Odds Tribe Review

Odds Tribe is a new sports betting tipster service (of sorts) which aims to use a mathematical approach to betting in order to make a profit.

Introduction to Odds Tribe

The actual website for Odds Tribe is a bit sparse, and the team behind it don’t really seem to have a whole lot to say. There are a lot of bold statements about the potential for the service and what you can expect (which of course I would expect no less than), however there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of substance behind the scenes.

None the less, Odds Tribe is an interesting proposition with a decent and simple mission statement. “To provide our members with insight that can help them make more well-informed betting decisions”. Combine this with football betting being at the centre of most people’s calendars right now, it seems like as good a chance as any to look at this somewhat different approach that Odds Tribe takes.

What Does Odds Tribe Offer?

I have referred to Odds Tribe as a tipster service of sorts and that seems to be about the fairest thing that I can say about it. Honestly, it is something of a new concept to me and whilst I have seen similar things (meaning that Odds Tribe isn’t totally foreign), it does make knowing what to make of it a little difficult. Essentially, Odds Tribe is a piece of software which has been designed to help you to find bets.

Unlike a tipster service where the work is done for you, Odds Tribe is more of a tool, albeit one that ultimately helps you to find bets based around a predetermined system. In that regard, it does operate like a tipster. Irrespective of how you choose to categorise the service, what it means is frequent football bets provided on a daily basis.

The “Value Bet Finder” simply flags up to you when there are value bets (including working out the edge against a given bookie). It is then up to you whether or not you want to follow through on them.

odds-tribe-reviewThere is a staking plan of sorts for Odds Tribe and rather cleverly, it is personalised for each user. Using your bank roll and your risk level, the software is able to identify how much you should bet. Obviously the more confident you are based off the edge, the more or less you can choose to stake. Again, this helps differentiate Odds Tribe from most tipsters who are providing generalised numbers based off their own betting habits.

One of the areas that is disappointing about Odds Tribe is the lack if information in terms of results.

There is no talk of how many of their bets will win or any proofing either. This does appear to be down to the approach that the Odds Tribe team have (they spend a fair amount of time talking about probability convergence) which suggests that the short term results are inconsequential compared to the bigger picture. Whist I can get behind this in theory, I do feel like Odds Tribe is missing some very basic information as a result.

I should also add that as well as the core product, Odds Tribe comes with full access to a community forum. Here members are able to discuss the service, strategies etc. There is also direct access to the creators of Odds Tribe for additional support.

How Does Odds Tribe Work?

Odds Tribe is built around the fundamental idea that over time, bets will fall in line with the Mean (or expected value). In other words, eventually all results will look like their expected value. If however odds don’t represent this expected value, then you are betting in a fashion that will ultimately lose money. I am somewhat paraphrasing here and I would definitely recommend checking out the full page on how Odds Tribe works. It is a pretty interesting read and is reasonably detailed.

So whilst the above is undoubtedly a little confusing and, here is what it boils down to. Odds Tribe finds bets that represent value. It does this by finding their perceived real odds. This is described as assigning “what we think is the most accurate probability for a particular event occurring”. This is then offset against the implied probability which is set by the bookmakers odds. Where the implied probability from a bookmaker is lower than Odds Tribe’s, there is a value bet to be had.

What is the Initial Investment?

Rather intriguingly, I have been unable to find a price for Odds Tribe. It is a brand new service which purports to offer a free trial, however clicking that simply takes me to a Typeform page.

odds-tribe-statisticsThis asks for a lot of information, up to and including asking for a phone number. Whilst I am happy to give out a work based email address, I am not particularly inclined to hand out a phone number to get a price. This also sets alarm bells ringing for me as it is a very unusual practice. So much so that in all the time I have been doing this, I haven’t seen it before. Having handed over my work email, I have yet to receive any contact from the Odds Tribe team.

What is the Rate of Return?

There is very little in the way of claims made about the income potential of Odds Tribe. This is definitely disappointing, especially given the fact that there is a general lack of a lot of information. Don’t get me wrong, I can see how Odds Tribe makes money. I would even go out on a limb and say I can see how the approach will profit profitable. The question that hangs over Odds Tribe however is very much a question of the multitude of said profit.

Conclusion on Odds Tribe

In many respects, I can see how Odds Tribe is a service worth getting excited about. It is a new offering to the market and honestly, I like the approach and the attitude that the team appear to have in place. For my money, there are two reasons that I can see Odds Tribe working. The first is that the betting strategy is a pretty solid one. I have also recently looked at a tennis service which employs a similar method and the results were very impressive.

The big questions that hang over Odds Tribe in my opinion are three fold. What will it cost? How much can you earn? How has the service performed historically. These are massively important questions and ones that without an answer, create a very difficult position for me. I can see a decent product coming together here, but value for money is a concept which simply cannot be ignored.

Odds Tribe is still very much in its early phases and as such, I am going to reserve judgement to some degree until we find out about cost, results etc. With this having been said, I wouldn’t want to dismiss Odds Tribe entirely either. I have talked about potential and that is because I can see it here. For the right price, this may well be a very good product.

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From: Simon Roberts