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Oddball Tips is a pretty long standing football betting tipster service which is being offered through the Tipsters Empire tipster stable. There have been some mixed results to date, despite a number of positives about the overall service.

Introduction to Oddball Tips

Tipsters Empire open their entire sales pitch for Oddball Tips by saying “Oddball Tips keeps it simple”. As somebody who has seen a lot of convoluted tipster services lose out as a result of over complicating things, this is not necessarily the worst thing. Of course, Newton’s Third Law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

What I mean by this, is that simplicity can also be a bad thing for a tipster service. An unwillingness to budge on an approach that isn’t working can also cost you in the long run. This is a point that will become particularly pertinent a little later on.

With all of that said, there is ultimately quite a lot to like about Oddball Tips, and since I don’t want to give away too much here, I will simply say that I am quite excited to see whether or not this service can deliver on the initial promise that it showed. So let’s dive into Tipsters Empire’s offering and see whether this is something that will work for you.  

What Does Oddball Tips Offer?

When looking at Oddball Tips, I wasn’t really sure where to start. Whilst there is a degree of simplicity to the service, there is also quite a lot that is, well, it’s a bit stand out if I’m frank. I think that the best way I can put it is by saying that simplicity, does not mean that this service is in any way what you would call standard.

After some attempts at rewriting this starting point, I have decided to open by talking about what I perceive to be the crown jewels of Oddball Tips, which is the way that the tipster behind the service presents his bets. You see, Tipsters Empire don’t just issue you with a list of teams to back and some vague odds that you should be aiming for.

Instead, you receive a full write up on why a bet has been chosen. This includes advised odds, the bet type (obviously), and a moderately detailed analysis. You might only be looking at a few sentences on each game, but it really does allow you to get an idea of why you are backing a team. This isn’t unique to Oddball Tips, but it is something I feel is rarely appreciated.

Moving on to the logistical side of things, honestly, Tipsters Empire really know what they are doing at this point and it shows. Selections are issued just twice a week (Thursday and Sunday), however these will provide you with all selections for the weekend, and any midweek games. This should make Oddball Tips accessible for most people as it gives you time to get bets placed.

These selections are made available directly via email, as you would expect, however Tipsters Empire also send out a text message to Oddball Tips subscribers first letting you know that tips are live, and also includes a link to the website where you can view them. This means that realistically, you shouldn’t have any problems getting to your bets in time to get the best value.

Talking of the bets, I find it to be rather interesting that Tipsters Empire chose to open their sales pitch for Oddball Tips by talking about simplicity, because this is (in some respects) far from a simple service. I was expecting a raft of win bets, however the tipster behind the service is instead focused on accumulators.

 This outfit obviously know what they are doing. Without looking, I have found a seven fold accumulator, for example. This isn’t the only example of this kind of thing either. On top of that, you are backing accumulators in a number of different markets including draw markets, and various goal markets.

Now, what this does do is it gives you some incredible odds, as you would expect. Getting decent odds in football betting is a bit of a rarity, but Tipsters Empire’s proofing shows historic bets getting odds in excess of 100.0. By and large though, you will bet betting at anywhere between 3.0 and 50.0 with very little consistency between them. This at least keeps Oddball Tips exciting.

It is worth keeping in mind that Oddball Tips is a somewhat high volume service with as many as 6 bets advised on a given day. Given that they are predominantly accumulators as well, you should factor in the time required to place all of the bets. This makes for one of the more time consuming services I have seen recently, although it is far from a deal breaker.

Now, I want to talk a little bit about the stakes that are involved. Tipsters Empire proof Oddball Tips’s bets to “total points used”. This provides a much better indicator of what you are spending, as otherwise, you would be looking at 0.15 points per bet and other such numbers. By and large, you can expect to bet anywhere from 0.5 points on an acca, going as high as 2.5 points.

All of this is based on a 150 point betting bank, which also includes a compounding staking plan. Now, the tipster behind Oddball Tips goes into this in full detail when you sign up, but it isn’t anything ground breaking. Effectively, as your bank increases by 75 points (50% of the initial bank), your bets increase by 50% per point as well (e.g. £10 per point becomes £15).

Now, given that Oddball Tips deals with accumulators, and at some bloody big odds as well if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot in terms of the strike rate for the service. And, at 15.27% according to Tipsters Empire, it isn’t mind blowing. But that is actually pretty respectable given the kind of odds that you are backing.

How Does Oddball Tips Work?

There isn’t really a hard and fast rule in terms of how Oddball Tips works. As mentioned already, Tipsters Empire provides a full write up on each of his selections which allows you to understand where he is coming from. Honestly, this is a pretty good thing as it means that you are always fully informed on why you are backing teams to win (or draw etc.).

