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National Hunt Trainer Systems

National Hunt Trainer Systems is a horse racing betting system from Ray Mills. The system aims to generate a profit by backing certain trainer’s horses.

What does the product offer?

National Hunt Trainer Systems offers users a method of selecting horses for National Hunt races. Ray Mills provides the system as an 11 page PDF document in which he details how National Hunt Trainer Systems works and what to look for when making selections. National Hunt Trainer Systems involves using level stakes and has an admittedly low strike rate across the various trainers. National Hunt Trainer Systems users also get 12 months access to selections that the system requires as well as occasional free documents with winning systems for major events.

How does the product work?

As is implied in the name, National Hunt Trainer Systems uses a selective process that involves backing certain National Hunt trainers to win. The systems stem from data that Ray Mills has analysed to find the most profitable circumstances to bet on.

What is the initial investment?

National Hunt Trainer Systems is available for a one off fee of £97 which also comes with the mentioned 12 months of selections. There is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place for National Hunt Trainer Systems.

What is the rate of return?

This depends entirely on how many of the systems that you invest in. There are a number of different systems, one for each trainer. The results have varied hugely from the 100 point mark up to over 200 points. These results are spread over a significant amount of time however.


National Hunt Trainer Systems is an interesting proposition and I find the methods that Ray Mills employs to have some merit. There is little doubt that money can be made through National Hunt Trainer Systems but this is a restrictive service and definitely isn’t a year round thing. On the plus side it is surprisingly easy to follow and shouldn’t take too much time which would probably make National Hunt Trainer Systems a strong option for somebody who is starting out making money through betting. It does however require some pretty serious dedication as there will definitely be losing periods so this wouldn’t suit a casual bettor. All in all National Hunt Trainer Systems is a pretty solid option at a reasonable price.



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