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No Money Down Review Progressive Property

No Money Down is a product from Rob Moore and Mark Homer of Progressive Property that shows users how to raise capital and build a property portfolio.

What does the product offer?

Rob Moore and Mark Homer have packaged together No Money Down as a way of showing users how to own “cashflowing” property without investing your own money. No Money Down contains a number of different strategies which are spread over 6 CDs. This has been designed to help you to generate this income whilst also containing a complete blueprint devised by Rob Moore and Mark Homer that shows you how to “tap into as much available cash that you need, to buy as many properties as you like”. There are also a number of bonuses related to the main product as well as tickets to an upcoming Progressive Property event.

How does No Money Down work?

As with any Progressive Property product, essentially No Money Down relies on Rob Moore and Mark Homer’s experience in the sector. In this case there is a focus on things like joint ventures, creative financing options and how to get a mortgage. No Money Down also looks at ways that you can buy a property without spending your money then immediately get that money back and then buy another, a process that Rob Moore and Mark Homer say can be repeated.

What is the initial investment?

Rob Moore and Mark Homer are currently marketing No Money Down at a one time cost of just £49 plus VAT. This is claimed to be a reduction on the typical sales price of £149 and comes with tickets that are allegedly worth £782 face value combined. There is no mention of any money back guarantee and because it is a CD based product, you cannot claim a refund on No Money Down once you have opened it.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any advertised rates of return for No Money Down and realistically, this is a very difficult thing to gauge due to the nature of property. The fact is that there are so many external factors that can influence what Rob Moore and Mark Homer teach in No Money Down that I don’t even think I could make an educated guess.

Conclusion on No Money Down

No Money Down comes with a lot of information and advice but I do feel that Rob Moore and Mark Homer rather under represent the amount of work that is required with something like this. Whilst it is easy to sit there and talk about joint ventures and leveraging capital, realistically you need to have a considerable pot for investment to make No Money Down really work for you. One of the key selling points for No Money Down is the inclusion of tickets to an upcoming Progressive Property Event, Multiple Streams of Property Income Event however if you search for this on Google there are, at the time of writing, free tickets available without buying No Money Down. As a product No Money Down is probably well suited to what I would call intermediate property developers, that is, those who have made as much as they can with their own finances. It isn’t something that I would recommend for those starting out however.



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From: Simon Roberts