Oldest System on the Planet Review

Oldest System on the Planet is a new horse racing tips which has been around for some time but has recently been re-launched by Mike Lane. He offers both a betting system and his selections for US horse racing.

Introduction to Oldest System on the Planet

It’s been an interesting couple of months in terms of dealing with US horse racing. Mostly because whilst UK sports were on hold, there were just so many crappy tipsters coming out of the woodwork. And honestly, I’m rather disappointed that this has landed on my desk when it has, because it would have potentially been a great thing to have had at the start of the pandemic.

Now this brings me to today’s subject, Oldest System on the Planet. And what is really interesting about it, it is that it is actually operated by an American, Mike Lane. This is as opposed to the number of US based tipster services which seem to be Brits focusing on the market as a niche one. Combine that with the fact that this is something of a multi-faceted approach, and things start to look… Dare I say positive here.

With that said, in my experience, American tipster services are usually… Well, they’re very American. Very overblown and over the top. They also bet very differently to the UK. But Oldest System on the Planet genuinely looks like it could be the real deal. And Mike Lane seems to be pretty down to earth in his approach. So, let’s dive straight in and see if this is a winner or not.  

What Does Oldest System on the Planet Offer?

I mentioned in the introduction to this that Oldest System on the Planet takes a bit of a multi-faceted approach. And that is where I want to start here. Effectively, Mike Lane offers two products. The first of these is access to his own betting system. This is a very extensive package that will ultimately teach you how to find bets on US horse racing tracks.

At the core of the betting system element of Oldest System on the Planet is a comprehensive eBook. This covers all of the details about what Mike Lane’s selection process entails. As well as this, there are also 11 different video tutorials which demonstrate the content included in the eBook. The two come together well enough and do a decent enough job of teaching you everything that is involved.

As well as all of this, the Oldest System on the Planet training element comes with a number of additional products including 4 different bonuses (which honestly, are of somewhat dubious value), access to a member’s forum, and a lifetime of updates.

The real selling point of Oldest System on the Planet though seems to be Mike Lane’s “From the Backside” selections. This is a tipster service that provides selections based on the Oldest System on the Planet system. And honestly, this is undoubtedly where the focus is as well.

Now the tipster service is relatively straight forward. Mike Lane isn’t doing anything new here. Effectively, the From the Backside element of Oldest System on the Planet is a daily horse racing tipster service. As you would expect, the selection process is focused entirely on the US market. Selections are uploaded to a member’s area on the website, and all that you have to do is place the bets.

What is worth keeping in mind with Oldest System on the Planet is that because this is a genuine American system, all of the timings are based around the US. This means that selections aren’t made available until later in the day if you are looking to bet from the UK. This can of course be a blessing in disguise if you are working a 9-5.

In terms of the bets, everything related to Oldest System on the Planet is, again, based around American betting. And this is a very different beast, especially when it comes to horse racing. With the selections, it is generally advised that you are betting on horses on an each way basis.

All of Mike Lane’s results include both the returns on a horse winning and placing. They also count when a horse shows as being a winner, but that isn’t something that you tend to see much of here in the UK. As such, I would be inclined to just disregard those as the returns are likely to be minimal.  

There is also an emphasis on placing exacta bets when there are two horses advised in the same race. For those who aren’t familiar with this, it is backing a horse to finish first and second. Here in the UK, they are more commonly referred to as a forecast bet. It isn’t something that is particularly common however, in no small part down to the difficulty in picking these horses out.

As well as this, Mike Lane recommends that you can use his selections to bet in a number of other ways including accumulators. Honestly, at this point, I think you are probably just increasing the level of risk here by making Oldest System on the Planet more expensive to follow than it needs to be.

One of the main reasons that I say this is the sheer volume of bets that you may see. A look at Mike Lane’s proofing shows that just one day can produce as many as 15 bets. Now you don’t get specific staking plans for Oldest System on the Planet (at least, from what I have seen), but you don’t need to be a genius to see that this can very quickly get expensive.

Talking of which, if I were going to follow Mike Lane’s tips, then I’d probably be inclined to look at level stakes of 1 point per bet with maybe half a point when there is an exacta. I would also probably want a minimum of 200 points, just to ensure there is sufficient bank for your draw-down.

Especially in light of a lack of strike rate. Don’t get me wrong though, whilst Mike Lane doesn’t make any specific claims in terms of Oldest System on the Planet, there is proofing. Now the formatting of said proofing is less than ideal, however, I have had a bit of a look. And actually, it seems like winners are relatively consistent.

