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New Dutching Betfair Method on Test

As a website, we get sent many weird and wonderful ‘methods’ to test. Usually the authors of such methods think they have found ‘the one’. When we read something that could be interesting, sometimes we test them, if we think there is merit. As many of you know, our ethos on this website is that we will only offer ways to generate income that we have tested, and that we think our members will also be able to profit from.

We don’t always launch a product that makes profit – Here’s why:

This is the reason you will often hear about us testing methods that generate great results and profits, only for us to leave them on the shelf. The reason for this, is that although WE can make profits using the methods we are testing, if we feel that members will struggle to grasp the concept, then we are inclined just to leave the methods open-ended. We will know there is merit in them, when WE use them, but unless we can create teaching materials that will lead to members being able to easily implement, we will resist launching such information as a product. Today though, we have been testing a Betfair Dutching method, and so far the results are good (40% profit today), and the method IS easy to follow..

If you are familiar with ‘dutching’ then you will now that the process involved betting more than one horse in a race, with the onus being on increasing the likelihood of a profit. The method we have been testing also has a criteria of which horses not to bet on, leaving the rest as valid bets to make.

We first tested this yesterday, with a £2,000 betting bank, betting level stakes of 5% (£100 stakes)  and the results were as follows:

Friday 27th March = 6 Races completed – 4 wins and 2 losses = £20.67 profit

Saturday 28th March = 22 Races completed – 19 wins and 3 losses = £838.40 profit

Now, based on the results above, you can probably guess why we are making this post, as even we were astonished at the profits made today (Saturday).

The criteria was fairly simple, just time consuming, but reasonably valid, and for all the 22 races on todays race card (there were more, but we stopped at the 17:50 Chelmsford  as we were hungry and the local Chinese was calling our name),  but the preparation work for the days trading probably took us a good hour this morning before any racing started, and ALL bets were placed before the races started, meaning if this was to produce profits long term, then it is as close to ‘bet and forget’ as you can find.

We will continue to test this week, and see if the results continue to produce a profit.

UPDATE: After initial testing, we also tested this for a whole week, and although some days produced quite brilliant profits, there were also losing days, so over the week the Dutching method broke even, so we are leaving it there as not viable for our members.






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Comments (4)

Seriously, based on the results today and that strike rate you got I will pay you £100 for the information on how I can do this. Rough details are fine by me fellas. I can pay by credit card or Paypal. Please email me. Chris.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Chris,

Thank you for the offer, but we never offer information for member consumption until we have tested fully, and we will continue testing this week to see if continued progression can be made on this method. But as you can see a great start has been made, and hopefully it will continue, as the methodology behind it is sound, but more importantly if a consistent profit can be made, the process to members to use themselves is very easy.



I am also interested when you finish the test’s please email me cjgsilva at gmail dot com

This was published in March 2015. So did the follow up testing show that it’s a working project – or not? There appears to be no further updates.

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