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On Par Profits Review

On Par Profits is a golfing tipster service offered by Winning Information Network.

What does the product offer?

On Par Profits will send outright selections for the US PGA and European tours with the best 72 hole match bets also highlighted. The selections for On Par Profits are posted on Tuesday Afternoons by Winning Information Network to allow plenty of time before play starts on Thursdays. Winning Information Network say that they will also extend the service to cover special bets for the four major championships. These will include bets such as winning score, winning margin and top players from each region of the world.

How does the product work?

Winning Information Network have recruited “Ian” as their tipster for this service and don’t supply any other information other than Ian has allegedly had over a decade of sports betting experience. When selections are sent out for On Par Profits, Winning Information Network will also provide users with staking advice and which bookmakers are offering the best price. Although the On Par Profits isn’t a lay betting system Winning Information Network do state that you can use it as the basis for such.

What is the initial investment?

On Par Profits is available for a 90 day trial for a reduced rate of £45 after which the costs go up to £90 for 90 days. Winning Information Network state that subscriptions are not generally refundable although they will review each request on a case by case basis. It is also recommended that users have a 200 point betting bank in place so that amount should be factored in too.

What is the rate of return?

As of writing this the profits for On Par Profits stands at 101.64 points. This covers the period of time from August 2013 through to January 2014. Based off the recommended stakes of £20 this would produce a profit of £2,032.80 or a £338.80 per month.


On Par Profits seems to be something of a mixed bag. Its profitability is there in the proofing results but the strike rates discussed by Winning Information Network are somewhat concerning. They talk about a 10% strike rate on win and placement being enough to turn a profit due to the high odds involved. This may well be the case but it also makes it very easy to fall into a losing streak. Looking at the proofing for On Par Profits shows that so far there have been two none consecutive losing months which although there has been profit generated overall, I am concerned about the possibility of these losses hitting extremities.

That having been said if you are a professional bettor and are able to absorb potential losses and want to expand your portfolio then this may prove to be a product of some interest to you.



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From: Simon Roberts