Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd Review

Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd is a service from the eponymous Nick Pullen in which he offers users with horse racing selections for races up and down the UK.

What does the product offer?

Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd is something of an occasional tipster service with creator Nick Pullen generally focusing on around 150 races each year. It is worth pointing out however that on days where there are selections there can be as many as 5 selections made available.

Whilst bets from Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd are generally advised as win bets, the creator says that the odds that you back allow for each way betting and still have some room for a profit margin.

Whilst there aren’t any specifics mentioned in terms of a staking plan, a quick look at the structure of Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd as a product shows that if you bet too much, you may struggle to maintain your bank with wins being somewhat sporadic (although less so with each way betting).

This also means that whilst there isn’t a published strike rate for Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd, you should approach the service with somewhat reserved expectations.

How does the product work?

As the name suggests, Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd is about betting against the crowd. What this means in real terms is that all of the bets that are advised have a strong focus on value.

For Nick Pullen this means that you are betting on horses that have been undervalued by the bookies. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on how Nick Pullen and his team decide that a horse has been undervalued sufficiently to be selected for Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd.

What is the initial investment?

Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd is sold through Oxfordshire Press and at the time of writing, they are offering Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd on a 14 day free trial.

Once this has elapsed the costs go up to £20 per month, £49 per quarter or £189 for the entire year. There is also allegedly a three month money back guarantee should you find that Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t much that keeps track of how well Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd has performed in terms of a pounds and pence value to date. There is however some evidence to suggest that the service made 24.58 points of profit by mid-March.


Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd isn’t too expensive and whilst I don’t think that it is ever going to be a massive earner, there is some potential there for a small profit.

The fact is that services like Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd don’t really exist in my book for the serious bettor who week in, week out wants to draw money.

Instead I feel it would be best suited to somebody who enjoys those big wins and is seeking an edge in obtaining that thrill. All of that having been said, there isn’t any reason that you shouldn’t at least make your money back with Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd.

Whilst it isn’t for me, I don’t feel that it is something that should be readily dismissed either as there is likely to be a market for this type of betting.



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You should look into Against the Crowd a bit closer. Followers like me have made good money all summer. It sounds like your reviewer is generalising. The Against the Crowd services makes money for subscribers over the long term.

joined august 1st 71 selections but only 4 winners so no overall profit.
unlucky to keep missing out like yesterday second by a head at 16 to 1
advised, would have got even with that, keep trying the service is still
worth it at 20 pounds a month

Joined January 2019 made a loss of around £4320 as at 08/05/19don’t bother complaining it doesn’t go anywhere. Gave notice to cancel as at 30/06/19 and revoked Login straight away. Be warned all smoke and mirrors and no customer service from Justin Callaghan.

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