We are however given a little more insight by the tipster behind Oddball Tips. He says that he ultimately focuses on top leagues around Europe, as well as English leagues. This is in order to preserve the integrity of your betting accounts and avoid bans and whatnot. I should also note that there are selections on any summer tournaments as well.

The only thing he says he won’t tip on are Liverpool games as he is a lifelong fan and says that “heart will get in the way of head”.  Fair play to the guy for being able to admit this. The limited markets that are focused on allow for a better chance of winning on a game by game basis, and there don’t tend to be controversial selections that often.

Combined with the full proofing that Tipsters Empire provide, Oddball Tips provides you with a pretty decent oversight in terms of what you can expect from the service moving forwards. Whilst it sounds like all of these things are obvious and would be standard. Tipsters Empire offer a lot more insight than a lot of tipster services that I look at.

What is the Initial Investment?

One thing that Tipsters Empire are very good at is offering a multitude of options for those who want to subscribe to their products, including a generous trial offering. Oddball Tips is (as you would expect), no different. Furthermore, all of their prices are inclusive of VAT.

The first full option is a monthly subscription which is priced at £30 per month. The next is a quarterly subscription which his priced at £75. There is a six monthly subscription which costs you £135, and finally, there is a season pass at £179, which clearly represents the best value.

As mentioned there is that trial period which gives you 28 days of selections for just £2.99 as well. However, Tipsters Empire do not offer any sort of money back guarantee or refund policy on Oddball Tips. This is something that you should keep in mind when looking at those longer subscriptions.

What is the Rate of Return?

The profit and loss for Oddball Tips is one of the more interesting topics for a number of reasons. Key to this is the fact that the results are pretty divisive. Between December 2018 and March 2019, Oddball Tips had some pretty impressive results culminating in a profit of some 165 points. A respectable enough result, all things considered.

Since that peak though, we saw the profits drop, ending he season in June at approximately 112.6 points. Since the service started up again in August, there has been a slight increase of about 6 points, to 118.8 points of profit. To the £10 stakes that Oddball Tips is proofed to, that means just £60 of profit, half of which would have gone towards your subs.  

Conclusion for Oddball Tips

There is a hell of a lot to like about Oddball Tips. I can genuinely say that in many respects, I am very impressed with what I have seen here, and I will get to all of that. But I have to address the elephant in the room. There is no getting around the fact that the performance for Oddball Tips is… Well, it’s a bit rocky.

If you choose to look at the whole thing (which I don’t think is a bad idea for reasons I will get to), then things don’t look to bad. But that run of form since peaking in March suggests a tipster service that is perhaps struggling a bit. And if I were subscribed, and I’d lost nearly 45 points, I wouldn’t be best pleased.

Betting is a long term thing though, if you are taking it seriously. And I believe that ultimately, there are still legs in Oddball Tips. Don’t get me wrong, that run of results wasn’t great, but look at the way the service operates, and look at some of the big wins that there have been. That losing streak can potentially be turned around by a single win.

Furthermore, it is clear from looking at how the tipster behind Oddball Tips operates things that he knows what he is doing. This isn’t some kind of mickey mouse operation whereby you are blindly following tips because a tipster is claiming to have a mate who puts out the corner flags at Accrington Stanley.

There is sound reasoning behind the tips that are advised, and if you don’t agree with those reasons, there is no reason you couldn’t simply skip over those bets. But all of that pales next to the point that Oddball Tips is a service that when it wins big, it will win very big. And based off those first months, it is clear that the potential for this is there.

And this brings me to my final thoughts for Oddball Tips. This kind of thing isn’t for everybody and honestly, I think that Tipsters Empire know this. The marketing unfortunately, sets you up for a bit of a fall. But I have seen this kind of approach work really well before for tipsters over a 12 month or 2 year period.

The question that really stands is whether or not you are willing and able to bankroll it over this kind of length of time? Honestly, I don’t see a bad tipster service here. It is just a bit of a niche product that hasn’t perhaps been cast in the right kind of light.

Top that off with the fact that Tipsters Empire aren’t really asking a lot of money for the service and you have something that does start to look a bit better. Is it for me, personally? No, I don’t think it is. But that isn’t the be all and end all.

Objectively, I would be inclined to give this a little while, just to see if those results turn around a little bit. Looking in towards November would seem like a smart move. But if you  particularly like the thrill of a big win, and you have the discipline to see through losing streaks, there are worse options out there than Oddball Tips.

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