Nigel Bradley Inner Circle Review

Nigel Bradley’s Inner Circle (referred to from hereon in as simply Inner Circle)  is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by the eponymous Nigel Bradley. Provides a variety of different horse racing bets with a view to generating a consistent profit for subscribers.

Introduction to Nigel Bradley Inner Circle

I am so used to seeing the same crap land in my inbox that when something different crops up, it tends to catch my attention. Enter Inner Circle by Nigel Bradley. This is a service which has nothing to do with the ever turning wheel of affiliate crap that is offered through Clickbank. Nor is it a large tipster stable claiming their latest 1,000 point in 3 month masterpiece (which will never repeat the performance).

Instead, Inner Circle appears to be a genuine, hand on hart independent horse racing tipster service and these are very few and far between. With this in mind, let’s have a look at Inner Circle and see whether Nigel Bradley delivers the goods.

What Does Inner Circle Offer?

Inner Circle is a daily horse racing tipster service which from what I have seen, is very much in line with what you would expect from the majority of the tipsters on the market. Selections are issued on a daily basis via email. All that you have to do is place the bets with whichever bookies you can.

Nigel Bradley himself bets over a number of bookmakers, in no small part down to the fact that he has been restricted by at least one bookies (Betfair Sportsbook). Honestly though, Oddschecker is probably your best friend in this regard.

As a service, Inner Circle is broken up rather interestingly with a variety of different bets which are provided. There is the core email service with selections delivered by 10.30am. There are also Nap Bets which are Nigel Bradley’s best be o the day. This will typically demonstrate a lot of value. There are also saver bets and finally, there ae Dutching bets advised. These are bets whereby you back multiple horses in the same race in order to minimise the risk and ensure profit.

inner-circle-nigel-bradley-reviewThere is a staking plan of sorts in place. Nigel Bradley says that he bets from £5-£25 stakes. Looking at his betting slips though, there is a lot more money involved in the majority of his bets. The truth of the matter however is that from what I have seen, there isn’t necessarily a firm plan. Nigel Bradley does however recommend that Inner Circle subscribers bet as much as they can afford to although this is never at the detriment of your finances.

In terms of a strike rate, there is nothing mentioned for Inner Circle which is rather disappointing. It is also worth mentioning the fact that there is no proofing provided by Nigel Bradley either which makes getting a grasp on the bigger picture difficult. Nigel Bradley does however paint a picture of his bets winning on a pretty regular basis.

If I am honest, I would take this with a small pinch of salt however. From the results that are available to me, I would anticipate that Inner Circle’s strike rate will be far from exceptional although this isn’t the be all an end all.

How Does Inner Circle Work?

Nigel Bradley says that he does not consider himself to be a tipster. In fact, he says that the last thing that he would wish to be known by is as a tipster. Instead, he refers to himself as a “Form Reader and a Pro Punter”. In an interview video, he also talks about reading form and makes reference to using an unnamed piece of software for the last 5 years.

This all comes together to tell me that Inner Circle is almost undoubtedly a form based service. The piece of software referred to is likely something that collates horse racing data with Nigel Bradley’s analysis ultimately being the foundations of Inner Circle. I should point out however that this does involve some speculation on my behalf.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are jut two options available if you want to sign up to Inner Circle. The first of these is a quarterly subscription which is price at £97. This is supposedly a reduction of £127.97 from the “real” value of £224.97 (or £74.99 per month). Alternatively, you can sign up to Inner Circle for 12 months at a price of £197 which is a reduction on the supposed real value of £899.88 (again, based off £74.99 per month).

Payment for both of these is handled through a proprietary payment system and there is no mention of any money back guarantee mentioned. I would take this to mean that it is not on offer.

What is the Rate of Return?

The rate of return is something that rather interestingly isn’t discussed in the sales material. Nigel Bradley is referred to in a rather long winded interview video as the “36k Man” for making £36,000 in a single week. There is also talk of making more than £1,000 per week apparently rather consistently. This shouldn’t be taken as gospel however and it is fair to say that Nigel Bradley bets more than most Inner Circle followers will.

This is what Nigel Bradly says himself on Youtube:

He also does acknowledge that there are weeks where he doesn’t make money. This doesn’t however provide any definitive expectations for the future.

Conclusion to Nigel Bradley Inner Circle

I don’t usually like to put all of my cards on the table so openly, but I have very mixed feelings about Inner Circle. First things first, I don’t really find myself doubting that Nigel Bradley is genuine and that this is a genuine service. I have often said that this is half of battle when it comes to any tipster service. This is however only a small part of a much bigger picture and there are some points that need to be considered that are rather unflattering.

The first is that whilst there is a lot of evidence provided that Nigel Bradley is a real person, and by extension, Inner Circle is a genuine service, there are things that I find lacking.

Key amongst these is proofing. The service has supposedly existed in some form or another for about a year and given how seriously Nigel Bradley says that he takes his betting, I would find it hard to believe that he doesn’t keep extensive records. Furthermore, I believe that there are a few things missing which stop Inner Circle from being a “complete” service such as essentially being left to your own devices when it comes to bookies and staking.

However. And honestly, this is a pretty big however. I find myself believing the results that are claimed. Are they stretched out? Possibly. It is hard to ignore the fact that the stakes are rather large and a lot more than most people will be betting. But, those bets were placed and they came in. This really leaves the question of value for money which is a very difficult one.

I think that Inner Circle is quite pricey and the fact that it is all upfront with no money back guarantee puts a degree of risk to the investment. If you are willing to keep a big bank, stake enough and take the risk of a longer term investment, then I am going to tentatively call Inner Circle a decent option. This is rather conditional however and if I am honest, I don’t believe that this is a service that will suit everybody.


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If anyone is genuinely interested i can give you as much info as you need based on real bets i placed using Nigel Bradleys “service”.
They will show conclusively that the results are terrible.
They also show me to be an idiot for continuing to throw good money after bad!
I don’t know how anyone has the gall to continue posting and proclaiming to be an “expert” in the face of such poor results but i guess he has to after taking all of the punters subscription money.

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