Numerology Betting Review

Numerology Betting is a tipster service which comes courtesy of Richard Parks. He claims that using his unique approach to betting, he is able to provide users with highly profitable selections.

Introduction to Numerology Betting

I see a lot of questionable tipster services come out of the woodwork in this line of work. I see so many different approaches to betting, all with massively differing levels of merit. And by and large, I will always try to keep an open mind on things. And then, something comes along that I struggle with.

The subject of today’s review is just that. Numerology Betting is a tipster service that makes some incredibly bold claims. Six figure income? Sure. Almost no risk at all? Why not. Crazily low price? Well, that’s a very different question that I will come to a little later on. Because there is a lot that Richard Parks doesn’t really provide answers to here…

None the less, I am a professional, and as such, I will definitely try my best to keep an open mind here. After all, if Richard Parks can deliver just 10% of what he claims that you can with Numerology Betting, you will have a tipster service that still delivers massively. So, let’s dive right in and see whether or not this actually delivers enough to really be something I’d recommend, or just another service which is destined to fail.

What Does Numerology Betting Offer?

There is a lot about Numerology Betting that sounds really quite impressive. However, much of what is involved with the service actually seems to be a very straight forward tipster service. This applies to pretty much all of the elements from the logistics to the bets. With that said, I have looked at a lot of tipster services before now that are basic, but good.

I want to start all of this by actually talking about those logistical elements. Richard Parks sends out his selections on a near daily basis. As you would expect, these are sent out directly to subscribers via email. Unfortunately, the quality of the emails that you receive is a little bit… lacking, shall we say?

Don’t get me wrong. You will receive enough information to ensure that you can place your bets (think the race, time, and the horse/outcome that you should back), but that is about it. This does have a bit of a knock on effect on other elements of Numerology Betting as well, but I will explore those elements in detail a little later on.

What I can say off the back of this is that if you want to actually maximise your chances of using Numerology Betting, then you will also want to use a service like Oddschecker in order to get the most profit per bet. The fact is that from what (admittedly little given the circumstances) I have seen of this, there aren’t advised odds. When this is the case, you really have to go out of your way to ensure you’re doing the best you can.

In terms of the bets, Richard Parks does look at a massive variety of different topics. The highly questionable evidence that we are shown demonstrates bets on a range of sports. This includes horse racing, the Premier League, as well as a number of bets for the NFL. It would appear that Richard Parks really does look to back a variety sports with Numerology Betting.

Theoretically, this means that you can expect to see a lot of different betting markets covered. In some respects, this is the case. However, the most interesting examples that Richard Parks provides for Numerology Betting relate to the NFL. But honestly, these appear to be the exception rather than the rule (as well as being highly questionable).

What all of this means is that ultimately, you can expect to cover a quite wide variety of betting markets from Numerology Betting, however they aren’t things you won’t have seen before. Expect to back horses on a win and each way basis. Football bets appear to involve simply backing a team to win.   

Interestingly, when it comes to the odds, Richard Parks seems to suggest that he is able to find some very decent examples. For example, Manchester City beating Chelsea at odds of 9/4 or the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Superbowl at 10/1. Unfortunately, my research into the historic odds show that these weren’t necessarily widely available (although I wouldn’t like to say they never were).

This leaves two very important elements to discuss. First of all, there is the staking plan. Now, this is an interesting one to me because it isn’t something that Richard Parks actually discusses for Numerology Betting. Instead, his betting “evidence” shows stakes ranging from £20 all the way up to £1,000 on different events.  This means that you are effectively on your own if you are following the service.

For somebody like me, with experience, this might not be the worst thing. I’d look to use a betting bank of 100 points as a minimum, with level stakes of 1 point per bet. That should allow for a decent drawdown given the relatively low volume of Numerology Betting (most days will produce 3-5 bets). If you were new to betting however, this is a concerning situation to find yourself in.

Finally, I want to discuss the strike rate for the service. A particularly interesting element for me as it is one of the areas that Richard Parks is keen to push as a feature. We are told that the strike rate stands at around 93%, a mind blowing figure that is incredibly strong. It is also a number that is entirely unsubstantiated as well casting a quite reasonable amount of doubt on it.  

How Does Numerology Betting Work?

The core premise that is behind Numerology Betting is right there in the name. According to Richard Parks, everything is based around numerology. A philosophy (of sorts) that the sales material says “isn’t an art, IT IS AN ACTUAL SCIENCE”. And that “every word, every idea, every event here on earth has a corresponding numerical value”. It’s got to be real we’re told, because celebrities such as Britney Spears and Madonna have espoused the topic.

From here, we are told that a talented numerologist can use this value in order to take information from it. We are then told that using numerology we can “basically tell the future with a high degree of accuracy”. Which is how Richard Parks is able to make so much money from sports betting.

