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Profits Using Profits Maximiser Programme

Profit Maximiser is new membership offered by Mike Cruickshank, which shows new members how they can make as much as £100 per day, using tried and tested offers that pay CASH incentives.

Profit Maximiser is a 12 month membership that we have already tested, and yes, it makes fantastic profits, just as Mike stated it would. If you have an interest in using a programme that will actually show you where to pick up easy money, then on our recommendation, we certainly advise you to take a look at this.

What is Profit Maximiser Exactly?

Profit Maximiser is a course, well a programme, where the author, Mike Cruickshank will allow you access to a 12 month course of where to find hidden cash offers. Now, these hidden cash offers can be as much as £100 per day! Not peanuts by any stretch of the imagination. You see Mike has been offering a similar service for years, which has attracted rave reviews, although now he has put together the complete package, even using some of his own secrets which he is now divulging with his members.

One member made £80 in their first 5 minutes!

Nikki Roberts and Her Profits

One member made £11,400 in 5 months!

More profit Maximiser Profits
That’s right. Members are making money very quickly with Profit Maximiser, and you can too.

What do I have to do to make the money?

Simple, all you have to do is follow the advice of Mike, and he will show you exactly where to go to attain the quick profits, and it really is that simple. In the Profit Maximiser membership area, there are details of where you can start profiting immediately. You simply follow the instructions, and collect the money.

Is there a guarantee on Profit Maximiser?

There is a complete 100% money back guarantee, should Mike not show you how easy it is to find these money offers. Therefore you have nothing to lose by taking a trial for a month, in which time you will know for sure how much money can be made; and remember, this is a 12 month membership, where you will be consistently shown where to take free money offers.

How It Works Maximising Profits

How Much Can I Make Using This Membership?

The only guarantee is that you WILL make a profit from this, and a nice one, but the amount of money you make from this will be entirely up to the effort you put in. If you have the time to put in, then you can keep using the membership all day long, and that way you will keep spotting the opportunities to maximise your profits to the full.

For Example, the following member actually made £1250 in a single day! Obviously you would not expect to make that every day, but at least you can see that it is possible. The member below posting his success on the Profit Maximiser Facebook page, and there were others, too:

Customer Showing How He Is Profiting from the Maximiser

OK, as There is a Guarantee, Where do I start?

Well, firstly, Mike would like to show you a little more of what is on offer, so please click the following link for full details, straight from Mike Cruickshank himself, and remember there really is a full money back guarantee should you not make a profit, so you have absolutely nothing to lose:

Read the page on the below above CAREFULLY, as there is a lot to gain on this one!



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Comments (56)

Joined 2 days ago. £70 up already. Nice.

MakeMoneyForum Admin


Nice profit, keep it up.



hey! THIS GOOD. I made 650 last month in my first month and mike is great too who is behind it.

TRY THIS!!!! if you want some easy money of course… it works…

This is an excellent product and the service from them is top notch also. I sent 3 emails yesterday and all were answered very quickly.

Easy money this

ta fellas

Fantastic membership this one. I have made £220 so far in 2 weeks, and the profits are coming in pretty much every day.

Fantastic support, too!

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Stuart,

Excellent, those were the kind of figures we were seeing during the research stage, and what our researchers were producing.

You are right too, Mike offers enviable support, which means you can concentrate on making the easy profits.

Great to hear,



Mike Cruickshank knows his stuff. If you do not make money with this, then something is very wrong. Even for a woman lol I am making some great money. I log in every day to see where to go for the next money to take. Very easy 🙂


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comment.

Just to point out, that some people are making some serious revenue with Profit Maximiser,

See this:

Profits from Profit Maximiser

£1250 made in a single day – All risk free, too.



Not made £1250 in a day yet, but I do know it is possible. As other people have said here, this is a great money spinner. I am up almost £400, and new ways to gain are showing up quickly.

Great work guys – try it!

Easily made the money back, and was in profit in a day, now every day from now is more profit. Why not? It would be silly not to keep collecting these bonuses.


I am 4 weeks in now, and making good, steady profits. I have also read on many other websites about others making good profits too. I had a few questions to begin with and Mike the owner was very quick to reply and even helped me to profit.

Does it work? Yes I am in very good profit, and since started have made a profit every single week, and remember that this is a 12 month membership by which time I will have a very nice little cushion on money banked up.

I am extremely happy so far with this. Took me an hour of so to filter what all the bonuses were, but I am making some good money. I would never have thought of this way of making money, it is a real eye opener. Tom

£135 made on first day. Say’s it all really. No surprise though, as the owner of the membership is a top bloke, Mike, and worked with him before.