How Does Oldest System on the Planet Work?

Now one of the things that is interesting about Oldest System on the Planet is that there is actually a very full and comprehensive breakdown of how Mike Lane finds his selections. In actual fact, he literally gives you the exact system he uses. You can’t say much fairer than that. With that said, this information is ultimately behind a paywall. As such, I don’t think it’s fair to go into too much detail here about that.

What I can say is this, the system is relatively straight forward. It isn’t something that I believe you will particularly struggle with, and nor is it something that is particularly new. I have looked at a number of systems before Oldest System on the Planet that rely on similar principles, although, they have arguably not been quite as good as Mike Lane’s offering.

Ultimately, I believe that it is also something that is workable. I can look at Oldest System on the Planet and understand how things fall in place. With that said, whilst it isn’t difficult, making selections can take some time.

Of course, that is somewhat negated when you consider the fact that you can simply follow Mike Lane’s personal selections. Honestly, for me, this is the real selling point here. Whilst I love that the betting system is included, and you can definitely use this to improve your knowledge, whilst you are doing this you can still make some money.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different purchase options for Oldest System on the Planet, each of which are of course intrinsically linked. Firstly, you can opt to simply purchase the ebook and everything Mike Lane offers to help you make your own selections. This is priced at a one time costs of $47 (about £50 when you include VAT).

Alternatively, you can sign up to receive the selections at a cost of $29 (which works out about £31 once you include VAT) per month. Honestly, this isn’t particularly expensive for a tipster service. There is also the option to purchase a one off month of selections for $39 (about £38 with VAT).

All of these options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee should you find that the product isn’t for you. This is backed up by the fact that Mike Lane is selling this through Clickbank who offer this on most of their services.

What is the Rate of Return?

There aren’t actually any specific claims made in terms of the income potential for Oldest System on the Planet and honestly, I like this from Mike Lane. The fact is that when it comes to self selections, there can be a substantial amount of range in terms of income. As such, I always prefer to see realistic targets or simply no information, which is what happens here.

What I can say is that from looking at the tips and the kinds of odds that you can expect to see, there is definitely some profit potential to the tips. Obviously how much you can expect to see will depend on what kind of odds you are able to get (which an odds comparison site can help with massively), but you should make at least some profit here.  

Conclusion for Oldest System on the Planet

 Honestly, I quite like Oldest System on the Planet. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of which are perhaps a touch more ideological than others. For example, I rather like that Mike Lane doesn’t go out of his way to BS you. It would be far too easy for him to simply claim thousands of dollars profit by  supposedly betting $30,000 a time. This is something that I have seen before, especially from American tipsters. So that is a breath of fresh air.

Furthermore, Oldest System on the Planet as a betting system has been around for some time now. And it has evolved over that time as well, which is a good thing to see. It means that Mike Lane is always moving to improve his offering and tweak his system as things change. That is very good to see.

But what I really like here is how everything comes together. I really do like the idea of finding selections, learning how to identify them, and comparing them with the selections the creator has found. All whilst being able to simply place his own bets to keep your betting bank profitable whilst you figure it all out.

And this is at a shade over £30 per month. Which honestly, is at the bottom end of what I’d expect to pay for a tipster service. It really does look like there is plenty of value to be had with Oldest System on the Planet which is a strong positive.

With that said, I don’t think that it is perfect. The fact of the matter is that this is aimed predominantly at the US markets. As such, there are elements that don’t quite translate well to UK bettors. For example, horses showing in a race (effectively finishing 3rd) doesn’t mean much here.

Furthermore, there is some degree of risk given the volume of bets. Honestly, a 200 point betting bank may be a bit prudent, but I think it is definitely necessary because a bad run of form at the volume of bets can be very expensive.

But the long and short of it is that this seems to be a pretty decent looking offering if you want an in to US horse racing. It isn’t overly expensive, there is clear potential to the results, and there is the added bonus that because Mike Lane provides his system, you can improve your own understanding of wider betting. That is a massive perk.

The only caveat here is that ultimately Oldest System on the Planet is a bit niche. And because of this, there are questions about how much it is worth your time. Especially compared to some of the broader options that are available on the market. However, if you are willing to take this on, then Mike Lane’s offering is a long way from the worst thing available.  


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