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Niche Expert Blueprint Review

Niche Expert Blueprint is a guide to creating an online business developed by Mario Pedraza

What does the product offer?

Niche Expert Blueprint comes in the form of a series of videos that teach its customer base to create a niche website with a view to generating profit. Videos include “Start your first blog”, “Come up with your first paid product” and “Grow your business 10x more with big tickets”.

How does the product work?

The product supplies a comprehensive course that it claims will teach users how to start up, operate and ultimately generate revenue through a niche website. Once you have the site up and running you can start generating revenue through selling a product, affiliate marketing or ad revenue.

What is the initial investment?

Niche Expert Blueprint usually retails for $77 but at the time of writing is available for the significantly reduced price of $4.95. This also comes with a 30 day full money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Mr. Pedraza does not specifically mention any rate of return but the figure of $100 per month is bandied about rather frequently. He also compares having an online business to “having your own ATM that prints money on autopilot”.


In terms of a guide to starting up a new business the low cost of Niche Expert Blueprint looks like it may be a good starting point. Mr. Pedraza has created quite a comprehensive guide that covers all the bases in terms of starting up a new business. Unfortunately it does not really look like it offers anything particularly detailed with each of the videos seeming to provide more of an overview than in depth analysis.

There is also the small issue that 5 of the videos are dedicated to things that really, don’t justify individual modules such as setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account. If you are looking for something with real substance you are unlikely to find it here, this is a product that really seems to aim itself at people who are completely new to online businesses.



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