On Track Profits Review (2021) James Banner

On Track Profits is something of a re-release of a product by tipster James Banner. Whilst he is using the same name (and a lot of the same marketing), the fundamentals of how everything works is significantly different.  

Introduction to On Track Profits

It is quite shocking to me to know that I have been around for long enough now for products to be re-released. It has been an insightful journey and one that I wouldn’t change for the world. But let me tell you, it doesn’t half make you realise just how long you’ve been doing something. What is less surprising to me is that whilst I have spent a huge period of time doing this, there are a lot of things that haven’t really changed in the wider tipster market. All of this is very pertinent for today’s review.

A long time ago, I reviewed a product called On Track Profits. And it is, as you might tell from this review, back. There is a lot that is similar, but there is arguably even more of the important stuff that is different. This is what ultimately led me to believe that there is some justification for looking at what James Banner is apparently doing here. Last time around I found a service that was very clearly lacking for a lot of reasons. All of this will be re-examined in a new light. Because truthfully, I don’t ever want a tipster service to fail.

What that doesn’t stop is objectivism. And if you’re objective about it, if James Banner can deliver on his claimed results for On Track Profits… well, you’d be more than over the moon. In fact, I would go as far as to say that if the results are actually all above board and genuine, this would be arguably one of the most profitable tipster services I have ever looked at. Which of course makes it quite difficult to ignore. The idea of it delivering on this profit is, however, a massive question mark in my mind.  

What Does On Track Profits Offer?

When you look at On Track Profits, it is almost as if there are two different forces at work. Firstly, there is the big question of what you are actually getting into. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most important thing. This is, for want of a better word, the reality of what James Banner is doing. As such, it actually impacts very real things for you as the punter.

The other thing that you almost can’t ignore when you’re talking about what is on offer with On Track Profits is the marketing material. It is… truly quite unique. Not necessarily in tone, so much as the scope that James Banner commits to with it. These two elements are ultimately intertwined, if only to explore where the is disparity. This makes for an interesting review.  

As a prime example of this, let’s look at what James Banner describes as a “SIMPLE but VERY PROFITABLE method”. It’s not laying, you don’t need to be at the track, it doesn’t take huge stakes, it isn’t “one of “those” software programs that just kick out garbage”. Instead, On Track Profits is a very straight forward tipster service with one exception. It is focused on long odds accumulators.

The actual management of On Track Profits is pretty basic at best. Following an all too familiar template, James Banner states that he only bets Monday through Friday. Each of these days, he says that he wakes up “whenever I feel like it”, makes the selections online, and then switches off the computer. A process that supposedly takes around 20-30 minutes each day.

The reality however seems to be receiving selections mid to late morning directly via email. These are incredibly simple in their execution and contain the bare minimum that you would need in terms of information. Honestly, it is all a little bit disappointing given that James Banner has had a hell of a long time to perfect On Track Profits.

What this means is that you are getting 3 selections each day that you should be combining into a treble. Every single time. That is an interesting approach in my mind. Especially when you look at the kinds of odds that James Banner says you can expect from On Track Profits. Within the (very limited) proofing that is provided, we see horses with individual odds of as much as 12/1. All of which come together into trebles that end up at more than 1,000/1.

James Banner goes on to address how all of this is manageable because you are only placing one bet per day. And furthermore, On Track Profits does involve some very low stakes.  All bets are advised to be backed to just 1 point, with the sales material making frequent and prominent reference to the fact that this is all just £5 bets. That seems reasonable enough, right? £25 per week?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems that are tied to this. First and foremost, there isn’t actually any insight into what kind of betting bank you should be using. If I thought there were point to following On Track Profits long term, I would want to have around 200 points as a minimum. Whilst James Banner sets a tone of winning plenty, I don’t see that happening. As such, I would expect drawdown to the norm.

Now, the astute amongst you will notice that I don’t say that James Banner actually provides any sort of strike rate. What we are shown are 8 winning bets out of 156. This should amount to a strike rate of around 5%. The sales material for On Track Profits does imply something contrary to this though, actually saying “There will be periods with lots of winners and periods with less winners”. That strongly implies to me a strike rare higher than 5%.

How Does On Track Profits Work?

When you have something along the lines of On Track Profits there are always two things at play in terms of how it works. The first, and arguably most transparent, is simply taking advantage of accumulators in order to drastically increase the odds available. This isn’t anything new, nor am I really loathe to ever consider simply using a type of bet as being part of how it “works”. Nonetheless, it would be naïve to ignore any of this.

Moving on from that, let’s talk about something more interesting. Namely, how exactly James Banner is finding 3 selections per day, Monday through Friday, without fail for On Track Profits. For my money, this is the single most important question and not at all surprisingly, it is one that we simply don’t get an answer to.  

