Northern Racing Tips Review

Northern Racing Tips is a horse racing tipster service from Greentree Consultancy. All selections are for Northern races or horses from Northern yards.

What does the product offer?

Northern Racing Tips seems to be the latest release from Greentree Consultancy, a sports betting service that has allegedly been operational since 1999. The system offers tips with a focus on races in the North of England and Scotland with the occasional selection that features a horse from a Northern stable. Northern Racing Tips has just finished a free trial service and is now moving onto a pay based system.

How does the product work?

According to Greentree Consultancy if they were to divulge the name of the tipster behind Northern Racing Tips you would instantly know who it is. This is suggestive of a big name in horse racing and when combined with the fact that the tipster allegedly lives nearby to Middleham, the implication feels to me like this person has a huge network and knows the horses well. Personally I would have preferred some genuine insight but at least there is some kind of information which is more than some other tipster services offer.

What is the initial investment?

It seems that Northern Racing Tips is being kept free till the end of August at which point costs will go up to £19 per month for a limited time or you can opt to buy 4 months of tips for a further reduced rate of £66. There is no mention of a money back guarantee and I wouldn’t expect one to be in place.

What is the rate of return?

Greentree Consultancy say that the tipster behind Northern Racing Tips aims to make £1000 during the trial period and looking at the recommended stakes this is definitely possible. It is worth noting however that the stakes go as high as £500 per bet so this isn’t an achievable figure for everyone.


Whilst it is early days Northern Racing Tips shows a degree of potential. I am not certain that there is enough data at this point to recommend a lengthy subscription but Northern Racing Tips is very fairly priced so getting in now could be worthwhile if you want to take advantage of the reduced rates that free trial users can get.



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From: Simon Roberts