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no_writing_needed_reviewNo Writing Needed is a new product from Amy Harrop in which she shows you how to successfully print and sell your own writing free online range.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales page, using No Writing Needed will share with you a “unique” niche for online publishing that doesn’t actually require any real writing skill. In fact, Amy Harrop goes on to say that No Writing Needed shows you how to create “in-demand content” fast and how to leverage it. The bulk of No Writing Needed comes in the form of a 41 page PDF document, which looks at topics like the most popular types of low content books, the easiest ways to profit and which are most popular.

As well as the main training course, No Writing Needed comes with a “secret strategy” and plenty of research that has been carried out looking at this kind of book.

No Writing Needed also comes with software to help you create the books, templates to keep them looking professional and other resources.

In fact, Amy Harrop goes on to say that she estimates that she has done about 90% of the niche research for you.

How does the product work?

Whilst both the sales material and much of the content from Amy Harrop refers to as writing free, I feel that it is necessary to address what No Writing Needed really involves. Basically you will be looking at the ever growing world of adult colouring books.

No Writing Needed shows you how to create and market them into this niche and to credit Amy Harrop, she does make readying your new book for publishing seem rather straight forward. No-Writing-Needed-amy

It is worth pointing out that whilst most of the stuff bearing Amy Harrop’s name is based around ebooks, No Writing Needed is publishing physical books.

What is the initial investment?

No Writing Needed is currently being sold for a one time cost of $27 with payment handled by the Zaxaa platform. As is typical for any product from Amy Harrop there is a full 30 day money bac guarantee in place however this does appear to be vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really any claimed rate of return for No Writing Needed and frankly this is a difficult thing to gauge because of the nature of the product. Personally I wouldn’t have overly high hopes however


Whilst the adult colouring book niche is currently thriving and there is plenty of room for new content, it does remain massively competitive.

This isn’t just coming from small time publishers either as there are some pretty big names that you will be competing with. Whilst the research and tips that Amy Harrop provides aren’t bad and are actually rather helpful, the fact is that you are still operating in a tight niche.

Given the low prices that large companies are currently selling their books for I would be surprised if you can actually compete in terms of production costs etc. which for me just doesn’t make what No Writing Needed teaches a viable business model.



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From: Simon Roberts