The focus of the marketing here is clear. It isn’t about what James Banner is doing or what the selection process for On Track Profits entails. It is all about what other services are doing wrong. How questionable other services are. A firm carry over from the marketing last time I looked at this. Unfortunately, whilst that might carry some weight with the uninitiated, as somebody with at least some knowledge of betting, it simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

Adding to these issues is the fact that there is almost nothing in the way of evidence backing up James Banner’s claims. We are shown 8 winning bets spread across some 6 months or so. Hardly a comprehensive data sample. This lack of proofing is genuinely quite concerning in light of the fact that we aren’t really told anything about how On Track Profits works.

What is the Initial Investment?

In terms of pricing for On Track Profits there are two different options that are available, each with incredibly different value and outlay. Firstly, James Banner offers a monthly subscription. This is priced at £24.95 plus VAT. Supposedly, this represents a significant reduction on the “actual” value of £49 (a claim that I am hugely sceptical of).

Alternatively, you can sign up to On Track Profits for the rest of 2021. For this, James Banner is asking a one time payment of £60 plus VAT. This is made to look especially good value with the highly questionable claim that the cost of this should be £180.

Whichever option you choose with On Track Profits, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place. Something that James Banner actually mentions in the sales material (something that I have to give some credit for, because there is seemingly little else). This is backed up by the fact that the service is selling the service directly through Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline for On Track Profits reads “DISCOVER THE SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE METHOD TO TURN A TINY £5 DAILY STAKE INTO £13,576.87 PROFIT IN JUST 8 MONTHS!”. This is about the crux of what James Banner claims you can expect in term of profit, although, truth be told I’m not convinced by this. Not least of which is because when you put that into some kind of context it is crazy.

Using £5 as a point, the suggestion here is that On Track Profits has made a points profit of 2,715. For context, that is the kind of number I might expect a very strongly performing tipster service to see in a decade. All of this is somehow played off as simply being the nature of James Banner’s approach, but I don’t really believe this is something that if it is genuine, is necessarily replicable.  

Conclusion for On Track Profits

There isn’t a whole lot about On Track Profits that really inspires confidence if you ask me. The fact that James Banner entirely without irony opens his sales pitch by saying “This Page Is For Anyone That Is SICK Of Being RIPPED OFF and Sucked In By BULLSH*T Schemes That Just Don’t Work…” is rather telling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to definitively say that On Track Profits doesn’t work. The blunt truth of the matter is that the way the service is set up, it is entirely possible that you might have to wait several months for a win to come in. Something that strikes me as having more to do with design than any genuine system that is reliant on this approach to betting.

What do I mean by this exactly? The first thing that you need to note about On Track Profits is that there is no insight into the betting. James Banner might take the approach of slating other services in pretty much every way that you could possibly think of, but all that he actually says about his approach is that it is simple, but very profitable. A message that is repeated over and over with nothing actually backing this up.

This leads me to believe, if I’m completely honest, that there isn’t a system in place. There is a strong focus on the marketing tone here which all boils down to On Track Profits being better than anything else. In fact, we are explicitly told “On Track Profits is the ONLY profitable horse racing system out there”. A statement that I know to be demonstrably false. It is the exact same “BULLSH*T” that is referred to in the headline.

So, you have a system that you’re told works, despite the fact that you won’t win often. And of course, James Banner pushes trying it out for a month. If it all goes wrong, you’re only losing £25 a week. That’s the price of a coffee a day at Starbucks (as the sales material is keen to point out). And you really have to just stick this out. Because when you do win, it will be huge. You don’t want to be the person who misses out on that… right?

But here’s the thing. Statistically, it is incredibly unlikely that you will win. The minutia of the approach was different last time out for On Track Profits (it was based on backing ridiculous long shots on a win basis), the principle here is the same. Big wins will come. Eventually. So stick around just long enough for that money back guarantee period to end…

That is the kind of conjecture that I don’t tend to like putting out there. But here’s the thing, the same thing happened with On Track Profits last time. The details are different but the MO looks the same. And you can see this in a lot of elements. For example, if James Banner is actually betting based on any sort of system, why not put together Trixies?

You’d still be backing longer shots. There would be the bonus of producing a profit when one horse wins. You’d still get the jackpot if they all come in. It’s a much more sensible option. It’s almost as if On Track Profits is ultimately set up to fail in just the right way

Of course, I could be wrong. There could be genuine reasons why James Banner doesn’t talk about his system. Or horse racing in fact. It could just be a coincidence that you’ll only win once in a blue moon. This could actually be the natural extension of backing horses to win at 100/1. But I really don’t think that it is. On Track Profits just has no redeeming qualities in my mind. And as such, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that this still warrants a very wide berth.


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