NH Power Review

NH Power is a new tipster service which is being offered through the Betfan group. It claims to be able to provide a substantial profit to subscribers, all using BSP.

Introduction to NH Power

I am not sure whether or not you would see it as a gift or a curse being heavily restricted by bookies. The fact that this typically comes with massive amounts of betting success would probably go some way to cushioning the blow, but the truth of the matter is that it is a less than ideal situation that can occur just because the bookies have perceived a betting pattern.

When this happens, you can often find yourself a bit stuck when it comes to dealing with tipsters. Now, I have seen a few services attempt to remedy this, none have come from a stable as well known as Betfan.

This is where NH Power comes in. A service which aims to capitalise on this market by betting exclusively to Betfair Starting Price. If it can really deliver a profit using only Betfair, then NH Power will be a no brainer as far as I am concerned, and there is a lot of evidence to suggest that it can.

What Does NH Power Offer?

So what are you actually getting with NH Power? It is a pretty typical example of a product from within the Betfan group. What I mean by this is that there is a very certain way that their products operate logistically. For NH Power, this means that it is a daily affair in which selections are issued via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area.

This usually happens the evening before the races, but the nature of the service means that this isn’t imperative. Furthermore,  because NH Power is based around Betfair starting prices, there is no need to seek out the best odds though bookies.

In terms of the bets themselves, NH Power is surprisingly straight forward. All bets are advised as straight win bets to level stakes of 1 point. There is very little that is spectacular or standout here, however I do believe that  Betfan skip over the volume of bets a little bit.

Looking at their proofing, it is not uncommon to see days where more than 5 bets are advised to NH Power subscribers. Naturally the odds that you will be backing horses at is all over the place. At the end of the day, you are backing horses to BSP and this is a bit of a crapshoot. Odds can drift wildly one way or another.

To highlight how apparent this is, I literally have the proofing open at a random spot in another window. One bet had odds of 323.5 and was followed up with a 2.39 point win.

Now, I have touched upon the staking plan for NH Power already, and it is not inconceivable that you could simply stick to betting 1 point of your starting bank forever. In order to get the most out of the service, Betfan recommend a compounding staking plan.

Essentially, every 3 months, you adjust your betting bank to 120 points. This quarterly compounding plan can certainly massively increase the overall profits of NH Power, however it does require some thought on what you want from your tipster service and disciplined bank management.

One of the last things that I want to talk about is the strike rate. Over 18 months, this has averaged out at just 16.4%, a disappointingly low number. Now, this isn’t the be all and end all with NH Power, and I want to talk about this in more detail a little later on, but it is fair to me that this is highlighted.

How Does NH Power Work?

Rather unfortunately, we are told very little about how NH Power actually works. The sales material from Betfan makes reference to the tipster behind the service betting for a long period of time. During this, they have supposedly looked at things like algorithms to make their life easier. They also talk a lot about how much of their life revolves around horse racing etc. but at no point is any detail provided in terms of how selections for NH Power are found.

Normally, I would call this disappointing. I like to know what I am getting myself into with a tipster service, and I only think that it is fair for punters to have a similar understanding. In the case of NH Power however, I am not too concerned.

Whilst I always believe that as punters we can be better informed, the fact of the matter is that Betfan provide some 18 months of proofing for the service. This is incredibly detailed and for my money, paints a very clear picture of what you can expect in the future. 6

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options if you want to subscribe to NH Power. The first one that Betfan offer is every 28 days. This is priced at £37 and it is important to keep in mind that you will pay this cost 13 times over the course of a year. Next, you can get 90 days for £77. This represents a huge step up in value. At the time of writing, there is also an option to sign up to NH Power for 6 months. This is priced at just £79 however Betfan are saying that this is a limited time offer.

As is the case with all of their tipster services, Betfan don’t offer any real money back guarantee with NH Power.

What is the Rate of Return?

Over 20 months or so NH Power has produced a profit of 632.57 points. That is a very respectable number, and it is one that is made even more impressive when you consider that this is to level stakes. Factor in the compounded stakes that Betfan talk about and NH Power can be very cash rich as far as tipster services go. To create some wider context for how it has performed, the ROI for NH Power stands at a massively impressive 48.91%.

Conclusion to NH Power

Whilst it seems like making a decision on NH Power should be a straight forward affair, it is actually a bit of a mixed bag. To start with the positives that I have already outlined, there is no getting around the fact that NH Power has produced a pretty solid result all things considered. 632 points, even over 20 months is not to be sniffed at whilst the ROI is very strong, especially for a service that has been going as long as NH Power has.

There is of course the obvious fact as well that in focusing on BSP, NH Power opens itself up to everybody. More specifically, I am of course talking about people who have incurred restrictions and bans through bookies. This is very much a unique selling point for the service and I could almost be inclined to recommend NH Power just off the strength of these factors.

However. Because of course there has to be a however with something like this. For all of the profit that has been generated to date, there are substantial periods of loss before big wins which massively bump up the winnings. Even in between the 3 particularly stand out times where this has happened, the pattern is repeated on a much smaller scale. I also want to point out that at the time of writing, NH Power is also showing a consistent decline of some 150 points in a 5 month period.

The next thing that needs to be factored in is the value for money. NH Power is pretty expensive and make no mistake. It isn’t the priciest tipster service I have looked at, but it is only the 6 month subscription which stands out to me as being potentially worth it here. The problem there being that you are tied up for 6 months and actually have quite a large outlay for a betting period that may consistently yield losses.

With all of this in mind, I can appreciate why NH Power could work for some people. But if I put my hand on my heart, I am not sure why you would want to use this unless you had restrictions in place with bookies that would stop you taking advantage of more profitable tipsters. Really, that is the biggest problem with NH Power.

Within its niche, it is a competent enough tipster service if you have a big enough bank. The fact of the matter however is that if you do have restrictions on bookies, I can still think of better ways of making money on Betfair. If you are exclusively looking for a tipster, then NH Power might be ok.

Outside of this, I just can’t see why you would want to follow NH Power when there are much better options on the market.

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