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National Hunt Supremo is a specialist horse racing tipster service from the Tipster Street stable of tipsters. As the name suggests, it is focused on National Hunt racing across the UK and Ireland.

Introduction to the National Hunt Supremo service

It is easy to see horse racing as horse racing. The fundamentals between the various disciplines aren’t a million miles away to those who don’t follow the sport. For those who do, they will know that there is a tendency for tipsters to prefer flat racing.

This is because National Hunt is a bit of an unpredictable beast. As such (and as Tipster Street point out), few tipsters make profit here. National Hunt Supremo however seems to buck the trend somewhat. At a glance, the results don’t necessarily look the best. In fact, my first glance at the service was massively underwhelming. But there may actually be a little more to National Hunt Supremo than there seems.

What Does National Hunt Supremo Offer?

One of the first things that stands out about National Hunt Supremo is that this isn’t your typical daily service. There is no issuing of tips for the sake of it and looking at the wider results, the tipster behind the service apparently likes to choose his bets carefully with Tipster Street’s proofing demonstrating that this is a low volume tipster service (a topic I want to pick up a little later on).

Tipster-street In terms of the logistics, Tipster Street don’t deviate much and National Hunt Supremo doesn’t appear to be any different. Selections are issued directly via email, typically between 9am and 11am.

The bets themselves are a bit of a varied bag both in terms of the type of bet, as well as the odds that you will be betting on. There is a combination of win and each way bets that are advised though National Hunt Supremo (and a surprisingly healthy mix at that if I’m honest) at odds ranging from 1.62 all the way up to 29.00.

Now those aren’t the highest and lowest odds that I’ve searched for, they literally happen to be the largest range where I’ve stopped on the proofing for National Hunt Supremo. To create some wider context in terms of the odds, the average odds work out at 7.92 according t Tipster Street, a quite significant number really.

As mentioned, this is a low volume service with most months producing just a small handful of bets (average of 15 per month).

Staking wise, National Hunt Supremo does have a staking plan and it is one that is pretty much par for the course for high odds tipster services that use both win and each way bets. All bets are to be backed to level stakes of 2 points, with the whole amount backing a horse on a win bet, whilst each way bets are backed to 1 point each way. Tipster Street recommend a starting bank of 150 points if you want to follow National Hunt Supremo.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for the service. Tipster Street say that over the 3 seasons that National Hunt Supremo has been operational, it has maintained a strike rate of 24%. This is a phenomenal number which looks particularly good when you consider those average odds.

In spite of all some numbers that should be somewhat positive, National Hunt Supremo’s results aren’t quite that straight forward with 18 months losing money, whilst just 20 have made a profit. Even this doesn’t present an accurate picture of things in my opinion though. 

How Does National Hunt Supremo Work?

I don’t want to say that there is no way of knowing how a tipster is able to make reasonably accurate predictions for National Hunt racing. What I will say is that I’m damned if I know. Sometimes I will chance my arm on a theory, but National Hunt racing is an inherently unpredictable affair. You only have to look at the Grand National and the number of high odds winners there have been.

Unfortunately, Tipster Street (as they so often do), don’t really provide any insight into how National Hunt Supremo works either. This is somewhat frustrating to me as I would like to at least have an idea of what I am paying for.

None the less, I do think that given the period of time that National Hunt Supremo has been live and the very extensive proofing that has bene produced for Tipster Street, you can decide whether this will fit your betting profile.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different subscriptions which are available if you are interested in signing up for National Hunt Supremo. First of all, Tipster Street ask just £9.95 (plus VAT) per month in order to receive selections. Representing a marked improvement in value, you can sign up on a quarterly basis for just £19.95 per quarter (plus VAT).

It is worth noting the fact that with both of these options, your first 30 days with National Hunt Supremo are charged at just £2.49. There is unfortunately no money back guarantee or refund policy in place however.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it first launched in December 2015, National Hunt Supremo has produced an overall points profit of 113 points. Over 4 years that equates to a little over 25 points per year and honestly, that just isn’t great. In fact, Tipster Street calculate that your average monthly profit would be just 2.98 points.

They do a better job of painting this in a positive light by claiming £74.66, however this is based off £25 stales. The fact of the matter is, and there is no sugar coating this. National Hunt Supremo simply isn’t a hugely profitable service. Whilst an ROI of 11.8% seems reasonable, I think that the numbers ultimately speak for themselves.

Conclusion on National Hunt Supremo

If you really want to get the measure of a tipster service, the best thing that you can do is look at long term results. It is very difficult to look at 6 months of results or even a year and say, that is what I can expect.

If you look at National Hunt Supremo, there are some very clear indicators. I have already covered them in not inconsiderable detail. There simply isn’t enough profit there. I don’t care how you want to square it away (and I have seen a lot of people talk about the importance of the ROI), 3 points per month is just not good enough. Especially compared to other services.

Now, with that out of the way, I actually want to talk about something I have noticed with National Hunt Supremo that may make it worth some consideration. Effectively, this boils down to some incredible recent results. From a position of 80 points profit at the start of January, National Hunt Supremo is now on 113 points.

That is quite the jump and the historic records from Tipster Street show that the tipster behind the service is capable of producing these results somewhat consistently when he finds his feet. Combine this with a very low cost, and National Hunt Supremo starts to look a little bit more interesting than it does at a glance.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I am recommending National Hunt Supremo. Let us not forget that in the longer term, the service has had 18 losing months out of 38. But I do think that it falls into the category of potentially worth a punt.

The fact of the matter is that not everybody has a National Hunt tipster in place, and Tipster Street are claiming that National Hunt Supremo can deliver on this (an admittedly questionable claim). That also counts for something.

I have spent some time trying to decide what my final thoughts are on National Hunt Supremo and they look a bit like this. I might be inclined to give it a bit of a go if my primary intent was fun with a secondary objective of potentially making a bit of profit. What’s a tenner a month really? £5 on a bet? You might do alright for yourself.

Putting on a more serios and objective hat, I don’t see National Hunt Supremo as being worth it right now. Whilst the tipster could well start a new winning run, I would rather have investment capital tied up in something that was more probable to make me money longer term.


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