You’ll make money with this one, for sure. I already heard about a guy making over a grand in a day with it. Not been that lucky, but making about £40-£100 (about) a day since starting this.

After researching

I decided to give it a go. not started properly yet, but all seems legit.

I’ve not tried this yet. I’ve tried the bonus bagging and have made a few quid so far. I need a bigger bank to get involved with this one. Seems to have loads of good reviews though.

Is the programme only for people in the UK?

Good membership.

Made money back easily on the first day. Last month on this, I made around £2,000, and if you think that is decent you should read the reports what others are making. One guy made £3500+ in his first month.


Still going strong with this, and I would give it three thumbs up if I had that many hehe.

Scott Pryer

I belong to a facebook group about this, and people are making VERY good money it seems. I am just about to take the plunge, but the research about this so far has been most encouraging. Ben

Easily one of the best memberships you will join. I have joined their facebook page too as stupot mentioned above and many are making decent profits with this. The most I made myself was about £120 in a day. Just just follow info to the letter.

Money for old rope. Many are at it.

Hello Great team they have running this at profit maximiser.

Mike is a diamond and very good at replying to questions. Easily £800 up and I only joined 6 weeks ago.


After trying to make money on the internet for the last 3 years, profit maximiser is the ONLY product that has worked for me, and I have tried loads.

£1628 in 6 weeks so not bad going so far. I needed a new replacement section on my conservatory, and this money has gone towards that very nicely indeed.

Thanks forum.

Very, very good indeed. The only thing I will say is that make notes of where you are getting the bonuses from, and keep a little record. But it works a dream 🙂

Good, and the facebook group is very useful. looks like a lot of people are making a lot of money with this, and Mike who runs it as others have said is absolute top notch.

I have been using profit maximiser for about a week, and have made around about £300, maybe a little over. But it is good and the support is good the best I have received on these type of programmes.


without doubt the EASIEST money you will ever make. I seriously wish I could start all over again and make the money again cos I have spent most of it now, but easily over a grand i have made using this.

Happy days

When I first heard about this I was not so sure so did not bother for a few months and just continued to read about it. I tried to join their facebook group but was declined because I was not a member.

However I finally joined profit maximiser last week and I wish I had done so sooner. So easy is the money to make that I thought something was not right at first. I am now a member of the said facebook group now I have joined, and the amount of people on there making money is ridiculous. Lots of people making extremely good money with this product.

A happy chap also here and I now wish I started it a few months ago instead of messing around.

I say if you have not yet joined this, then you are losing out on some very, very easy money to be had.


We just wanted to share with you an email we received today from the creator of Profit Maximiser, one of the easiest ways to generate quick income online. In the email the creator (Mike Cruikshank) shows a message from one of his customers who was glowing after making £4,000 following the instructions on Mike’s product. You can see the message here:

Mikes Latest Testimonial

If you have not already jumped on-board this popular money-spinner, please do so sooner rather than later, as Mike recently mentioned he may be putting his prices up.

You can read all about how to start by clicking the following link:



I started completing the offers on Friday and then spent all weekend doing the same. As of today, I am £135 up, which I have to admit is obviously very pleasing.

I won’t give the game away as to what the offers are, but I will say that this is easy, just a bit of time needed and you WILL absolutely make some very good money with this.


I have purchased Profit Maximiser, having completed Bonus Bagging earlier.

Is there an idiots guide to how to go about making money using this product?

This PM appears a little confusing at first glance. Antone have a simple strategy or action plan to help me get going?



MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello again, Morrice,

If you contact Mike Cruikshank, the programme originator, and author, he will be pleased to help you. Mike is well known around the internet for his fantastic support, and will have you on track in no time at all. Simple reply to the email you received, and they will get back to you shortly.

Kind Regards


Please,I just want to know the payment modes one can use to receive earnings?


I can only re emphasise what others are saying, i have paid for most of my Christmas pressies with the spoils of profit maximiser and i suspect many others have done the same who are using it. I am almost a year in now and to say it is like taking candy from a baby would be an understatement, seriously. All kudos to Mike!

Just to be clear you need to live in the UK or Ireland to profit from this system ? or can you be living outside the US to make money with this system.
Sounds very interesting please let me know so that I can purchase this method.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Jake,

Profit Maximiser is mainly for residents in the UK and Ireland.



Hiya. Just wanted to show my appreciation for sending this info my way. It was about 4 months ago actually I got the product from make money forum, and very pleased I did.

