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Nucig Discount Codes up to 40% offer Code on Ecigs also

Today we review Nucig ecigs, and discuss whether they have discount codes. There are many electronic cig companies appearing on the market. We review the best, and advise you. are not new to the market, in fact they have been around for well over 12 months, but what you need to consider, when switching to electronic cigarettes, is if the company you are looking at are really the best option for you. Sure, many of these companies have enticing websites, but when it comes down to it, you are far better to read reviews from users who have been in the same position you are in, and who have used and tested these products.

You also need to consider if using Nucig will save you the maximum amount of money, as well as offer you the choice you need, and then compare this against companies who are already receiving fantastic recommendations.


Who Are Nucig, and should I be using them?


Electronic cigarettes are now being widely used by the public. Celebrities use them. Former tobacco smokers use them. Even non-smokers use them. That’s because e-cigarettes are a new alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Clearly, there’s stiff competition in the market for e-cigarette suppliers. But Nucig e-cigarettes are pretty sure they’re the number 1 favorite.


Where are Nucig based, in the UK?


Nucig e-cigarettes are based in the UK. They have several e-cigarette outlets worldwide to cater to other markets. They are even stocked

Nucig Discount Codes
Nucig Discount Codes

at pharmacies in the UK. These e-cigarettes are not only high-tech alternatives; they are also eco-friendly and non-flammable. Using e-cigarettes is safer for your health and for others because there is no smoke. It won’t cause an offending smell to anyone nearby and you don’t have to worry about using an ash tray or smelling like one. It is non-flammable since it is battery operated and thus, won’t cause any fire. These features allow e-cigarettes to be smoked in public places such as bars and restaurants.

If you’re interested about nucig e-cigarettes, a wealth of information can be found in The website features news, videos, and reviews about the most up-to-date products from nucig. Discount codes and special offers are also among the reasons why you should frequently check the site. You can be sure of the highest product quality coming from nucig and from the many nucig resellers worldwide. Who knows, there might be a stockist near you.


I have more questions about Nucig, when can I go?


The site further contains frequently asked questions, how to guides, product care tips, and troubleshooting guides for those who encounter problems with their e-cigarettes. First time users who still have no idea which product will suit them will also be treated to a detailed guide comparing the different product lines of nucig. It’s in tabular form, easy to read and follow, and will surely enlighten first timers with what product to buy.


Are Nucig electronic e cigs safe?


Aside from being a safer alternative, nucig e-cigarettes also help you save on your smoking costs. Depending on how many packs or traditional cigarettes you smoke per day, you can see the daily cost, the annual cost, and how much you can save if you use e-cigarettes. The price comparison page of will tell you all about it.

When it’s time to make a purchase, don’t forget to check the deal of the day. Your product of choice might be offered for a lower price for a limited time only. So you better be ready to grab the opportunity. Visit to know more about e-cigarettes and why they are the number 1 favorite.


Would you recommend Nucig, and their discount codes?


We have used Nucig products ourselves, and we believe that although there is a good range, there are FAR better alternatives out there on the market today.

One of the best we have come across, is a company that gives you a 15% discount on ALREADY very low prices, but not only that, the company we are about to show you, also have amazing customer service, stylish products and great quality. The company we are talking about can be found on the following link:


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Simon Roberts

Comments (8)

These are not ones I have tried before. There are loads out there, but Nu Cig are not ones I have personally used.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your Nucig Review, much appreciated, and we are sure your comments will help buyers when they are choosing which brand to purchase.



I have used nucig. The flavours are quite expensive as the better flavours do taste better than their own make, but the better ones are the expensive ones, and I found I could buy similar flavours online at much better prices and discounts than nucig were offering on their website.

Paul Johnstone.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your considered response on using Nucig.



When I first started with e cigarettes I ordered the nucig brand and went fine for a few weeks, but then the flavours I ordered got a little boring to be honest. There wa sa very nutty taste on the nucigs at first but it lost the taste.

Now, I not sure if it was my taste buds that altered but after a few weeks the taste just didn’t agree with me. This was last year, and still not sure what happened, but it put me off using nucig flabours after that.

Nucig products are ok, but like others have said, the batteries do seem to run out very quickly, and the flavours are more VG type which I am not sure on.


this helps me to quite smoking, but im not too crazy about nucig’s flavours. but so far, i must say it’s worth what i paid for.

I’ve been using nucig for around 2 years now, i only buy there liquids. the quality is second to none, yes as a previous user said they are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E-juice 99% which is more expensive then the chemical alternative Propylene Glycol (PG) but a much smoother Vape especially for a COPD sufferer like myself. I highly recommend them if you prefer quality over price.

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