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One a Day is a sports betting tipster service which is being offered through the Tipping Gurus stable of tipsters. It follows a very straight forward approach to betting and is somewhat unique in the tipster market.

Introduction to One a Day

Perhaps because I look at so many different tipster services and betting systems, it can be easy to forget just how intimidating even the better examples that I have looked at can be. I talk about average prices of £40 per month without batting an eyelid. I am in a position where a £1,000 betting bank is about the minimum I would consider.

But that is a lot of money, and looking at todays subject, One a Day, has made me somewhat reconsider this. You see, what do you do if you’re starting out and trying to get your foot in the door? There are a few good examples out there actually, but even they can ask a lot of you.

What Tipping Gurus have put together in One a Day though is as about as straight forward as you can get. It’s right there in the name. It is incredibly inexpensive. But it also comes with everything that you would expect from a professional tipster. So, I want to look a little bit deeper and see if this is actually a good service for those looking to dip their toe in the water.  

What Does One a Day Offer?

Whilst Tipping Gurus don’t outright say that they are offering a beginners tipster service in One a Day, that is how I have seen this service in my head (it is obvious, but I want to point out that this doesn’t mean that there are limitations to the service). A part of the reason for me reaching this conclusion is the fact that this is all pretty straight forward. As such, this may also involve me taking a bit of a different tone for this review.

So, as the name suggests, the logistics of One a Day follow a very simple approach. This includes selections that are issued on a daily basis. As is very much the standard for a modern tipster service, these are sent directly to subscribers via email. These only contain basic information, but if you are just getting started, that isn’t a bad thing.

I feel like I say this a lot, but in the case of One a Day, it is particularly applicable. This is for a number of reasons that I will explore, but using something like Oddschecker is imperative to getting the best of the service.

Moving on from the logistics side of things, I want to talk about the bets. Now, you will just receive one bet per day. And as such, it is very easy to look at One a Day and say that there is nothing complicated about it, but there are elements that are not necessarily so straight forward.

You see, whilst you might only receive one bet per day, these do cover a significant variety of different betting markets and leagues (something that is necessary in order to receive bets on a daily basis). This will range from the Bolivian Liga De Futbol, to The Premier League, and International football at a variety of levels.

By and large, you will be simply backing a team to win, which is pretty easy to follow. You will also get a number of bets covering a number of different goal markets. This means BTTS, over and under markets, and also some Asian Handicap bets. Now, understanding betting the way that I do, this isn’t intimidating.

If you are just starting out though, it sounds difficult. But honestly, these are all bets that you can easily place with almost any large bookmakers. Despite sounding exotic, they are all very straight forward if you are simply putting that bet on and that is ultimately what matters here.

Now, one of the things that I have touched upon before are the odds, and put bluntly, One a Day deals with low odds. Most of the time, you are going to be backing bets at less than evens (which means that you will get back less than you staked). Typically, this isn’t an ideal situation, but it does mean that you will generally win more often.

This brings me to the strike rate for One a Day, and honestly, I can say with confidence that this is where the service starts to stand out. That applies irrespective of whether or not you are talking about a top tier service or something that is nice and simple like this.

Tipping Gurus’s proofing shows that 63.98% of bets advised have won, and that is a very impressive number. Now, this is reflected in those odds, but if you are winning often enough, you don’t necessarily have to win a lot in order to remain in profit.

In terms of the staking plan, as you would expect me to say by this point, simplicity is the name of the game. It is recommended that all bets are backed to level stakes of 1 point. This means that at most, you will be staking 31 points per month.

I should highlight that I haven’t seen any information from Tipping Gurus about what kind of betting bank you would need to follow One a Day, but 50 points should be sufficient with a service like this, but realistically, you could potentially start as small as 20 points if you were trying to keep your costs as low as possible.

The point here is that One a Day requires a pretty small betting bank due to the nature of the service. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of a betting bank, this is how much you have to bet. A point is however much you have to bet, divided by how much you want to place on each bet. So a 50 point bank where you are betting £5 on each bet would mean starting with £250.

How Does One a Day Work?

