aside, it has allegedly taken years to gain access to the information that is required.

What is the initial investment?

National Hunt Specialist is offered on a quarterly and monthly subscription with Sports World Publishing charging £99 and £45 respectively for tips. It is worth noting that unfortunately, as with many tipster services there is no money back guarantee in place for either period.

What is the rate of return?

In the time Spots World Publishing have bene proofing National Hunt Specialist, they say that they have watched the service make a total of 69.5% as a return on investment. This equates to a points profit of 98 points.


National Hunt Specialist raises more questions than I reasonably believe that it answers and that isn’t good when dealing with a tipster service. Whilst I accept that no system wants to give away its inner most workings, I do however feel that buyers should get a little insight to make an informed decision. Especially when Sports World Publishing are referring to the statistics that National Hunt Specialist uses as the finest available. As such I personally find myself dismissing this as lazy copy writing and in turn, I am more and more sceptical about the product itself. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker on a £20 per month service but to expect me as a consumer to buy into a £45 per month tipster service on the back of a few months results is too big an ask. In my opinion, is simply too much of an unknown quantity to really warrant the monthly cost that they want.



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