Elsewhere, in the real world, numerology is described as “any belief in the divine of mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events”. This is a long way from the claims of  ACTUAL SCIENCE. Honestly, I could talk at length about why all of this is BS, but I think that the most poignant thing here is Richard Parks’s lack of proofing.

Given that he has supposedly made hundreds of thousands of pounds, you would expect at least some proofing. Instead, we are given no evidence to show Numerology Betting at work and are instead told that we should take Richard Parks’s word on numerology. This is something that I find very difficult to do in a lack of evidence and a strong belief in something that is at best, a pseudoscience.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing this, Numerology Betting is being sold for a one time subscription fee of £28.99 (plus VAT). This, we are told, is a limited time price which is restricted to the first 100 customers. This is supposedly because it represents a very substantial discount on the “actual” value of £299.

Rather interestingly, Richard Parks is selling Numerology Betting through Clickbank. Now typically speaking, they offer a full 60 day money back guarantee period on all products sold through the platform, including this one. In the sales material however, there is only a 30 day money back guarantee mentioned, and even that isn’t exactly clearly advertised.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the crux of Numerology Betting, and that is how much you can earn. If you don’t question the sales material and Richard Parks’s claimed results, you’d be over the moon. I have mentioned that there is talk of a 6 figure income, but I haven’t discussed just how far this goes.

You see, in the headline for Numerology Betting, we are told by Richard Parks that he has made “well over £700,000 in gambling earnings” over the last 5 years. This is backed up by a stream of screenshots of highly questionable screenshots of a bank account and a few betting accounts and slips.

Aside from the fact that there is no real proofing to back these claims up, I also think that it is very much worth noting that there is no context for this income. Could I see £700,000 being made over 5 years? Maybe, if you were staking £1,000 per point then this kind of number looks attainable. But that is all a very large if. Realistically, for almost anybody reading this, these numbers are just ridiculous.  

Conclusion for Numerology Betting

In my eyes, there are two things that really need to be examined when it comes to Numerology Betting. And those two things are inextricably linked. First of all, there are the questions about the legitimacy of the selection process. The second question is whether or not that selection process can actually make a profit.

I’ll be blunt here. The claims that Richard Parks makes about numerology are patently false. There is no scientific method whatsoever. If I were to put to you that a tipster service was able to identify selections based around horoscopes, would you buy into it? Would you accept that a horse was going to win because it was born under Aries and Mercury was rising?

If you would, I am certain that you would be in a minority. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t a shred of reasonable evidence that suggests that numerology is real, let alone that it can be used to power a tipster service. Using this as a jumping off point, it seems inevitable that much of what Richard Parks claims for Numerology Betting is unlikely to be genuine.

This does of course also include those claimed profits. Sure, there are ways that these numbers could be possible, but I am incredibly sceptical of them. Especially because of the fact that those ways are based entirely on speculation on Numerology Betting rather than anything tangible. Something that is incredibly important.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t really receive a shred of evidence that backs up the claims that are made. Sure, there are the screenshots of a bank account and various betting accounts, but they are highly questionable and easily manipulated. As such, I really don’t put much stock in their authenticity.

Really, about the only thing that could convince me of the genuineness of these results for Numerology Betting would be some comprehensive proofing. Rather conveniently however, this is absent. Of course, there is no explanation as to why this is, however I certainly have my own theories on this matter.

What we are treated to however are pictures of Richard Parks’s “HUGE house”, fancy car, and a picture of a yacht representing the fact that he can “take vacations to wherever I want, whenever I want”. We are also told that he won’t have to worry about the economic downturn or Coronavirus because he has just made that much money.  

So, you have here a tipster service that is based around a demonstrably false premise. It is also incredibly unlikely to get close to the claimed results. Not even that 10% that I mentioned earlier, if I’m honest. All of which is of course reason enough to avoid Numerology Betting.

But what is really quite concerning when it comes to Numerology Betting is the tone that the marketing so frequently takes. There is a suggestion that this mystical approach to betting can clear your debt or stop worrying about money. If I believed this could be achieved, I’d say, but really this just seems irresponsible.

We are also told with certainty that numerology isn’t some “questionable “art” like astrology or palm-reading or Tarot cards but is instead a real science”. This is of course immediately before being told that numerology days back to hymns and other ancient religious texts. Richard Parks then pivots again to talk about how science utilises numbers. For my money, it is all just transparently crap.

With all of this in mind, I just can’t see any reason why you would want to invest in Numerology Betting. There are so many different tipster services and betting systems on the market. And this is by far and away one of the worst that I have ever looked at. The whole thing just stinks if I’m honest.

From the shaky premise to the shakier evidence. A sales pitch which describes a mystic practice as being factual and scientific. Even details like the fact that Numerology Betting is sold as having a 30 day money back guarantee rather than the 60 that is actually offered strikes me as a massive oversight that more likely or not, isn’t entirely unintentional.  


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