One of the things that is a bit disappointing about One a Day is that Tipping Gurus don’t really talk a lot about what the selection process for the service entails. This means that effectively, you are blindly following the tips that they send out. This isn’t something that I typically recommend, although there are some mitigating factors.

First and foremost, Tipping Gurus provide full proofing for One a Day. This means that you can look at the historic results and see that the biggest losing month was 10.6 points, however over 2 months, this losing streak became 15 points. You can also look at the bets and decide if you like the look of the ebb and flow of results.

Speculatively, I don’t think that One a Day really recommends any selections that are against the general grain of public opinion. What I mean by this is backing Barcelona to beat Valencia doesn’t seem like an unsafe bet. As such, I would say that there is probably a quite simple approach to finding bets here.

This is something that can work well, so long as those bets keep happening. But when there are upsets, it can create a situation where you have to spend a fair amount of time recuperating those costs.  

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the things that really impresses me about One a Day is the costs that are involved. Tipping Gurus are asking just £20 (plus VAT) in order to receive selections for a full year. This is also the only option.

It is worth keeping in mind though that you will pay less to receive tips for a full year than some tipsters will ask you to pay to receive tips for a week. This isn’t just about One a Day being cheap though, it is about helping you to manage your profit and loss over the course of a year, but I will come back to this later.

It is also important to note that Tipping Gurus offer a full 60 day money back guarantee on the service as well. This means that if you aren’t happy with the service in this time period, you can claim a refund on that subscription cost.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since Tipping Gurus launched One a Day back in February, it has made just 24.66 points of profit. Now I will admit that this isn’t a lot of money. There are tipsters out there who will make more than this in a month, but I feel like that number has to be put into some kind of context.

Given the way that the service works, I don’t actually think that this represents a bad return at all. The ROI (Return on Investment) backs this up at 10.49%. For those who don’t know what this number means, if means that for every pound you invest, you will see a profit of 10.49 percent (or pence, to make things easier).

This isn’t a massive amount, but I can say that if you use the ROI as a metric of a services performance, I know of a lot of tipsters that have ultimately performed worse than One a Day.

Conclusion for One a Day

Coming into One a Day, I have to be quite honest and say that I knew that reviewing this would be a bit of a challenge for me. I had a cursory glance over the service before writing this, and I knew that the results represent a significant downgrade on the kinds of things that I am used to seeing, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad.

You see, in order to really understand One a Day, you have to put a lot of effort into creating the right context. That is why this review has taken the time to explain some basic concepts and explored simple things in more detail. Because I don’t see this as being something that (by and large, but more about that later) a more experienced punter would look at.

As such, I’ve tried to cast myself back and look at it as if I wasn’t used to betting and immediately understanding why there is risk in just constantly backing low odds. To explain why having full proofing is important when you don’t have a description of a selection process.

With that out of the way, I can get into my conclusion for One a Day and honestly. I am pretty impressed. Sure, that points profit isn’t really great. You are looking at maybe 3 points per month and that isn’t a whole lot. But you should more than cover your subscription costs, even to £5 stakes.

What this means is that whilst you might not make a huge profit, you also won’t make a loss, so long as you can make £20 over a year. And because of the pricing, there isn’t really any competition that you can compare One a Day with and say “you’ll get more for your money over there”.

So, do I recommend One a Day? If you are starting out building a betting portfolio and you want something inexpensive that will potentially make you a little bit of extra money over the year, this is a damn fine option. Given that One a Day is currently 25 points up and 8 months in, you can theoretically expect a little under 40 points by the end of the year.

Is this prolific? Absolutely not. But if you’d been following One a Day for the full year and it ended up on that hypothetical result. Well, £10 stakes would have probably paid for your big Christmas shop and a decent New Year down the pub. And if you’re just getting used to a tipster service, is that really a bad place to start?

Realistically though, this is about the limit that I can see for One a Day. It isn’t something that will suit people who rely on betting for a second income or even those who realistically want to make a decent income off it.

But what it lets you do is learn what is involved, including the routine, the discipline and managing a betting bank. Because, and I don’t think I’ll ever find myself saying this again. Even if you only bet a quid a go and One a Day really flops. Sure, you won’t make money, but you will have got some very valuable experience without risking the world.


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