I made £840 last month with it. You read that right £840 just by following the information GIVEN to you in the membership area. Last month I made £425, and similar the first month. If you don’t take this easy money then you must be rocking, best thing I ever did money wise, and believe me, I have tried everything to make a few quid.


Dear Admin,

Quote “Profit Maximiser is mainly for residents in the UK and Ireland.
Regards, Admin.”

When you say “mainly” is that a yes or no, outside the UK ? I live in Singapore and I am interested. Please give me a clear cut answer if this will work from Singapore.



MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Will,

This will not work in Singapore, only the UK and Ireland.



MakeMoneyForum Admin

Dear Members,

Profit Maximiser is as strong as ever, with one member making over £11,400 in only 5 months:

11.5K in 5 months

That is a serious amount of money to be made from just collecting free bonuses.

Join today by clicking the following link:

Click Here For Full Details on Profit Maximiser



How does everybody manage to get the verification required by BetFair, who appear to be the main Exchange for registration of Lay bets? I’m 85 years old and trying to supplement my Pension but I dont know how to get the information they require before I can place a deposit and get started. Is there someone who knows something I dont? I dont have a scanner or a printer and I dont know how to ‘send documents by email, knowing this, is there anybody out there who can help?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Maureen,

As money is involved Betfair do need to verify accounts sometimes, although for most they don’t.

It might be worth asking a family member if they can help you to verify your account – it is usually very straight forward.

I hope this helps,



I regret to say that I am not a customer for you. Rialistcally speaking I am dead against (earning money on) “Gambling” Sorry it’s me.
Please show me a strait forward business and if it suits me I will contact you


MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Abdeen,

We are not going to apologise for for showing and reviewing products that definitely make money. Profit Maximiser is NOT gambling in any way, and there is now a £20K club for many of customers who use this product who have made well over £20,000+ a year.

This works, without any risk.



Can someone tell me if you need some startup capital to get ball rolling as i am seriously considering this…


You can start with as little capital as you want on Profit Maximiser, although the more you have the faster, and larger profits you will make. But you can compound your profits, so even if you only had a hundred pound or so, compounded, this will grow.

There are many that have now made over £20,000 with this product, and in under 12 months, so that tells you how quickly the profits can grow.



Hi admin
Thanks for your reply i have purchased 50 a day what my aim is to raise some funds for 50 a day because i can see this will definitely work.but as always my funds are very limited and thought how can i raise funds for both profit maximiser….

I made 65 quid with this today. What really impressed me about the programme was the communication from Mike who runs it. First class product and first class communication.

I really do recommend his product. Easy, easy money to be made with this one, which is a rare thing to say in this day and age folks!

I thought I would give my to pennies worth.

I have never tried anything like this before, and was skeptical, but I needn’t be, because Mike who runs it all is VERY helpful to newbies, and since starting I have made around £640. Yep, it does make some seriously good money, and there is no risk. My wife does some of the stuff for me too, and she didn’t believe I was making the money. She loves it now, and the money hahaha

Honestly, even if you have not tried anything like this before, it will make you some good money.


4 days membership so far, and 4 days worth of profit.

Very happy, and thanks for the email letting me know about this.

Easiest money I ever made.As others have said, total no brainer. Easy money. Join the facebook page too and you will see others for money ideas on making the same money. I recommened this definitely, and I do not say that much


deffo works this profit maximiser already making some really good money with it. Try it.

A little tip i would give, is that after you join go to their facebook page too there are loads of others doing really well with it and they give excellent tips too!

What is the minimum bank balance requirement for this system??

Why have none of your reveiws been recent ones as i see none for 2019 . Am i looking in the wrong place.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Janet,

We have published hundreds of reviews this year 🙂

See here:

And if you go down the other categories you will see more,



ok so i joined this – I’m actually not sure what i joined when i log in.. I don’t understand it. In the time i am trying to work it out – its showing me betting sites to go to – I thought i was looking at tips. I came to this site and took on recommendation here. In the time i was trying to make sense of what I had purchased my trial period ran out and they billed me full amount. I of course haven’t worked it out so haven’t used it so put a refund in – to get Mike C reply – no refund allowed?
If someone was so successful – why would they begrudge refunding a client who wasn’t happy? Seems crooked to me. A successful doesn’t need to behave like that penny pinching? I haven’t even used the product – whatever it is supposed to be used for. I would be very careful about signing up for any trial and diary out prior to address. I feel robbed personally.

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