On the Ball Review

On the Ball is an email based tipster service for a number of different ball games. It is provided under the Betting Gods umbrella of products.

What does the product offer?

On the Ball offers users daily selections (sent out up to 12 noon) for a variety of sports across the UK and US. On the Ball covers Football, Tennis and 3 of the 4 major sports in the US, NBA (basketball), NHL (ice hockey) and MLB (baseball). On the Ball gives selections for match outcome or over/under bets. On the Ball has achieved an alleged strike rate of 57.02% using a 1 point level staking system.

How does the product work?

Not too much information is provided on the selection process for On the Ball, but Betting Gods do give some information. It seems that the tipster behind the service is big into his number crunching which suggests that On the Ball selections are based on extensive statistical analysis. This is however speculative on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

There are three subscription lengths available for On the Ball. The first of these is monthly at £29.95, secondly is a quarterly option which costs £69.95 per quarter, finally there is lifetime access for £149.95. All of these options also come with a 60 day money back guarantee via ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing On the Ball claims to £736 in profit since January 2014. The only results available however show a slightly different picture with On the Ball making 22 points of profit from May through to August (so far). Using £10 stakes (which Betting Gods advertise their profit as being based on), this means that between January and April On the Ball made double what it has in the last 4 months.


Unlike most products that Betting Gods put out, On the Ball doesn’t look like a great option. The profits that they show aren’t great and looking at the number of bets you are expected to place (92 in one month), there is going to be a potentially big loss incurred should fortunes sway. That doesn’t mean that I think that On the Ball is bad, I just don’t think it’s good enough to compete with the many tipster services out there.




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From: Simon Roberts